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Wego -
Singaporean travel search engine.

Singapore travel search engine.
Here you can choose the tour and pay for the plane and hotel.
A good site for traveling to the east - China, Singapore, Indonesia, India ...

Search for bus schedules.

Find a bus route on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries.
More than 20,000 cities in Russia and neighboring countries.

You can easily see the bus routes and buy a ticket for some flights.
In addition, our visitors can chat and share travel experiences in the comments.

Buy cheap bus tickets.
Pay for the ticket with a credit card in a convenient place for you. Information about the purchase is automatically transmitted to the bus station of departure and is displayed in the carrier's landing list.

FareCompare -
The site is looking for the best deals on flights and hotels.

The site is looking for the best deals on flights and hotels.
Search goes to other known sites for a cheaper price and for shares.
Honestly, many sites promise this. I would try a few and this is the same.
The lack of this site, as well as almost all western ones - a scanty base in Russia.

One Two Trip -
Tickets to the tourist.

The site is decent, support ITAR-TASS, Businessperson, Bloomberg and Hopes&Fears.

With each purchase, bonuses 1% of the price.
Payment by bank cards Visa and MasterCard directly to the airline.
Purchase and statement Electronic air tickets.

Kinoafisha Russia with kinopoisk.

A service where you can learn about events in the city and buy tickets to the cinema and the event.

Schedule, announcements and description of events are provided by Yandex partners and event organizers.


  • Learn about new events.
  • Buy a ticket to a movie or an event.
  • Return your movie ticket.
  • Give back money for unnecessary 3D glasses.

Lastminute -
The best deals on flights, hotels, flight + hotel, and everything else you need for your trip.

The best deals on flights, hotels, flight + hotel, and everything else you need for your trip.

Your information is conveniently stored in your account, making it easier to book your flight or hotel.
And when you log in, you can also access all your booking details, real-time notifications, boarding passes and even exclusive deals that have been selected just for you.

Want to know your flight times? Or check what hotel you've booked? No need to print out all the details: now you can access all your reservations in one place.

Boarding passes at your fingertips - in the app.

Ecolines -
The largest and most experienced operator of international bus transportation.

The largest and most experienced operator of international bus transportation.
Its daily trips to Russia are operated by AMRON, which operates under ECOLINES trade mark, offering comfortable trips to 21 countries and about 200 cities.

ECOLINES has been working in international coach carriage market for 20 years.
The company chooses only experienced and well-tried bus drivers, guaranteeing passenger comfort and safety on any roads.

ECOLINES is the first bus transport operator in Russia, which has implemented multimodal transport system, facilitating journey from one destination to another.
Moreover, special bonus program is created to encourage passengers, who often choose our services. You can read more about the loyalty program here.

The company's pricing policy allows us to regularly offer discounted tickets to our customers.

Yandex.Flights -
Order plane tickets online.

Searching and buying cheap air tickets. Yandex scans Internet and uses its capabilities to find out the prices for air tickets and give out the cheapest ones in a form convenient for visitors.

On the main page you can find the following useful information:

  • links to airport displays;
  • links to timetables express trains to the airport;
  • link to Yandex.Maps where you can build a route to the airport;
  • link to Yandex.Taxi, where you can book a taxi to the airport;
  • Popular and thematic directions of flights with the indication of the approximate prices for air tickets in these directions. Tickets are sold by Yandex partners - agencies and air carriers.

    Payment methods

  • -
    A free and open platform for creating audio guides to cities and museums.

    A free and open platform for creating audio guides to cities and museums.

    The goal is to create a platform based on the izi.TRAVEL service that brings together multimedia guide creators from all over the world and millions of travelers.

    Service to search for events.

    More than 5000 current events and events in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, as well as 7000 places for recreation for every taste, collected in one convenient mobile application.

    Daily updated event database: concerts of stars, home theater performances, modern art exhibitions, massive flashmobs, film premieres, loud theatrical performances, lectures from professionals, board games evenings, children's events.

    Timetable of transport: railway stations and airports scoreboard.

    Timetable: railway stations and airports scoreboard.
    You can book a ticket.

    Where to Credit -
    The service will help you figure out which loyalty program is more profitable to add miles.

    The service will help you figure out which loyalty program is more profitable to add miles.

    Deutsche Bahn -
    The site of the German railways.

