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Bulletin board

  1. - Ukrainian portal of announcements
logo Yandex.O


Bulletin board.

Sellers and buyers activity indicator - the longer a person uses company products, the more active they interact with them, the higher the indicator.
It is displayed on the product page.

You can communicate with your customer through Yandex.Messenger without entering your phone number.
It is planned to enter verification of sent links and to warn about suspicious actions.

The site uses the base Yandex.Market. What does it give?
In Yandex.Market different parameters for different goods have been formed over the years.
Plus, the search for goods is based on the Yandex technology, which allows to make a search taking into account morphology and if the goods are not quite correctly specified.


logo uslugio

reliable site
English - Russian

address: Russia


Board free ads on services.
Avito is basically a buy-sell type platform, like a market - clothing, spare parts ...
This board is the leading platform on the Internet for offering services.

The site is light, minimal design and text. Not difficult to search.

How it works

  1. Select the desired city and see the ads only by it.
  2. You can view the entire list, or you can use service filters.
  3. What we are interested in is clicking and receiving contact information.
Of the shortcomings - no price. Because you have to choose a few and call.

logo Billboard Yula

Billboard Yula

Bulletin board Yulia from
It is sold through phone and a site.
We photograph the goods and at once we place.
The main thing is quickly.

In my opinion it is a little strange.
And to edit a photo?
Normally, a person does several frames, then he can cut them.
And that can not really see what they are selling.
But quickly.

iTunes Android huawei

In Russian
logo Avito


The leading site for free private ads.
There was a merger with the other 2 leaders of the Runet and
Convenient communication between sellers and buyers to make the most profitable transactions, cooperation with leading information and social Internet-projects.

Registration is not required, goods can be purchased quickly. Search by map, categories, everything is simple, clear, understandable.

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In Russian
logo Fat Llama

Fat Llama

A platform that does not require any special knowledge to create a single-page sites.
Actually we register and immediately have a website. Our task is to customize and fill with your content: name, contacts, etc.

As a result, we have an light modern website. Suitable for a business card site or presentation of a new product or service.

As a basis, you can take a template of 300 proposed.

iTunes Android

We buy

Bulletin board about services, work, dating, cooperation, etc.

Advantages of message boards:

  1. a large number of sections and headings.
  2. the number of ads served is unlimited.
  3. The ad is on the board until you want to delete it.
  4. Each ad has a permanent address and can be indexed by search engines.
Place an ad

We buy

1000 dosok

The site of free announcements is open in 2006.,"

All ads are subject to mandatory moderation.

Add free ads can both registered and not registered users.
For each posted ad you can attach up to 5 photos, specify the price of a product or service, your coordinates and website address, as well as attach, if necessary, the price list in Excel format.


Board free private ads in Russia.
Quite an extensive base.
Filter by cities and topics. But not always enough detailed filter.
Let's say I need auto parts, which are offered ~ 1000 units in my city.
So you need to look among this 1000. And I would like to filter by model and type of parts.

logo Free classified ads foodretail

Free classified ads foodretail

Free bulletin board about buying and selling food and related products and services.
News, analytics, catalog of companies.

Free classified ads foodretail
logo Chance


Site of free announcements.
The oldest Russian newspaper (issue suspended) and the site of private announcements.

Over 180,000 ads in Russia.

logo Medical bulletin board

Medical bulletin board

Medical bulletin board: medical equipment, advertising, drugs, medical goods and services, work.

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