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What is a link exchange?

This is the purchase and sale of links. For example, I want to quickly unleash my site by raising it TCI. To do this, you need to have a link to your site on other sites. You can buy links through this service that appear on other sites and your TCI will rise. Links on muzzles (main pages) more affect your TCI, also if you have a link to the site with a large TCI, then it is more powerful. Agree, there is a difference, if you put a link to Vasya on his barely visited site or if it will be to the site Russian Safepaper. It's like writing about you in a newspaper.


If you have a serious project, then you need to buy links to "muzzles" and from sites with large TCI.

If your project is nothing special and you just want to spice it up, you can buy links from inexpensive sites from internal pages.
For example, I have to the site refer to the muzzle is $6 per month, and the link from the page of the 3rd level is $0.06.


Also you can and earn selling links on your website. For example, one time I earned somewhere around $1 a day on contextual advertising Goodle AdSense, on Yandex.Direct and a little More than a dollar on the sale of Sape links.

What's the difference?

Google and Yandex place on my site a block of contextual advertising - for 5 sites. And he should stand in a favorable place of a site, differently you will not earn. Sape is at the very bottom of the page, just text and link. But Sape does not stand on every page and I set up that there are not more than 5 links on the page (otherwise there may be problems with Yandex and Google, banned). Result, in contrast to contextual advertising, my site is not cluttered and earnings are more. But minus, you really sell your TCI, because it's not forever. Contextual advertising does not eat TCI.

System All websites Websites TCI from 10 Percent with TCI from 10 Share in% of total Share in% with TCI from 10
Sape 45 370 30 740 67.8 34.5 36.3
MainLink 16 287 8 038 49.4 12.4 9.5
Clx 5 601 4 800 85.7 4.3 5.7
prospero 4 460 4 080 91.5 3.4 4.8
Xap (?) 14 805 8 000 54.0 11.3 9.5
Setlinks (?) 6 772 3 145 46.4 5.2 3.7
adtime 3 299 3 031 91.9 2.5 3.6
fatlinks 3 151 3 151 100 2.4 3.7
mlinks 2 628 1 321 50.3 2 1.6
g-links 1 147 683 59.5 0.9 0.8
Seolink (?) 712 275 38.6 0.5 0.3
Promotex (?) 435 276 63.4 0.3 0.3
adman 493 217 44.0 0.4 0.3
Spacelinks 635 185 29.1 0.5 0.2
Others (20%) 26 167 16 885 64.5 19.9 19.9
Total 131 962 84 827 64.3 100.5 100.2

The best reference exchanges

There are a lot of them, but most of them are very small. We offer you only the largest, chose 10. Then removed the unreliable. Well, judge, reviews about Har: - cheating as the main part of the attitude towards clients, has established itself as a highly dishonorable service ... logo Sape


The leading system for buying links from the main and internal pages of sites.
The most unattractive and profitable advertising on the site, if it's reasonable.

The minimum amount of payments is $10.
Low Commission: only 10% for participating in the system.
The value of your site and the opportunity to earn depends not on attendance, but on cIC and PR.
Prices are exhibited by the participant himself, the more expensively you expose, the less you sell.
Payment is not made for attendance or for clicks, but fixed per month for the presence on the page.
You are completely in control ruete links placed on your site.


  1. At first I thought that it's better to put a little below average, then you will have more links, so you can earn more quickly. So it was at first, but then I quickly flew TIC, and as a consequence, and my earnings. Therefore, I advise you not to chase for quick earnings and put prices not lower than the average.
    I recommend putting the price of a time in 2-3 above average, then there will be significantly fewer links and only slightly less earnings. But the TCI at the same time to be preserved.
  2. Set on the page no more than 5 links, then there will be no problems with Yandex.
  3. Since payment is made not for clicks, but for the presence on the site, it is better to put the link at the very bottom of the page, so as not to spoil the design of the site. You sell the presence of links on your site, and do not advertise.
My friend Yandex banned 30 websites at once. Therefore I recommend following my recommendations. If you make a site-ass, only to earn money on Sape, Yandex will calculate, and at the same time can ban and other your sites that will be nearby.

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Absolutely simple code editor. There are a small number of functions (useful for CSS, HTML and Vbscript), but this is ideal for quickly creating dirty code.



Payments in ЮMoney.

​​A reference broker who has shown himself to be a reliable partner, choice of opportunities. The affiliate program is from 5 to 10 percent. I tried to use. Put prices much lower than the sape, but received very few proposals. I had to refuse.

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