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Russian sites about advertising

  1. - - Russian business portal Alliance Media.
  2. - ACNielsen - World leader in the field of marketing research, information and analysis in the retail trade, services and consumer goods.
  3. - All about advertising in Russia - Information site.
  4. - - Russian Association for Public Relations. It has been in operation since 1991. It unites several dozens of profile companies and organizations.
  5. - - Advertising ideas -YES !: a professional magazine about advertising and marketing.
  6. - - Russian advertising portal.
  7. - - Internet version of the magazine (kak) - the best Russian edition of graphic design.
  8. - - Marketer.
  9. - - The best website for marketing in the territory of the former USSR.
  10. - - The initial theory of marketing, terms, the dictionary of marketing.
  11. - - The site 'advertology.' The science of advertising '- this is the news of the world of advertising, a collection of links, the schedule of exhibitions, the official information of professional advertising associations, communication with colleagues.
  12. - - Develop your business. Internet shops about e-commerce.
  13. - - Reference system TextArt. This system is an attempt to collect as much information as possible on topics: a slogan and a title.
  14. - - Network library of video works. Here you can get acquainted with the work of leading Russian directors and cameramen working in advertising. The site has a lot of commercials in decent quality.

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