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Exercises for eyes -
Health on the computer.

Exercises for the eyes.
Internet protects us from the computer. It sounds strange, but in this case it is so.
The site will offer us a series of exercises accompanied by amusing pictures, which is nice, because we need to relax and put everything serious aside.

Dental site.
Search of doctors.

Search of doctors. The site works only on large cities of Russia. Actually there, where there is a choice of doctors. And the site is created to help make this choice.

blood service

Site for donors.
You can find out the address of the nearest blood service point and clarify your abilities and contraindications for donating blood.
Besides, the site is simple and convenient to find information that can be of interest to donors - statistics ..., A lot of video material.

Private medical company.

INVITRO, the largest private medical company in Russia, founded in 1995 by the emergency physician Alexander Y. Ostrovsky.

Offices in many cities of Russia.

The company offers more than 1,700 types of laboratory research and instrumental and computer diagnostic services, effectively helping doctors and patients take care of their health throughout their lives.

The site allows you to get information or contact physicians.

Medical online library.

Medical online library.
Popular science articles, reference books, encyclopedias.

Reviews of doctors and hospitals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk.

Base of medical institutions in Russia and former CIS countries.
Finding the right hospital or medical center, you can leave a review.

We decided to find out which hospital to go with friends. And if you are the first of your friends faced with this kind of problem? Who to ask for advice.

Here for such cases this site.

There are people who scold everyone or who are happy with everything. We need weighted and reasoned reviews.
Because all comments are moderated.

The site is visited by more than 50,000 people daily.

Medical bulletin board
Medical bulletin board: medical equipment, advertising, drugs, medical goods and services, work.

Medical bulletin board: medical equipment, advertising, drugs, medical goods and services, work.

Medical portals.

General medical portal about health.

Russian Medical Center -
Medlinks -
Med portal -
Dental portal.

Dental portal.

This is an information site, well illustrated.
Here are sections on treatment, prosthetics and hygiene.
For adults and children.

If you are planning a trip to the dentist, you should visit such a site and get ready to better understand the options offered and make the best decision.

Over a million patient reviews.

Over a million patient reviews.

Registration on the site will allow:

  1. Share feedback on doctors, clinics, and medications;
  2. Make an appointment for free;
  3. Sign up for a diagnosis for free;
  4. Have round-the-clock technical support.
My Fitness Pal -
Lose weight the healthy way.

Lose weight the healthy way - free website and mobile apps that make calorie counting and food tracking easy.

Ask the Doctor
Free online consultation.

Ask the Doctor - a free online consultation.

Nothing superfluous! The visitor asked the question -> received a response from a specialist, a list of recommended drugs, medical centers in which you can contact and a list of similar issues. After that, the visitor is given the opportunity to make the most of the choice:

  • read the detailed information on the recommended medicines and order at the nearest pharmacy
  • to personally contact a specialist by signing up for him
  • to go to a medical facility
Obsessive information sections, superfluous functions and advertising. Here are medical articles and news, this is a medical advisory service online.
All about medicine: symptoms and treatment of diseases.

Modern medical information portal.
All about medicine: diseases, symptoms, treatments, diets, drugs.

The site contains information on the symptoms, treatment and prevention of various diseases, reference information about medicines, information on medical terms, vitamins and minerals. Also, you will always be up to date with the latest relevant news concerning medicine and health.

  1. Diseases - about the most common diseases, about the methods of their diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Symptoms - about the symptoms, the causes of its manifestation and how to combat it.
  3. Drugs - about the necessary medicines.
  4. Medical News - world and regional news related to medicine and health.
  5. Medical Directory - informative articles that help you stay healthy and how you can better understand your body.
  6. Medical Dictionary - common scientific medical terms.
Information materials on the site were compiled by experts with higher medical education and practical experience, as well as edited by a physician of the highest category.
Check view online
Free and without SMS check our sight.

For free and without SMS, we check our eyesight.
You can see the usual table.

The automatic meal planner -
Create meal plans to achieve our nutritional goals.

Create meal plans to achieve our nutritional goals.
Let's say you would like to sit on a certain diet, but you are not suitable for one thing or another, based on your work, lifestyle ...
On this site you can adjust the diet to your requirements, your conditions and features .

