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Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising
Graphical, textual or other information of an advertising nature that is placed on special temporary and / or stationary structures located in the open area, as well as on the external surfaces of buildings, structures, on street equipment elements, over the roadway of streets and roads. Outdoor advertising is divided into several common types:
  • roof installations
  • banners
  • firewalls
  • video panels
  • city format
  • pillars
  • arches
  • supersites
  • road signs
  • prizmavizhn
  • consoles
  • curbstones
  • outdoor furniture
To date, the most common ad format in Russia is a format of billboards 3x6 meters.

Outdoor advertising is a kind of ATL-advertising.

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The nature of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising has a specific character, since it only has a few seconds to attract ATTENTION. Therefore, it should contain only one picture and a maximum of 7 words.
Outdoor advertising is very effective for promoting the brand.
Light advertising targets a group of people with incomes above the average. Especially good lightposters in St. Petersburg in the winter, expensive beautiful goods look great against the background of darkness or faded cityscape. In addition, large amounts of advertising can be placed on the so-called city-format in a relatively short time.

Advertising agencies use their criteria for choosing places, such as: knowledge of the city, experience of previous placements, own calculations, traffic police statistics, common sense and intuition. And the wishes of the client. The placement strategy is a creative task, and it must be solved creatively.

Board advertising (6X3 meters) - the most traditional, the most effective and cheapest type of outdoor advertising - has become an integral part of the landscape of Russian cities.

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