    The site of the German railways., The site of the German railways., "The site of the German railways. But, he also sees train tickets throughout Europe - conveniently.

    Shares of airlines and ways to fly are almost free.

    Shares of airlines and ways to fly are almost free.

    The most profitable travel options for Russians.

    Mirage Cinema
    Cinema network.

    The Mirage Cinema cinema network includes 22 modern cinemas, more than 150 comfortable cinema halls equipped with the latest technology, and more than 18,500 seats.

    Unique film projection and sound equipment, spacious halls, the ability to watch movies in 3D, as well as its own kitchen with a favorite Italian and Japanese menu.

    In the popcorn bars of the cinema you can try more than 10 kinds of popcorn, including such exotic ones as strawberry, apple, banana and even with bacon, and with porcini mushrooms.

    Instead of ordinary armchairs, comfortable sofas for one, two and three guests and tables equipped with waiter call buttons that bring you any dish from the menu directly to the hall await you in the VIP rooms.

    The system allows you to order and pay for tickets in 56 000 points Russia with the help of Internet, telephone or in points for receiving payments from partners.

    The system allows you to order and pay for tickets at the 56 000 points of Russia using Internet, phone or points for receiving payments from partners.

    Company Bell Integrator, exclusive and strategic partner of Sky Express for IT, has built a single payment space for the Russian air carrier in the territory of Russia. The payment network includes such partners as Russian Post, Russlavbank, Euroset, VTB, banks of the Contact.

    In Sky Express, tickets book about 65% of all Passengers and about half of them do it via Internet. As a result, Sky Express spends less on staff maintenance and payment for third-party agents, saving up to 15% of operating costs.

    Skyscanner -
    Order plane tickets online.

    The goal is to provide you with as much information about prices as possible and save time in searching for necessary information.
    Finding and viewing this information is simple and flexible.

    The service also gives you the opportunity to find the cheapest tickets without specifying specific dates or even Points of destination. This makes it the most convenient website for finding cheap air tickets. Besides, here you can search among the best hotels and find the best prices, and by filling out the appropriate form, you can reserve a car rental in any country in the world.

    Schedules of public transport in Russia.

    Timetables for buses, taxis, minibuses, trams, trolley buses, subways in Russia.

    Schedules in more than 10,000 locations across the country. Schedules have also been implemented with stops, thanks to which you can quickly and easily see the flights you need, which will pass through your station today and tomorrow.

    Going to a specific stop, you will be able to see all the modes of transport going through this stop, and make a route between the necessary points, starting from a specific stop.

    Bus schedule in Ukraine
    Bus schedules of Ukraine and Crimea.

    Bus schedules of Ukraine and Crimea.

    Detailed bus schedule for the next 10 days.
    The cost of bus tickets.
    Systems for ordering, selling and booking bus tickets.

    Bus tickets to Russia, Belarus and Europe.

    Online service to search, order and purchase electronic bus tickets in Russia and abroad. More than 5,000 carriers are connected to our system, so for any route we offer several travel options.

    A clear and informative search system: bus ticket price, route, duration of the trip, schedule, information about the carrier.

    Best prices - compare prices, find cheap flights and book coach tickets at the best fare online.


    Ability to return bus tickets in case of emergency. This procedure is in accordance with the conditions of carriers, as well as Russian legislation.
    Online booking of Busfor bus tickets guarantees you a refund in case of trip cancellation.

    Guide to the entertainment of large cities.

    Guide to the entertainment of large cities.

    Detailed poster, announcements of interesting events, cinema schedule, book and film reviews, reviews and examinations of new and popular services, photo and video reports from the most notable city events, draws of theater and cinema tickets, feedback from living people about the city’s companies and many more interesting things.

    Busradar -
    Search for bus flights.

    Search for bus flights.

    Convenient search for bus destinations in Europe. Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries are also represented, but only the largest routes.

    You can search for routes on the map.

    We can compare the offers of different shipping companies to find the best route for the price and time.

    Lux Express -
    The bus carrier in the Baltic States, there are good sales from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

    The bus carrier in the Baltic States, there are good sales from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

    Passenger transportation on new comfortable buses with WI-FI and personal media systems.

    In this group, you can find out the latest and accurate information about our shipments, contests and promotions, as well as ask questions and share travel experiences with Lux Express.