State services
United portal of state and municipal services (functions).

United portal of state and municipal services (functions).

Single portal of state and municipal services (functions).

Well, first of all, as soon as possible, register on this site. Do not delay, because the site checks your email, cell number and mailing address. What you receive the letter, you can not register on the site.
If you want to run around less often, register here.

Register at the place of residence, or, as they say, register, now it's much easier than a few more Days ago.

The site has the opportunity to compose an electronic application for registration and send it to the relevant agency via Internet.

The next day, you can put a stamp on your passport.
However, all the same for the registration you need the written consent of the owner of the apartment. If the housing is municipal, you will need the permission of the tenant and all the adults registered there.
We just go to the office only once. The principle of a single window.

Temporary registration

You are going to Moscow and do not want trouble. You can get a registration at your place of residence free of charge here. Registration takes place within 3 days via Internet.
  1. Quick login: use the four-digit access code to enter the application, there is no need to remember the login and password
  2. Support for Touch ID: iPhone owners can open the application using a fingerprint.


  1. Recording a child to a kindergarten;
  2. Receiving a status notification Accounts in the FIU;
  3. Obtaining a foreign passport;
  4. Registering a vehicle;
  5. Obtaining a driving license;
  6. Notification of fines and debts, payment from the application I.
Describe to me
The project is dedicated to creating verbal descriptions of various images for blind people.

The project is dedicated to creating verbal descriptions of various images for blind people.Thanks to modern technology, the blind man has the opportunity to use the Internet.
Special programs on your computer and smartphone convert text from the screen into speech, but they are almost powerless if we are not looking at text but at a photo or video.
This is why our project appeared: to give blind people access to verbal descriptions of visual information that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

Volunteers at the request of blind people create descriptions of various video clips, greeting cards, paintings and much more. Descriptions are sent to customers, and the most interesting are published on our site.


  • Read descriptions of images that are regularly published on the site;
  • Find descriptions of interest through search or in categories;
  • Share links to your favorite descriptions in messengers and social networks;
  • Send images you would like to see in your email to project volunteers.
    Be My Eyes -
    Vision for rent.

    Sight is rented.
    Volunteers are registered, at one moment one blind person turns to one of the sighted volunteers.
    A blind person shows a picture or a broadcast of what is around, and a sighted person describes what he sees.
    So he lends Eyes or becomes the eyes of another person.

    Encyclopedia of drugs
    Database for specialists and patients describing medicines, food additives, vaccines, homeopathic remedies on the market.

    Database for specialists and patients describing medicines, food additives, vaccines, homeopathic remedies in the market Russia (search by name, pharmacological group, indications for Application).

    Russian Medical Journal.

    An independent publication for practitioners, more than 50,000 doctors in total.
    Published since 1995.


    Postgraduate education of general practitioners.

    The audience of the magazine is general practitioners, narrow specialists, clinical interns and graduate students, senior students of medical institutes.
    Current comprehensive information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases for doctors of all specialties.
    The authors of the articles are the best professionals in their fields. The most read publication among practitioners.
    35 thematic issues per year. It is distributed free of charge among specialists and medical institutions of Russia.

    Registration required.

    Denta Liga
    The first specialized dental portal for prosthetics, restoration and implantation of teeth.

    The first specialized dental portal for prosthetics, restoration and implantation of teeth.

    The site tries to answer questions appearing in a person who is faced with a complete or partial lack of teeth.

    The site has contacts of doctors of the largest cities of Russia.

    From dentists to patients, everything is about diseases of the teeth, gums and oral cavity.

    From dentists to patients, everything is about diseases of the teeth, gums and oral cavity.

    Pretty voluminous portal. Of course, I hardly need all the information, but what I need is there.

    Here all the required areas related to the teeth are affected - treatment, prevention, children's dentistry.A large number of detailed well-illustrated articles.

    Fatsecret -
    Diet or lose weight.

