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Partnership programs

Black list of affiliate programs

Affiliate programs - a convenient means of additional earnings.
The principle is simple - you bring a client and get a percentage of the purchase.
You can use a banner for this, create your banner, just put a link in the text, where it fits in the meaning. It is important that your indexer be. That is, it is necessary that your partner learn that the buyer came from your site.



There are a lot of affiliate programs, which ones to choose?

First of all, those who pay, but do not promise. So, check to see if they are ugly with someone before you. Luckily, the Internet allows you to do this. Type in the search engine something like "the name of the site of the affiliate program" + "black list" or something else. Visit sites that lead blacklists.

In most cases, the sites are not "bad" or "good", but "suitable" for you or not. For example, there are honest good partners, but you are not enough that you can sell what benefits it is to participate in such a program.

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We tried to put several forms and so on.
Result after six months - 0 rub.
In fact, money is paid only to those who actively push the product or business partner, bringing the main income, the rest ignore.

Imagine you are starting a store and expecting it to make a profit - absurd. You need to ensure the delivery of goods, become behind the counter or hire a seller, otherwise it will not bring you anything. The same and affiliate programs, if you do not seriously push the product of a partner, it's unlikely that you will earn something. In time, remember about the collapse of dotcoms and do not step on the same rake. logo Travelpayouts


Affiliate program for the sale of air tickets, hotels, car rental, insurance, transfers and other tourist services.

You are offered tools for sale.

Your task is to promote your website and find buyers.

Payments through: WebMoney, Ya.Dengi, Epayments, the settlement account of the Russian legal entity, SWIFT or Paypal.

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