    Sunmar Tour
    Travel agencies.

    Included in the OTI group.

    The first Russian tourist company that specializes in economical options for recreation and on hot tours.

    Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, Greece, UAE, Dominican Republic, India.

    Wizz Air -
    Order plane tickets online.

    The site of the Hungarian airline Wizz Air.
    Ukrainian and European flights (but, alas, not Russian). To fly from Kiev to Simferopol can be for 170 hryvnia (660 rubles) - the train costs about the same. It is a special pleasure to study the company's flights in Europe. For example, the cost of the August ticket from Bologna to Budapest, if you order it now, 10 euros - the price of an express from Moscow to the airport.

    Payment methods

    Hotel reservations around the world.

    Hotel reservations around the world.

    Compare hotel prices in all online hotel reservation systems.
    Learn about room availability, there are descriptions and photos.

    Yandex tried to make a clear and most useful site to find a good hotel for a reasonable price.

    Bus tickets
    Tickets for buses in Russia and CIS.

    Tickets for buses in Russia and CIS.

    Electronic bus tickets

    It is not necessary to leave home: you can buy bus tickets online.

    Return information

    You can familiarize yourself with the refund conditions for tickets even before you buy them.

    Contact Center Support

    You can always ask for help through the form or by telephone 8 800 511-71-04.

    Actions and discounts

    Subscribe to Yandex.Travel newsletters and communities in social networks and be aware of our promotions and special offers.

    Compensair -
    Compensation for delay or cancellation of the flight.

    Compensation for delaying or canceling a flight to/from the EU up to € 600 in the event of:

    • Flight delays.
    • Flight cancellations.
    • Denied boarding.
    • Missed transplant.
    € 450 - the average amount of compensation received by users of the site.The service takes a 20% of the amount due to you, which is sold. But the service takes over the entire routine.

    You can easily break through the flight for compensation.

    More than 100 airlines from 50 countries.

    How it works

    1. Submitting an application - fill in the flight details and a short description.
    2. We get compensation in a convenient way for us.

    Yandex.Time -
    Informer time on its website.

    An informer of time on his website.

    Time in different cities

    The service helps to keep track of time in four cities at once. By default, this is the city where the user is located, and the three largest exchange capitals - London, New York and Tokyo.
    If desired, the user can choose any city and keep the current time in front of his eyes in the most important places for him.
    Two designs of dials - day and night (the night proceeds from 10 evenings till 6 mornings). In addition to time, the dials show the weather.

    Time difference

    To find the difference in time between two cities, you need to enter their names in the search lines.
    Cyrillic and Latin are acceptable.
    As the name is entered, suitable cities are offered in the drop-down list.
    On it you can move the cursor, the choice is confirmed by the Enter key.

    Rail tickets
    Buy train tickets online, train ticket price, long distance train schedule.

    Buy train tickets online, train ticket price, long distance train schedule.

    How to buy a train ticket at a bargain price

    The earlier, the better
    Tickets in the compartment will be cheaper if you buy them 90 days before the train departure - after that the price usually goes up. This applies to most long-distance trains, including Sapsans, Lastochka and Megapolis.

    Half-price upper shelves
    Russian Railways often offers 50% discounts on top compartment seats, which can be cheaper than in a plane ticket. Yandex.Travel shows the exact price for each seat - you can select it from the diagram of the carriage.

    Lower shelves at a constant price
    Among the seats in a reserved car the most popular are the lower shelves away from the toilet. As a rule their price remains the same during the whole period of sales.Schooler discounts
    Children from 10 to 17 years old can travel in coach at school fare with a discount of up to 50%. To take advantage of it, you must show a school certificate when boarding.Tickets for buses in Russia and CIS.

    Booking airline tickets, hotels and ordering machines for business trips online.

    Booking tickets, hotels and reenting cars for business trips online.

    The service combines the offers on the market and offers the most efficient and profitable.

    It is often more convenient for departures from Moscow to fly from Domodedovo, and return to Sheremetyevo by another airline. You will be offered such options.

    Ostrovok -
    Search for hotels.

    Search for hotels at low prices.

    The most successful in this area service from Russian. It is one of the three worlds available to Russia. A special note is an application for a smartphone.
    Domestic service is good because there will definitely be no problems with the language and that it is in our legal field.


