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Site as an advertising platform

Web design: recommendations to the customer

Speaking of advertising on the Internet - the best advertising platform - your site

  • Creating an image of the company,
  • Attracting new customers,
  • Information support,
  • Direct sales through the Internet,
  • Entering new markets.
For example, my friends in the west have done their company's website and only after that went ahead. They build houses. It is much easier to sell a house through the Internet. Imagine that you need to move to another city and you need to buy a house there. You go to the Internet and ask in the search engine "a house for sale in this city." It's much more convenient. And imagine that you sell houses and you do not have a website, then you, as it were, do not exist.

Supplement to advertising in the media

How much you can give information about yourself in an advertisement in the media? Little bit, if you and buy a large site, then no one will read. But you can make a good stylish advertising, creating an image and specify the address of your site, someone and yes will go. And who will go, what he honors and sees more.

Let a few come, but it's better than if nobody comes.

What should we not forget?

  1. Business Cards - almost 100% of those to whom you give your business card, will visit your site (well, if it is listed there).
  2. Advertising in the media - when you submit advertising in the media, on billboards (if you submit), do not forget to specify the address.
  3. Add your URL to the document header, to the company envelope ...
  4. Signature to e-mail messages.
  5. Inform by e-mail about the appearance of your website of all of your address book.
  6. Register your site in the main search engines and the Internet directories.
  7. Register your site in the regional and thematic directories of Internet.

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