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Principles of site creation


Meet on clothes. I do not like the look of the site, the visitor will immediately leave. Can irritate the paint, too much text, no visualization or too heavy pictures, take too long to load. Who wants to learn all this? - "... there are so many other sites, probably this one is not the best, but I have time only for the very thing ..." And they will leave. The design and convenient navigation show how much you are prepared for the visit of the guests, how much they are respected. Site - your face, it will be judged by you and compared with your competitors.

Site structure

There should not be pass-through pages. For example, we go to the page, and there we are offered a more detailed choice. We go to it, and there is even more detailed choice. Why not make the opportunity to go directly to the desired page, using the drop-down menu with all the items, sub-paragraphs. If the site is not too small, there must be a Site map.
Navigation should be understood not only by people with a certain logic. One musician said: "Not every expert in music, but everyone sees falsity." Your guest should not study your principle of navigation, he should not notice the inconvenience. Give us the usual names for the pages, this is not the place where it's worth to shine with originality.


As you call the ship, so he will float. An important issue of choosing a domain name of a website.
Ideal name for the site:
  • www, if you are targeting Russia.
  • www, if you are targeting the entire Internet.
A familiar beginning, a familiar ending, is easy to remember. Give the name www and people will get lost. Well, and of course you have to work hard to find a short enough laconic name. So hard to find, today all the best names are busy.

Today it becomes fashionable to give names of firms like The name already indicates the address on the Internet.
If you have not yet named your organization, combine it with the choice of a domain name. It is more difficult to first name, and then find the right address on the Internet.


You are much more willing to pick up a fresh magazine than an old book. The most expensive in the network is to find new visitors. If the site is not updated, you will lose old ones. Your site should be "live". I went to decent sites to download transport schedules, and they turned out to be obsolete. Very unpleasant. You should not have outdated information. Then you will be respected.


Be sure to test your site, as it looks in different browsers and at different screen resolutions. Be sure to specify the encoding of the text in your html. For text use Arial font. Times is good for newspapers, books, because it's easier to read. The screen is easier to read the sans-serif font (Arial, Tahoma, sans-serif).

Registration in search engines

An extremely important part. They will not know you - they will not visit you, and if you are not visited, then why do you need a website? If you have already made a good design, organized good navigation and tested your site, it's time to do meta tags (there you describe who you are, what you are, keywords, etc.). After your registration, the search engine sends to you a search robot (program) that examines your site and writes data to its database. There are a number of other nuances. For example, you should register with the most popular search engines, as well as register or exchange banners with your profile sites. Let's say in the west there are whole streets, where solid furniture stores, etc. Together easier to sell.

So, if you want to make your site yourself, go.
May God bless you.
If you want to contact us, we will be happy to help.
Welcome to cooperation. logo Yandex.Praktikum

reliable site

Owner: Yandex,

address: Russia


School of data analysis, founded by Yandex.


  1. machine learning,
  2. computer vision,
  3. analysis of natural language texts
  4. other areas of modern computer science.
Undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates of Moscow State University, MIPT, HSE, ITMO, St. Petersburg State University, Ural Federal University, Novosibirsk State University and other leading universities enter the ShAD. For two years, students study subjects that are usually not included in university programs, although they are in great demand in science and various industries where high-tech information technologies are already used.

SAD gives a systematic education, combining theoretical studies with practice. Students attend lectures and attend seminars, working together on educational projects, the results of which often lead to scientific publications. Some ShAD students get an internship at Yandex, where they can apply the knowledge they have just received.

All teachers of the ShAD work in the IT industry or are engaged in modern science, regularly encountering current problems in their field. These problems and approaches to their solution are reflected in the curriculum and the content of the lectures. New courses appear all the time in the program, and, on the contrary, some subjects are excluded as outdated.

Graduates of the School work at Yandex and other large IT companies, designing and creating complex high-load services, are actively engaged in science. For example, in 2015, the BAS, together with the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, became a participant in one of the four main experiments of CERN at the Large Hadron Collider - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment (LHCb). Scientists from MIT, Lausanne Polytechnic School, Oxford University, Imperial College London and many other institutions analyze its results. ShAD is the only project participant that does not specialize in physics. The School is developing new tools and services for processing LHCb data.

In Russian
logo Yandex Academy - School of Webmasters

Yandex Academy - School of Webmasters

In the School of Webmasters of Yandex, experts from different areas of the Internet industry share their experience with beginners and experienced webmasters.
Experts talk about the main stages of the creation and development of the site: from writing a technical assignment to promotion in search engines, web analytics and evaluation of what was done.

In Russian
logo Skillbox


Online university, one of the leaders of the Russian online education market.

I looked at this school when Group became a co-owner of this educational platform.

There are courses with job security. They are all paid. But this does not mean that you should not strain.
They will take you to work, but they can calmly say goodbye after the trial period.
The course is good, the teachers are good, it all depends on the student.

Course Directions

  1. Design,
  2. marketing,
  3. programming,
  4. management,
  5. business.

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