    You can pay online, but in most cases you can book online, and pay on the fact.


    1. Search hotels nearby in the specified direction;
    2. Browse hotels by list and on the map;
    3. Photos of hotels and rooms;
    4. 24-hour support service in Russian and English;
    5. View the confirmation of booking in offline mode for authorized users.

    Actual Moscow
    Sights, events and institutions of Moscow.

    Sights, events and institutions of Moscow.

    Poster, where to go in Moscow

    1. Concerts
    2. theater,
    3. circus
    4. movie,
    5. exhibitions, fairs,
    6. tours,
    7. sport, quests,
    8. museums
    9. parks,
    10. theaters
    11. movie theaters,
    12. night clubs,
    13. sights.


    1. Government agencies
    2. kindergartens,
    3. children's camps,
    4. schools
    5. colleges, technical schools,
    6. universities,
    7. medical institutions
    8. diagnostic centers, doctors.

    OTI Holding -

    The leading holding in the sphere of tourism, it includes: Coral Travel, Tez Tour, Sunmar Tour, Blue Sky, A-class Travel.

    BR -
    Belarusian railway.

    Belarusian railway.

    Timetables trains and trains, tickets, shipping and other related information.

    51 bilet
    Tickets for concerts, theaters, museums in Murmansk.

    Tickets for concerts, theaters, museums in Murmansk.

    On the site you can get acquainted with what is happening in the cultural life of Murmansk.
    If you like something, interested, you can buy a ticket,

    1. theater,
    2. opera
    3. ballet
    4. comedy,
    5. musical,
    6. drama,
    7. creative evening,
    8. concert,
    9. show,
    10. touring
    11. museums.

    Travala -
    Blockchain-based travel reservations.

    Blockchain-based travel reservations.

    Everything for accommodation: from hotels, apartments, villas and hostels to 5-star luxury resorts.
    Over 2,200,000 properties, 90,124 destinations in 230 countries up to 40% cheaper than the major travel booking platforms.

    24-hour customer support

    Need help or have a question? Contact our active 24/7 customer service via live chat, email, hotline or online ticketing system.

    Payment methods

    Cryptocurrency and traditional payment options.

    Anex Tour

    It is one of the five leading tour operators in Russia.

    Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Thailand, UAE, Spain, Croatia and Ukraine.

    Kinds of tourism: children's tourism, beach tourism, excursion tourism.

    Svyaznoy Travel
    Hot tickets online.

    A new project from the well-established Svyaznoy.

    Ordering air and railway tickets, organizing cruises and excursions, renting apartments and cars, hotel reservations.

    The order can be issued online at home or in the office, through Electronic catalog or with the help of employees of the store "Svyaznoy". The cost of services is planned lower than that of tourist operators. You can pay them as a bank card, or in cash.

    Payment methods

    Coral Travel
    Included in the OTI group.

    Included in the OTI group.

    One of the oldest and largest tour operators in Russia.

    Turkey, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, UAE, China, Cuba, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Maldives, Vietnam, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mexico, Cambodia, Jordan, Andorra, Austria.

    MakeMyTrip -
    Indian online travel company.

    Indian online travel company.
    Here you can choose a tour, plane tickets, etc., a complete set.
    The site will be useful for travel to India or neighboring countries.

    Biblio Globus

    Offers complete packages of tours, including air travel and transfer.
    5 own inking structures for reception and service of tourists are organized: in Thailand (Biblio-GlobusAsia) and at Cyprus (JTACyprus), in Vietnam, in Tunisia, in United Arab Emirates.

    Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, US, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Israel, Maldives, UAE.

    Official representations:
    Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Bottom Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tyumen, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kiev.

    Anywayanyday -
    A real company or organization must have one of the global distribution systems.

    A real company or organization must have one of the global distribution systems (GDS) that aggregates data from service providers, offering users through their partners in the network a full range of offers.

    Almost the entire world market of Internet booking is divided between companies:

    1. Amadeus - Russian
    2. Galileo - Russian
    3. Saber - English, integrated with the Aerof website Ota
    Payment methods

    Service, where you can find a bus on the schedule at the desired date, find out the price of the ticket, book or buy a ticket for it.

    Service, where you can find a bus on the schedule at the desired date, find out the price of the ticket, book or buy a ticket for it.

