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reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: VK Group,

address: Russia, Moscow

Mail for kids

Kid will not receive phishing and fraudulent mailings with inappropriate content thanks to enhanced anti-spam.
Emails from trusted senders will be added to the inbox.

Parents themselves will be able to set up a white list" of verified contacts.
The remaining incoming messages automatically fall into the "for review" folder and only after approval go to the general ones.
The "Child Box" is directly linked to the adult's account, giving full control to the parent.

additional url: мэйл.рф

My attitude to all services was negative. But the attitude has changed, after this post is almost the only one left without size limitation, the largest cloud and the new interface design, not overloaded with advertising.

Politics - free of charge

Company policy - all basic services are free. Only additional functions can be paid.

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logo VK ID

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: VK Group,

address: Russia, Moscow


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