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Advertising campaign

eTarget ("Audience management and advertising on the Internet"), which was organized by Ashmanov & Partners, Begun, Mail.Ru, Subscribe.Ru and "Yandex".


Comparison of earnings from advertising on the example of the website and free advertising newspaper.

Safepaper Site
free is distributed free is visited
earns on advertising earns on advertising
the cost of advertising depends on the circulation the cost of advertising depends on attendance
the print run depends on content attendance depends on content
costs for printing and distribution charges for hosting and domain

Internet newspapers earn incomparably more printed. logo Mestkom

reliable site
English - Russian

address: Russia


Exchange of advertising spaces.
If you do not have the time or the desire to understand the intricacies of the automatic interface that allows you to directly place your ads on a variety of Internet sites, you can assign this task to service experts.
To do this, you need to:

  1. register as an advertiser,
  2. specify the main parameters of the advertising campaign (subject, size and type of the advertising module, etc.),
  3. select an expert,
  4. refill your personal account from the calculation of the planned cost of the campaign +10% (expert commission).
With an advertising budget of $200 (according to statistics, this is the average cost of an advertising campaign in Mestkom), you will pay $20 to an expert.

In this case, attracting a specialist will save you from having to choose the most suitable sites from a fairly large Mestkom catalog.
In addition, the expert can take on the job of making a banner, choose the most suitable for the price/quality ratio of the site and provide operational information about the progress of your advertising company.

If you decide to organize advertising th campaign by yourself, you will need no more than an hour to choose the resources that you want to advertise. This is the most time-consuming stage of the process. After that, you will only have to decide in what form and quantity your advertisement will be placed on a particular resource, upload your advertising module to the Mestkom and click the "Start" button.

After that your advertisement will automatically appear on all selected resources, Among which there can be not only large, but little-visited, but valuable in advertising sites. Typically, the percentage of those who used advertising on quiet "home" sites is higher in relation to the total number of visitors than on popular sites. That is, it is much more profitable to place ads on 100 sites with a attendance of 100 people than on one site with a attendance of 10,000 people a day. This is the opportunity provided by the Mestkom service, which allows receiving targeted visitors at the most democratic prices.

logo MaxTarget


New earnings on advertising.

Stated Benefits

Ability to add an ad code from Yandex or Google.
Then, if MaxTarget has not sold this ad space, it will not be left blank, and there will be an advertisement from Yandex or Google.
Thus, the site should be used more efficiently for earnings.

The site itself is made qualitatively, conveniently, clearly, nothing superfluous.


Answers slowly and formally. It will try to do nothing.On pages with reCAPTCHA from Google began to produce an error. I was forced to remove their code, what I told them. Surprisingly, they replied that I have the right to take the code, this is my website. And I thought that they lost in income, times less pages with code. And many people use reCAPTCHA.

Initially, I checked the work of advertising only on a small site site. It seems to work, I decided to put on everything except pages with reCAPTCHA. I was informed that the bot itself will re-index pages in a month, but this did not happen. The support service ignored all my arguments.

Conclusion. The support service is either incompetent, or too busy with toys or freezes on social networks. This happens when companies save on service support.


Payments go through WebMoney and Yandex. Money the next business day.
On some sites it is very difficult to get to the bottom of the payout button. Immediately, everything is simple and convenient in a couple of clicks: I go in, click the EXIT button, enter the required amount, or press ALL and CREATE AN APPLICATION. Everything.
On weekends and holidays there are no payments.

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