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Once upon a time there were people who worked in different non-commercial organizations. Their job was to help others - those who do not live easily. In solving problems that no one else can solve. Or does not want. Such work is not easy. Therefore, it was not enough time to talk about which non-profit organizations are good and useful. And then they thought that good deeds speak for themselves.

But in fact, very few people knew about them. Ignorance, as is known, breeds rumors, here and there were some people to think, that the noncommercial organizations are engaged in any nonsense. And even cash in on the human misfortune. Not everyone, of course, believed so, and many helped ... But on the whole, the attitude turned out to be somehow wrong.

Then the non-profit organizations started to think about what it would take to make people understand the important work that NPOs do? Together they decided that the easiest way is to open their doors and invite to participate in the work of non-profit organizations of all who are interested. So that people see everything with their own eyes and then draw conclusions.

That's how the project 'So Simple' was born so simply. He was united by several organizations - the Agency for Social Information, the Center for the Development of Non-Profit Organizations and the Foundation 'Sozidanie'. And by the way, just with the help of those people who sincerely wanted to help. Now everyone can take part in the project, and just a citizen and organization. And you can.
The very first and simplest step is to post information about the project "So Simple" on your website, blog, desktop of your home or work computer ...

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