    A website for those who are overweight.
    This is a social service, but rather a club of like-minded people.
    In my opinion, very

    We go, register, indicate growth, weight today and desired.
    Choose a diet And determine your time, but it is better to follow the proposed.
    Choose a diet can be based on ratings, you will help:

    • description of the diet - the author briefly describes for what cases this diet and what contraindications;
    • groups of products that you can consume;
    • recommended meals;
    • Tips - be sure to read, can eat what "pitfalls", help tune.
    Choosing a diet you record in a mini blog.
    Records are attached to your diet and are available to everyone.
    And of course you should definitely keep records of your weight.

    In my opinion, a very necessary social service.
    Now there is so much advertising, how fast and easy to lose weight, just pay.
    Someone would pay, but will work.
    By the fruits of everything is known.
    And then you can see what brings the fruits and for whom and what it will cost.

    Weight and Things -
    Diet or lose weight.

    The site stimulates the desire to lose weight.
    We inject our weight in kg and we are given out - how many of us are in parrots ... well, or in muffins, or if we were a kangaroo, but with our weight, what growth should be mom.

    That is, information is picked up, which should push us away from excess food, which we are crammed with nothing to do.

    Write an online doctor.

    All psychologists.
    To be honest, I have no idea where to look for a psychologist and how to write to him.
    This site helps to solve such a problem.
    You can choose, sign up, consult via Skype.

    In addition, you will find tests, tips, trainings, books ...

    How to quit smoking.

    The purpose of the site is to help quit smoking.
    Here you can download the most popular book on this topic for free - Alain carr. An easy way to quit smoking.
    You can put a counter on your website or blog counter how many days you are without cigarettes.
    Besides the book itself, there is video, online psychologist, other books.

    Diet or lose weight.

    Online diet and glucose compensation system. In fact, this is a diary for those who are dieting to lose weight. Here you do not need to spend time for hours, it's enough to open it for 10 minutes a day and you will completely control the ongoing processes.

    • a calorie calculator,
    • a calorie consumption calculator,
    • you can compose your diet,
    • information about food, nutrients, vitamins, etc.
    Alternative to medicine
    Health and beauty without drugs.

    Blogger Svetlana has a medical and psychological education, and therefore writes about health.

    The format of the blog allows not only to read, but also to seek advice.

    Among the shortcomings - the material is not structured. The very same material is quite good and reasoned.

    Dental care for everyone.
    Dental portal.
    Dental Club
    Dental portal.
    Online magazine for moms.

    Site for moms:

    1. children's planning,
    2. pregnancy
    3. childbirth,
    4. newborns,
    5. material for children (coloring, fables, counting ...).
    Doctor's consultation online.

    Doctor's consultation online.

    • о здоровье взрослых и детей, беременности и о домашних животных,
    • также консультируют психологи,
    • по видеосвязи, аудиосвязи или в чате,
    • расшифровать результаты анализов крови и других исследований.
    Обычная консультация врача стоит 499 рублей и длится полчаса. Экспресс-консультации с терапевтами, педиатрами, гинекологами и ветеринарами стоят 99 рублей.


    • «Женское здоровье» — для ведения беременности, вопросов гинекологии и планирования семьи;
    • «Детское здоровье» — для родителей;
    • «Безлимитные консультации» — для тех, кто внимательно следит за здоровьем;
    • «Здоровый питомец» — для владельцев животных.
    Стоимость подписок «Женское здоровье», «Детское здоровье» и «Здоровый питомец» — 999 рублей, а «Безлимитных консультаций» — 1999 рублей.

    Режим работы специалистов (по московскому времени)

    • Педиатр и терапевт — круглосуточно.
    • Гинеколог — с 8:00 до 01:00.
    • Аллерголог-иммунолог - с 11:00 до 21:00
    • Невролог, дерматолог, венеролог, гастроэнтеролог, уролог, косметолог, ветеринар — с 8:00 до полуночи.
    Доступны статьи о здоровье.
    CalorieKing -
    Find information about nutrition on various foods.

    Find information about nutrition on various foods.

    7 Cups of Tea -
    Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression.

    Club lovers cottages.

    What do we expect from the garden site?
    Articles on relevant topics. We want advice.

    This site offers such articles. But what to do if the articles did not answer all the questions?

    Then you can ask a question or participate in the discussion.


