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My Fitness Pal

Lose weight the healthy way - free website and mobile apps that make calorie counting and food tracking easy.

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tel.: +7 (985) 420-70-00


This is essentially a site where volunteers can help others by donating blood and needing blood can find a donor.

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A social geoinformation web service that allows you to determine the availability of drugs in pharmacies, saving money and time.
It is problematic to get sick in Russia: after receiving a coveted prescription from a doctor, you can wander around in pharmacies for a long time in search of the right drug. Often, people take turns early in the morning to buy it, and before that they have to call or go round all the pharmaceutical institutions in a row. Well, if the city is small, but the metropolitan inhabitant is wasting miles, it's clearly not fun, especially when he is sick.

Aptekarsk will save him from these torments: just go to the site and enter the name of the desired medicine as a search query. The result will be the display on the map of pharmacies where it is available, and a detailed summary of the prices, available forms of release, manufacturers and even the remaining quantity of the medicine. Sorting and filtering will help in the perception of these data. After identifying with the pharmacy, the user will see her address and phone.

The service receives data from pharmaceutical databases, which guarantees its relevance. Any pharmacy has the opportunity to connect to the project, having received from this obvious benefit, and not necessarily the metropolitan: in the future, the creators plan to cover other cities.

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In our time to get the necessary medicine is not difficult. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pharmacies give us this opportunity day and night. But there was another problem: the cost of medicines with each day grows and can vary greatly in different pharmacies. The service allows you to find out the price of the right drug and see what pharmacies it is now selling.

Drug search in pharmacies in Russian cities will save time and money when buying a medicine.

  1. Choose your city,
  2. enter the name of the drug,
  3. click find.
On the site you can find out about the availability, price and location of the pharmacy in which you sell the necessary medicine in the cities of the Yekaterinburg region, but on the widget: Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk, etc. The list will be replenished.

And if we forgot the exact name of the drug - it does not matter. It is necessary to enter only the first three letters, and you will see a tip with a list of medicines, among which yours will necessarily be.
Information is provided by the Centers for Pharmaceutical Information of Russian Cities, therefore it is reliable and most urgent.
The service will help you find medicines From flu, pressure, headache, or allergies at the lowest price and at the nearest pharmacy. Be well!

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reliable site.

tel.: +7 (800) 100-10-69


Pharmacy online.
Medicines are very expensive and the difference in price can be quite noticeable, especially when you have to count money.
So we can always go to the pharmacy, ask the price and then see what prices are here, then make a choice.

You can not order medicines for the house under the laws of the Russian Federation.
On the site you can:

  1. order medicines,
  2. choose the delivery point, which is huge in the country,
  3. get at the selected delivery point and pay if you arranged an order.
The site has a feedback, free phone.

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The automatic meal planner

Create meal plans to achieve our nutritional goals.
Let's say you would like to sit on a certain diet, but you are not suitable for one thing or another, based on your work, lifestyle ...
On this site you can adjust the diet to your requirements, your conditions and features .

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