    The service is similar to other similar (Yandex.Raspisany), looks and works the same way.

    In the base of buses in the CIS countries. It is clear that there are only intercity buses here, but not all. Just checking. If local short routes, most likely they will not be, if distant, it will rather be. The project is new, it will develop.

    There is a directory of directions where you can search for suitable routes. Our orders are stored in My Tickets section.

    Moskvarium -
    Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology.

    Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology, a unique complex that will give everyone the opportunity to learn the amazing fauna of the World Ocean and touch the remote areas of the Planet.

    FlixBus -
    The largest bus carrier in Europe.

    The largest bus carrier in Europe.
    More than 350,000 routes in 2,000 cities and 28 countries.

    Here you can pick up, cheap to buy a bus ticket for Europe.
    Flexible exchange and return tickets.

    The FlixBus bus lounge has free Wi-Fi, sockets and air conditioning.

    Each passenger receives a comfortable seat with extended legroom and can carry free hand luggage and standard luggage.
    Check flight status.
    Ability to apply for finding forgotten things.

    Discounts for users of the application and mailing subscribers.

    Mariinsky Theatre -
    The official website of the theater.

    The official website of the theater.
    Information about the theater - history, floor plan, souvenirs, a poster and tickets.

    Theatrical poster.

    Theatrical poster.
    The site contains the most comprehensive and most accurate database of movie showtimes, concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances in major cities of Russia .

    Song kick -
    Tickets for concerts online.

    Hybrid search engine, calendar and
    You can search and, what's more fun, subscribe to events, to your liking, indicating your favorite performers. Some of them are available online booking tickets.

    Now on the site more than a million concert from the past, present and future.


    Vash Dosug
    Entertainment Guide for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl.

    Entertainment Guide for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl.
    Among other things, information on theaters, a poster ... helps to make the best choice.

    Actual Moscow
    Theaters of Moscow, where to go.

    Theaters of Moscow, where to go.
    Poster, tickets, information.

    Portal of the city of Kaluga and the Kaluga region.

    Information portal of the city of Kaluga and the Kaluga region.

    Actual news of Kaluga and full information about the city of Kaluga, its life and its inhabitants, find out what the city is interesting for and what it can offer its guests.

    A convenient interactive map of the city of Kaluga, a detailed, carefully structured by sections list of Kaluga enterprises and site search will allow you to easily navigate and quickly find exactly what interests you on our Kaluga server.

    News of public, political and economic life, weather forecast in Kaluga, exchange rates and a list of useful and interesting links.

    Section discounts and special offers - sales and promotions for shops, salons, various agencies, services and organizations of the city of Kaluga.

    Construction and real estate in Kaluga, the Kaluga automobile portal, blogs of the most diverse. -
    Flights & Hotels.

    More than 30,000 employees.
    More than a million hotels in 200 countries.
    One of the main things in travel is reliability. This is the main thing that gives.

    Customer Support

    Well, firstly, when you make an order with such popular services, the hotel will try to please you and will not refuse you at the last minute, saying I do not know you. Too expensive will cost a loss of reputation.
    I recommend to take a printout of the reservation on the trip. Drive in the phone number of the support service site and install the mobile application.
    So you will be fully armed.

    Google Travel -
    Travel portal.

    Travel portal.

    Convenient flights at competitive prices.

    When we plan a trip, we use Google to choose a place, time, hotel, plane.

    Well, if we find out anyway through Google, they collected this kind of information in one place.
    What do we need?
    We do not want to come to India for the rainy season, we do not want to buy the most expensive tickets.
    We want to see something new.
    And we are limited by budget.

    The portal allows you to choose a place, hotel, plane tickets.
    So it will be more convenient to find a place, respectively, prices.

    The portal offers links to selected hotels on

    with specified prices, you can go and make an order or search for something more interesting.

    Russian Railways tickets -
    Train tickets.

    Tickets can also be bought on the official website of the railway Russia.
    The cheapest way is without intermediaries.
    Such a ticket will cost you less, Than to buy at the checkout. For example, if we buy 2 round-trip tickets, we save about 900 rubles.
    There's a toll-free number 7 800 200 67 67.

    Receiving a ticket

    When buying a ticket for trains from 001 to 899 numbering, a ticket is not required. It is enough to produce a passport, because the place is bought in your name. Thus, there is no need to queue at the cash register.