    Today, a lot of things sold for the garden.
    There are questions: what is worth buying, is there any sense, did anyone use it?
    Here they recruit a group of people and they test similar products to compare.
    You can participate or find out the result.
    Zakhar Zhuravlev's blog. Home treatment.

    Zakhar Zhuravlev's blog. Home treatment.

    Zakhar is Orthodox and shares the experience of using herbs and folk remedies in food.

    Here information and how to collect and store herbs. How to make broths, what to do with a toothache that will help the h

    Medical portal.

    Medical portal.

    The site will help to learn more about the causes, symptoms, methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of many diseases.

    The goal is not to self-medicate, but take care of your own health and not dismiss the problems that have arisen or postpone their decision “for later”.

    Early treatment is a guarantee of success and full recovery, even with the most severe ailments.

    From useful introductory articles you can learn a lot of information about children's, men's and women's health, about how the physical condition of all organs affects the appearance, performance, intellectual talents of a person and his psychological mood.

    Information materials will help you find answers to many questions from different areas of medicine, as well as tell you about the need and nature of various surveys and analyzes.

    FitDay -
    Diet or lose weight.

    FitDay allows you to track you diet and weight loss through your journal.
    A personal nutritionist and free articles about nutrition and weight loss on the site.

    Institute of Nuclear Safety RAS
    Nuclear safety.

    The Institute for Nuclear Power Development of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    The official site of Rosatom.
    The map shows the readings of sensors in the area of ​​Russia's nuclear power plants.
    They say that the data is output to the site automatically, without the participation of people. And so we see the real situation.

    Medications in Russia.

    Medical portal containing information not only about drugs, but also about diseases, health, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics and much more.

    For registered users there is a section for specialists.

    Krug dobra
    Providing children with expensive medications.

    Providing children with expensive medications.

    There are cases when people raise money for an expensive operation. Some do it themselves, some through charitable organizations.
    It is hard, but it is possible, because an operation is needed only once.

    But there are cases when a person regularly needs expensive medicine.
    We are not talking about just expensive drugs, which you can get for free through medical institutions.
    There are drugs that cost a million or more.
    It's simply not realistic to raise the money.

    In such cases, the state has decided to help.
    You need to apply through this site.
    Consultations online across the entire spectrum of health issues; psychological counseling.

    A popular website about medicine.
    Consultations online on the whole range of medical issues; Psychological counseling.

    Encyclopedia of medicinal plants
    Detailed catalog and articles about traditional medicine.

    Detailed catalog and articles about traditional medicine.
    The catalog has a rather detailed and detailed description, including

    1. number of Kcal per 100 g,
    2. table - nutritional value, vitamins, micro and macro elements;
    3. amino acids, fatty acids;
    4. use;
    5. possible harm;
    6. for women, for men.
    7. There are videos.
    In general, after reading the article we will be as prepared as possible.

    Personally, I like this kind of information, there are no emotions here, the conviction of the author, I myself make a decision.

    Health Forums - reviews the work of private clinics.

    Medical forums - feedback on the work of private clinics.

    The site will help you determine the clinic depending on the specialist and customer feedback.

    Blood donors: search, crocheting, recommendations, contraindications, blood donation points, communication through social networks.

    This is essentially a site where volunteers can help others by donating blood and needing blood can find a donor.

    Help heart
    Information portal on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

    Information portal on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. -
    Planning your meals better.

    Planning your meals better.

    Crowdmap -
    Nuclear safety.

    An open source project to create a network for monitoring radiation meter readings. So far, the results there are not as noticeable as on other projects, but the availability of the source code makes it possible to use their developments.
    Heal yourself.

    Heal yourself.

    It looks like this site is about what you can not do. You can not self-medicate.
    But not quite.
    You can not take pills that can not be taken without the advice of a doctor.
    But folk remedies will not bring harm.

    However, it is better not to heal, but try to eat right from the start.
    The site has it all:

    • Diseases and treatments
    • Folk remedies
    • Proper nutrition
    • Diet and weight loss
    • Beauty and Health
    Treatment of folk remedies
    Folk remedies for health and beauty, especially herbs.

    Folk remedies for health and beauty, especially herbs.

    This is a base of herbs.

