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The ratio of the site visitor to advertising

    Russian-language sites about advertising

    • - Russian business portal Alliance Media.
    • - ACNielsen World leader in the field of marketing research, information and analysis in the retail trade, services and consumer goods.
    • - All about advertising in Russia Information site.
    • - Russian Association for Public Relations. It has been in operation since 1991. It unites several dozens of profile companies and organizations.
    • - Advertising ideas -YES !: a professional magazine about advertising and marketing.
    • - Russian advertising portal.
    • - Internet version of the magazine (kak) - the best Russian edition of graphic design.
    • - Marketer.
    • - The best website for marketing in the territory of the former USSR.
    • - The initial theory of marketing, terms, the dictionary of marketing.
    • - The site 'advertology.' The science of advertising '- this is the news of the world of advertising, a collection of links, the schedule of exhibitions, the official information of professional advertising associations, communication with colleagues.
    • - Develop your business. Internet shops about e-commerce.
    • - Reference system TextArt. This system is an attempt to collect as much information as possible on topics: a slogan and a title.
    • - Network library of video works. Here you can get acquainted with the work of leading Russian directors and cameramen working in advertising. The site has a lot of commercials in decent quality.

      Foreign-language sites about advertising

      • - Steve Conley Collection of advertising, made in the genre of comics. Author Steve Conley (Steve Conley) - quite a well-known creator for newspapers and news content.
      • - IAA Official website of the International Advertising Association.
      • - Gallup Organization One of the world's largest consulting firms specializing in marketing research, public opinion and consumer behavior.
      • - Something charming, a huge website by Jeffrey Zeldman, who both Leonardo advertising is both a copywriter, designer and webmaster. There are, in particular, Ad Gravyard - laid out work, not accepted by customers Web design tips, news.
      • - BBDO Worldwide Network is one of the world's largest network agencies with offices in 122 cities in 74 countries. In the Russian market, BBDO Moscow Group ranks second in terms of turnover, according to the Advertising Age magazine for 1999.
      • - Media agency Carat is represented in 37 countries of the world, the annual turnover of the agency is more than 10 billion dollars.
      • - Copywriter Randolph Rench Explains what a good copywriter is different from bad.
      • - TBWA The original site of the network advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day and its affiliates in Los Angeles, USA.
      • - News from marketing professionals.
      • - Leo Burnett One of the largest international advertising networks with an annual turnover of about $8 billion, which has 94 offices in 83 countries.
      • - Official site 'Nights devourers of advertising.'
      • - The database includes 5000 American and European advertising agencies.
      • - Interbrand The company Interbrand is known to us more on its annual report on the cost of international brands.
      • - The electronic 'twin' of a large-circulation American magazine on advertising and marketing - Advertising Week.
      • - Got Milk? Site dedicated to the most famous advertising campaign Got Milk? ('Do you have milk?' Or 'Drank milk?').
      • - This is a resource dedicated to the use of sex, drugs and other obscenities in advertising.
      • - The Guardian The resource section of one of the most popular newspapers in the UK.
      • - Public Service Advertising Research Center The site is dedicated to social advertising. The site contains articles on planning campaigns in various media: outdoor, radio, television, and the press.
      • - European Alliance for Standards in Advertising.
      • - Lürzer's Archive A huge archive of advertising, where you can search for all advertising by year and by brand.
      • - OAA Among the members of the British Outdoor Advertising Association are such giants as Clear Channel, JC Decaux and Maiden Outdoor.
      • - AdNews The site of the Australian edition of Adnews. A lot of interesting information, news.
      • - Virtual marketing library.

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              Partnership programs

              • - Travelpayouts Revenue from the sale of air tickets, hotels and other tourist services.

              Contextual advertising

                Banner advertising

                • - Rotaban Banner advertising.

                Brand advertising


                    Exchange links


                      • - Mestkom Advertising campaign.
                      • - MaxTarget New earnings on advertising.



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