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A great alternative to spam.
If spam is filtered, deleted without reading and a negligible percentage is read. The newsletter is readable.
If you are not satisfied with the newsletter, you can safely unsubscribe, that is, your address is protected, it does not remain with the author of the newsletters.
Thus, you are looking for your newsletter, the author is looking for his audience.
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Start a newsletter

A good newsletter is a good advertisement and an alternative to ridiculous spam.

Why make a newsletter?

  • We already talked about spam - intrusive advertising. The purpose of spam is advertising. Newsletter reaches this goal much more effectively. The vast majority of spam is filtered and even does not reach the addressee, some of the addresses are obsolete, and what comes to it is mostly not readable. The newsletter is read all.
  • Promotion of a new promising site.
Where do I create a newsletter?

You can create your own mailing list yourself, there are simple scripts that are easy to put on any site.
But it makes sense to use the leading mailing servers: because this is a very visited project and through this site you can attract yourself Subscribers and visitors. But it's absurd to attract visitors to your site through your website.

How do I do this?

First, we prepare several issues, this is necessary for a number of reasons.
  1. First, it is more convenient for you because you will have a reserve and will not hang over the next issue, there will be a regularity of outputs without failures, which creates a pleasant impression.
  2. Secondly, you will be asked several issues to translate from formal subscriptions (only those you will tell about it will be known about it) to official ones (you will be entered into the catalog).

Best and the largest mailing list service, the support service quickly answers.

  1. you come in, immediately register and you can start sending,
  2. Apply for a silver mailing, for this, send out several numbers.
  3. After a few days, you will be in the directory.
  4. and then in a day or two you will have a rapid increase in attendance, which will not last long, then there will be a small stable increase.
The subscription raises the attendance of the site during the first week almost twice, but it depends on the initial attendance and popularity of the site. Promotion is needed for new projects.

Merge mailings

To simplify the management of newsletters on 3 leading services, use the service from ZAZase! and You do not have to run 3 parallel mailings separately.

What is surprising, though and are leaders, but they contribute to the maintenance of mailing on 3 servers. on the contrary, considers this a violation of the rules, saying that we do not have the right to pass on our login and password to third parties. But is not it my freedom?

In addition, the service of Zaraz from allows you to integrate the distribution of newsletters with blogs on and That is, you can create blogs and they will automatically appear the announcement of your newsletters.


The effectiveness of a quality, decent mailing is several times higher than the formal one. If this works, it's worthwhile to work hard.

In case of a favorable coincidence, your site will see up to 100 thousand subscribers of newsletters.


  1. - Hello Bar - Get more email subscribers.

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