    You can search by

    1. herbs and see what the benefits may be from them in any application.
    2. diseases - choose the disease, read the description and treatment recommendations,
    3. classification of diseases - eyes, throat, infection, women, joints ...
    There is a search if we do not know where to look.

    In general, the base is very decent and well organized.

    Home medicine from A to Z.

    Home medicine from A to Z.

    Great site about home medicine.
    I especially like the fact that the site is well illustrated.
    In many cases, it is better to visually see than read the detailed description.

    First of all, this site is informational, it gives answers to many questions, for example, which doctors are and what they do (we all know who the dentist is, but not everyone knows who the hematologist is, etc.), drugs, diseases ...

    Detailed articles, reading is not boring, it is understandable for an unprepared user.

    The site helps to recognize the disease and prompt treatment.

    The portal is about proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and getting rid of addictions.

    Portal of the Ministry of Health about the program for the formation of a healthy lifestyle.'

    A large amount of material, conveniently and reasonably constructed navigation: we throw to drink and smoke, advice, only the truth, without a gym, instead of a gymnasium,, Lifestyle, stress, excess weight, heart and blood vessels ...

    The site has an advanced system of commenting and messaging, authorization for OpenID and feedback forms for conversation with specialists.

    All information about diseases, symptoms, medications and dietary supplements.

    All information about diseases, symptoms, medications and dietary supplements.

    How it works

    1. On the first page of the site a person is drawn
    2. choose a man or a woman
    3. click on the authority, or you can select by list,
    4. choose symptoms
    5. we get the diagnosis and recommendations.
    It is important to know that this is all approximate. Accurately can be determined with vivid symptoms.
    Understandably, if you are recommended to eat strawberries or not to eat something. Everything is normal here.

    But here the real medicine should be taken only on prescription.

    Healthy vessels, treatment and prevention.

    Healthy vessels, treatment and prevention.

    Site about vessels, well, almost only about vessels.
    I guess someone will need this. Attendance is very high.

    Personally, I am a complete zero in medicine. And because I especially like it when they explain this topic to me clearly, with good pictures.

    This is such a site, useful.

    How to stop drinking -
    How to stop drinking.

    Blog to help those who stop drinking.
    You can also download books.

    Dental treatment at home and oral hygiene.

    The site is dedicated to the treatment of teeth and maintaining their health. Everything that you wanted to learn about modern dental methods and ways to eliminate all kinds of defects can be found here.

    Useful articles are written by practicing professionals.

    Question to the doctor

    You can ask a question to a doctor or read questions that have already been asked.
    Children's age
    Online magazine about children's health, development, psychology, education and training of children.


    Pill in trip -
    Search for equivalents and analogues of drugs in foreign countries to travelers, expats and tourists.

    Search for equivalents and analogues of drugs in foreign countries to travelers, expats and tourists.

    There are complete analogues of drugs, they are simply called differently, but somewhere there are no complete analogues, just a similar medicine that

    The service allows you to find out the price of the right drug and see what pharmacies it is now selling.

    In our time to get the necessary medicine is not difficult. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pharmacies give us this opportunity day and night. But there was another problem: the cost of medicines with each day grows and can vary greatly in different pharmacies. The service allows you to find out the price of the right drug and see what pharmacies it is now selling.

    Drug search in pharmacies in Russian cities will save time and money when buying a medicine.

    1. Choose your city,
    2. enter the name of the drug,
    3. click find.
    On the site you can find out about the availability, price and location of the pharmacy in which you sell the necessary medicine in the cities of the Yekaterinburg region, but on the widget: Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk, etc. The list will be replenished.

    And if we forgot the exact name of the drug - it does not matter. It is necessary to enter only the first three letters, and you will see a tip with a list of medicines, among which yours will necessarily be.
    Information is provided by the Centers for Pharmaceutical Information of Russian Cities, therefore it is reliable and most urgent.
    The service will help you find medicines From flu, pressure, headache, or allergies at the lowest price and at the nearest pharmacy. Be well!

    Vse Apteki
    A quick way to find and book the right drugs and other pharmacy products at low prices.

