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The Big Picture

Stories and news in pictures.

logo News of space, astronomy and cosmonautics




News of space, astronomy and cosmonautics

The best news site on space themes.
On the site of the news feed, you can see and learn details about the current position and phase of the moon.
In addition to the news and archive of news on the site, articles, videos and photos are presented. Not very much, but this is related information, the main thing for what to come in here is news about space.

Russian - English

tel.: +7(800) 100-01-01


The goal of the project is to better forecast, address and respond to disinformation from Russia.

The ‘EU versus Disinformation’ campaign is run by the European External Action Service East Stratcom Task Force.

The team was set up after the EU Heads of State and Government stressed the need to challenge Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns in March 2015.

We must not forget that the West does not aim to provide the public with truthful information, but the right and in the correct form. I honestly got stories about Ukraine, but Russian living in Europe got their stories about the Olympics in Sochi. Each is good in own eyes and everyone is pulling a blanket over. Putin is doing a lot of things wrong. But he does nothing, no matter what the West does. He plays according to their rules of the game.

logo Yandex.Mediana



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.


Monitoring media and sites.

Track any names of your own: companies, people, brands and so on.
Thousands of media are monitoring domestic and Western media. Next on the monitoring of social networks.
Not only fixes mentions, but also evaluates their character through a clever algorithm.

UCreative Network


Creative ideas from different sources - from designers and artists who form the very things that we use, and see photographers who capture and change the real world through their lenses, to entrepreneurs who remelt our life into their vision, psychologists who help us Understand our creative minds - and ...

logo Visual News


Visual News

The visual news is an outlet from Internet over the super-hyperbolized space, crowded with the self-assured stupid chatter of the online media.
There are no screams, jerking, no endless inappropriate 'Internet in shock'.

Here is created and published exciting visual content, clean and simple, which means more for life behind the screen, in the real world.
It's a quiet corner stand in a crowded diner and a slice of cherry pie.
Take a seat.

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