    In other cases, when buying a ticket, information can be printed out, or you can rewrite the 20-digit ticket number. Then you need to transfer it to the cashier and get a ticket.
    You can call and find out beforehand if it can be done at your railway station.Payment methods


    For this you need to contact the railway ticket office (not via Internet). The money will be returned to the plastic card.
    The fee for the operation when returning to the cashier's office of JSC Russian Railways an unused travel document (ticket) ordered and paid for at the site, is 99 rubles. 30 kop. From each place regardless of the date of the ticket.

    Movie tickets.

    The service is connected to ticket systems of cinemas.
    It allows partners to sell cinema tickets on their websites.
    This is an easy way to provide our users with a new convenient service.

    • Choose a city, if it is on the list (there are about a hundred cities),
    • there will be movie posters, click the one you like or search,
    • choose a session and a konotere,
    • select the places according to the scheme of the cinema hall (if you put in place Price is specified),
    • pay.

    Payment methods


    And the user can buy a movie ticket on the sites (works Service "Rambler-Cash"):

    Google Flights -
    Order plane tickets online.

    The purpose is to help find cheaper airplane tickets.

    The idea is not new and it seems like Google should get the most convenient options from Internet.
    In fact, they are looking for a large number of partners.
    So Russia is represented more poorly.
    And personally, I would use this service only to search for flights of Western airlines.

    However, the service is new, with time and we will catch up.
    The united cinema network “Cinema Park” and “Formula Kino” takes 1st place in Russia and is among the top 5 largest cinema chains in Europe.

    The united cinema network “Cinema Park” and “Formula Kino” takes 1st place in Russia and is among the top 5 largest cinema chains in Europe.

    KARO film
    The official site of the cinema network.

    The leading cinema chain in Russia, which controls 32 modern cinemas (241 screens) in Moscow, the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Surgut, which are visited by almost 12 million people annually.

    Recognized as the best cinema network of the year in the European market by the international convention CineEurope, becoming the first Russian cinema network to receive this award.

    Reliable online service for recreation.

    The task of the service is to give out not all, but the most popular and profitable. That is, filter out anything that you are not interested in initially.
    Say you buy a plane ticket, then you will be offered options and restrictions in connection with this, for example - you can not return, exchange, take luggage (only carry-on luggage up to 10 kg) ... You can choose the price-service ratio.

    For hotels immediately indicated whether breakfast is included, whether there is parking, WIFI. However, this is a generator from other sites.

    KAYAK -
    Compare prices on hundreds of sites at once.

    Compare prices on hundreds of sites at once.

    Search for flights, hotels, car rentals and not only with KAYAK. KAYAK searches simultaneously on hundreds of sites where you can get the necessary information and make the right decision.

    Adioso -
    Website detects your geographic location and offers the cheapest flights for your region.

    Hot tickets online.
    Service for fans of spontaneous travel.
    Just go to the site that determines your geographical location and offers the cheapest air tickets for your region.

    Train tickets.

    Convenient forms of ordering rail and air tickets, car rental, hotels, tours.
    A good and convenient help system, delivery. The main functionality is available from the main page, where you can choose, on the plane you fly or take the train. Order forms are minimalistic and do not require any special data - destinations and departures, date, and for air tickets you need to specify the number of passengers. No mandatory registration is required.

    The form of air tickets is quite simple and really relevant - although the margin is very decent and averages from 700 to 1500 rubles (and even more) per segment. Therefore, if you order inexpensive tickets, then it is better to do it on the operator's website.

    Payment methods

    TUI -
    Leading International Travel Company.

    The leading international travel company, founded in Hannover in 1923.
    TUI motto: "All for your smile"

    180 countries, 53 000 employees.

    • more than 15 tourist destinations,
    • more than 440 travel agencies under the TUI brand,
    • the only tour operator in Russia offering a full package of tourist services, including air travel, under a single brand.


    Pegas Touristik

    One of the best travel agents, reliable, stable.
    How many times I used, I was always happy. And not only bought tours, but also issued visas, insurance. It turns out more profitable than doing it yourself.

    Local travel agents say that Pegasus always refunds money. If you traveled, rested, but something did not correspond to reality, you will be quickly and without compensation paid on your request through a travel agent.

    Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, India, Thailand, Andorra, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Israel, UAE, Cuba, Vietnam, Mexico, Kenya, China, Jordan, Morocco, Maldives and Mauritius.

    Payment -
    Timetables of trains, planes, electric trains.

    Schedules of trains, airplanes, electric trains.
    Ordering and buying electronic tickets.
    One of the most convenient sites for choosing and buying tickets.

    China Travel
    Tours to South-East Asia.

    Tours to South-East Asia: Vietnam, China and ...
    Anyone who has touched China or the East in general understands how specific this region is. Therefore, it is better to use the operators who are engaged in the East.

    Business tours

    • conferences, seminars, exhibitions,
    • Hong Kong (visa is not issued for stays of up to 14 days) is Asia's largest financial and trade region, the venue of numerous international fairs,
    • Singapore,
    • ...


    • Korea,
    • Vietnam,
    • China (excursions, treatment, beaches),China
    • ...


    Preferably Vietnam, Thailand or the Indonesian Islands.

    Aeroflot -
    Order plane tickets online.

    The official site of Russia's leading airline.
    Here you can book and buy tickets, rent a car (we will immediately need transport) and book a hotel (but I would do this through other sites).

    On the site you can find contacts and free phone numbers for mobile or for your region.
    Well, you never know what it will take, if something happens to the luggage, a rowdy in the plane ...
    It would be nice to check the permissible size of luggage, hand luggage ... phone, that is.


    Bus Schedule Russia
    Tickets for intercity buses.

    Tickets for intercity buses.

    Graphics traffic in a convenient form.

    Regular updates of timetables.

    The possibility of buying and returning tickets under certain conditions.

    Booking -
    Leading website for the hotel.

    There are more than 68,000 hotels in 71 countries in the database.

    The site offers favorable rates for accommodation in different hotels - small private, five-star hotels ...

    Company - (Nasdaq: PCLN) - is the European leader (by the number of sold rooms) in the field of hotel booking online. More than 30 million visitors from all over the world - tourists and businessmen visit Internet every month via Internet. has representative offices in the following cities: Amsterdam - Athens - Barcelona - Berlin - Warsaw - Vienna - Grand Rapids - Dubai - Dublin - Cambridge - Cape Ун - Lyon - Lola (Portugal) - London - Madrid - Montreal - Moscow - Munich - New York - Orlando - Paris - Rome - Sun-Paulu - San Francisco - Sydney - Singapore - Stockholm - Tokyo - Zurich.
    The main office of the company is located in Amsterdam.

    Order plane tickets online.

    Tez Tour
    Included in the OTI group.

    Included in the OTI group.

    Works in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Armenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania and Egypt.

    Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Spain, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Maldives, Sri-Lanka, Greece and Austria.
    Works through the sale of franchises to travel agencies.

    Flightradar 24 -
    Airports on the map.

    A map that shows in real time the position of aircraft in the air.
    The Google map is used.
    On the map, airports can be displayed and by clicking we get information on flights, airport temperature, wind force, local time.

    In addition, the site has a section on airports. We select the country, then the airport and get it on the map with information on it.

    Expedia -
    Information sites about tourism, travel.

    Tourist portal in Europe.
    If dreams of a European city have already completely taken possession of you, be aware that through Internet you can order everything - up to city tours and tickets to museums. Go to the site, type in the search box and the name of the city in Latin, press r - and before you open an extensive excursion program.
    You will only choose a date range and make payment.

    Research Institute of the nature of time -

    Official site.

    BookingBuddy -
    Search for favorable prices for everything that is offered to tourists: plane, hotel, car rental ....
    The tricks of thrifty travelers.

    The tricks of thrifty travelers.

    Tips for tourists and independent travelers.
    Instructions and travels.
    Discounts, promotions and sales from airlines and travel agencies by city.

    TripAdvisor -
    Reserve a table.

    On the Russian version of this tourist portal you can find not only hotels, but also restaurants.

    Here and photos, and rating, and reviews, and gradation in the kitchen (American, Steak House, European, Italian, Pizza ....)
    You can pick up a restaurant for breakfast or lunch or dinner.
    Then find it on the map and order it.

    Hot tickets online.