    A quick way to find and book the right drugs and other pharmacy products at low prices.
    We work only with pharmacy chains and services such as Rigla, Pharmacy.Ru, "ZdravCity", "ASNA", "36.6", "Doctor Stoletov", "Gorzdrav", "Samson-Pharma", "Zhivika", "Norma", "A5", "Planet of Health", "IFK", "Old Physician", "Lakes", "Dimpharm", "Be healthy" and ...

    All data on the availability and cost of goods in pharmacies have been received in real time, but to fix the order you need to complete the registration.

    However, the implementation of the idea is still raw, you can just read the feedback to the Android app.


    Pharmacy online.
    Medicines are very expensive and the difference in price can be quite noticeable, especially when you have to count money.
    So we can always go to the pharmacy, ask the price and then see what prices are here, then make a choice.

    You can not order medicines for the house under the laws of the Russian Federation.
    On the site you can:

    1. order medicines,
    2. choose the delivery point, which is huge in the country,
    3. get at the selected delivery point and pay if you arranged an order.
    The site has a feedback, free phone.
    Online pharmacy
    Online pharmacy in Moscow.

    Online pharmacy in Moscow.

    A pharmaceutical company where you can buy medicines with free home delivery for a preferential category of citizens or with pick-up at a retail outlet.

    Prices are lower than in a pharmacy, because in Moscow it is very expensive to rent a room for a pharmacy. but you can find an inexpensive place on the outskirts of the warehouse.
    The choice is more because there is more goods in stock than in a small pharmacy.

    The cost of courier delivery in Moscow will be 150 rubles., In the near suburbs - 280 rubles., In the far areas of the Moscow region - 400 rubles. The cost of express delivery is 250 rubles.


    A social geoinformation web service that allows you to determine the availability of drugs in pharmacies, saving money and time.
    It is problematic to get sick in Russia: after receiving a coveted prescription from a doctor, you can wander around in pharmacies for a long time in search of the right drug. Often, people take turns early in the morning to buy it, and before that they have to call or go round all the pharmaceutical institutions in a row. Well, if the city is small, but the metropolitan inhabitant is wasting miles, it's clearly not fun, especially when he is sick.

    Aptekarsk will save him from these torments: just go to the site and enter the name of the desired medicine as a search query. The result will be the display on the map of pharmacies where it is available, and a detailed summary of the prices, available forms of release, manufacturers and even the remaining quantity of the medicine. Sorting and filtering will help in the perception of these data. After identifying with the pharmacy, the user will see her address and phone.

    The service receives data from pharmaceutical databases, which guarantees its relevance. Any pharmacy has the opportunity to connect to the project, having received from this obvious benefit, and not necessarily the metropolitan: in the future, the creators plan to cover other cities.

    Sber eApteka
    Search and delivery of medicines and vitamins.

    Search and delivery of medicines and vitamins.
    More than 70 thousand product names.

    Convenient search for drugs (including by active ingredient), selection of analogues, ordering in a few clicks and fast delivery to home or to the nearest pharmacy.
    Help from pharmacists through the app.


    HealthLine -
    Medical search engine with interesting Web 2.0 capabilities.


    Hotline of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
    Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

    Official website of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

    Here and a bank of documents and public reception, health news.

    The site is very popular, thanks to comprehensive information from an official source.

    Oncology, HIV/AIDS and other diseases hotline
    Psychological support hotline for cancer patients and their families
    Federal addiction and alcohol addiction hotline


    DailyStrength -
    Medical social network of physical and mental health.


    Honey portal
    Russian Medical Center


    Media and Journalism. Trends and economics of world media development.

    Site of free medical consultations.


    ICMM -
    International Committee of Military Medicine.
    IARC -
    International Agency for Research on Cancer.
    ICRC -
    International Committee of the Red Cross.
    EMEA -
    European Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Products.
    IFRC -
    International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
    WHO -
    World Health Organization.


    Greatist -
    Greatist guides to a source of health and happiness. The site professes: a healthy body and mind and gives good advice. Here, sports, diet and beauty are confessed.

    The Greatist directs to a source of health and happiness. The site professes: a healthy body and mind and gives good advice. Here, sport, diet and beauty are confessed.


    Psychological Aid Service
    phone: +__129
    Ambulance service
    phone: +__103

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