    Star Travel company is known for low prices for tickets.
    Smart robot, built into its website, finds air tickets for any destinations, dates, at any price.
    The system shows availability.
    You can Make a regular ticket (pick up at the office, the company's ticket offices) or electronic (get it in the terminal right at the airport). Also there is a lot of other useful information that is successfully organized.

    Payment methods

    Booking tickets on the site is made in real time (on-line).

    Booking tickets on the site is made in real time (on-line). With On-line booking on our website you reserve reservations in the booking system. The ready reservation is sent to the operator of SIA 'DAVS Agency' for registration of air tickets. Booking of air tickets on the site is carried out on flights of all Russian and international airlines to all destinations, as the search system is integrated with several reservation systems. Pre-booking, issuing tickets, refunding tickets is strictly in accordance with the rules that the airline establishes.


    airtickets delivery

    Electronic air tickets are delivered by e-mail, air tickets on TCH forms can be delivered by courier in the following cities:
    • Moscow within the MKAD
    • Zhukovsky
    • Domodedovo
    • St. Petersburg
    • Novosibirsk
    • Khabarovsk
    • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
    • Sochi
    The cost of courier delivery is 150 rubles.

    Return of air tickets

    • Return of the issued air tickets, regardless of how the tickets were booked, are made in accordance with airline regulations.
    • Agency fees for voluntary return of the client
    • In case of a refund of air tickets, you must notify our operator as soon as possible so that you can Was to cancel the ticket with the least their losses.

    Rome2rio -
    We build routes with transfers to buses, airplanes, trains and ferries.

    We build routes with transfers to buses, airplanes, trains and ferries.
    You can add a lot of points and make complex routes. Works well in Europe.

    Enter any address, point of interest, or city as your destination, and we will instantly display all your travel options and booking information, as well as information about housing providers and what you can do, in one convenient place.

    Regardless of whether you travel after a flight, train, bus, ferry, trip or car rental, you will be offered indicative prices, travel time and booking details from more than 5,000 companies in more than 160 countries, which makes us one of the best online. travel resources used around the world.

    Tickets map.

    We set the departure point, the approximate time of departure, only direct or not, with or without visa, one way or both, the length of stay (approximately) and the maximum amount.
    As a result, we will get where much will cost.
    There is a help mode (with prompts).


    Eventim -
    Movie tickets.

    Cinema, concerts, theaters, sports ...
    Consultant in the world of cultural events in the capital and assistant in choosing and booking tickets.

    Payment methods

    Movie tickets.

    Online booking of tickets.
    Movies, concerts, theaters, sports ...
    The site is simpler than the above.

    Payment methods


    Poster of Russia's leading events of major cities: movies, theaters, concerts, exhibitions ...

    A way to choose how to spend your free time.

    The site contains the most complete and most accurate database of movie shows, concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances; The largest catalog of addresses of restaurants, clubs, museums, exhibition halls and shops in the largest cities Russia. The most authoritative book, music, restaurant And film critics publish their reviews and blog on the Afisha. In addition to professional reviews on the site, every month more than 3 thousand user reviews and over 30 thousand user ratings are published.

    You can book a movie ticket for free.

    We go, our city is displayed automatically, choose "Cinemas", choose a cinema from List.

    There is a mobile version.

    Kinoafisha Moscow and movie news, TV program, the actors.

    Initially, there was a poster for everything, theater, cinema ... But decided to limit themselves to only the movie and only Moscow, but to do it as much as possible informatively. In fact, here we will find all the information on this topic.

    Say, we wanted to go to the movies, there is a poster in Moscow. You can see what and where it goes, read the review, watch the trailer, the producer's country, the year, the length of the film, the genre, the rating, evaluate yourself ... and buy a ticket.

    Click on the chosen one and the film and get more detailed information, like Film Search. Description movies, actors, you can click on the actor and get to know his creativity more closely.

    In addition, the site can find information about the television series, the show, the actors, watch the TV program.


    The routes on the map.

    Timetables of air and railway transport. In the long term - water transport and intercity buses.

    There are timetables for suburban trains for a number of cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Veliky Novgorod, Tyumen and Nizhny Tagil.

    We choose the point of departure and the point of arrival, the date of dispatch and Arrival and voila.
    If there is no flight for the selected date, you will be asked to search for the route with a transfer.

    You can trace the route on the map.

    Yandex.Discounts Club; Learn more about Yandex.Maps; Yandex.Maps to the site

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