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Easy finance
Financial Accounting.

Personal finance management system. The service will help you to take control of your personal finances, allow you to make the right decisions on managing personal finances, plan your incomes and expenses in advance, and enter information about them from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Convenience and reliability of the service is confirmed by the fact that he was exhibited at the exhibition "Internet-2009", held in the framework of the conference RIW-2009 (Russian Internet Week). A distinctive feature of the service is that personal finance can be assessed without prior registration in the system. Any visitor can use the guest account and learn all the features of the service, which are quite a lot: accounting and planning of income and expenses, keeping accounts in different types of currencies, Synchronization of currency rates, visual demonstration of reports in the form of diagrams, etc.

To ensure the security of user data, the system supports SSL and when creating an account is not required from the user Lei indicate any personal information other than an email address.

The Simple Dollar -
Personal financial advice.

Personal financial advice.

The project is implemented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in conjunction with the World Bank.

The project "Assistance in raising the level of financial literacy of the population and the development of financial education in the Russian Federation" is implemented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in conjunction with the World Bank. The goal of the project is to increase the financial literacy of Russian citizens, promote the formation of reasonable financial behavior, responsible attitude to personal finance, increasing the effectiveness of protecting their interests as consumers of financial services.

The project is implemented when Interaction of a Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor), the Central Bank of Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, other agencies and organizations.

Vesti Finance
Analytical materials VGTRK.

The project of the TV channel "Russia 24". The latest news from the world of finance, a detailed analysis of current events, exclusive interviews with top officials of the largest financial structures.

News, video, infographics - events of the new week: details, facts, opinions.
Markets: Russian market map, instrument comparison, stock market indices, stocks, bonds, currencies and metals.
Calendar of macroeconomic events.
Live TV channel Russia

Mint Bills -
We run your budget.

We conduct our budget.

Profitable loans or deposits, financial news of Russia.

Profitable loans or deposits, financial news of Russia.A financial service with structured up-to-date information on most banks and their products throughout Russia, which allows you to make an informed choice to our multi-million users.

Banks Today
Financial portal.

Independent financial portal: articles, news, services ...

Information on current issues: how to choose and apply for a loan, what contribution brings greater income, in which bank you can get a mortgage or car loan, why do we need credit brokers and how to earn a trader.

Professional electronic publication for bookkeepers.

Professional electronic publication for bookkeepers, chief bookkeepers and financial directors of Russian enterprises, auditors, small business representatives, lawyers specializing in tax legislation.

Post of Russia - online insurance
Insurance policy of OSAGO, Casco, Green Card, Travel Insurance online.

Insurance policy of OSAGO, Casco, Green Card, Travel Insurance online.
On the site you can calculate the policy of OSAGO, etc. from 12 leading insurance companies and issue, if satisfied. As a result, we will receive an Electronic Policy.

The advantages of this site are reliability. It is clear that the Russian Post will close.

Slimvoice -
Incredibly simple account.

Not sure
Free service search for the most beneficial insurance.

Free of charge search for the most profitable insurance.
CASCO, OSAGO and much more.

How it works

  • Here you can find all offers on CASCO, OSAGO and other types of insurance,
  • filling out the questionnaire, you will immediately get insurance options and choose the best ones yourself,
  • the service is completely free,
  • unlike many, here do not try to persuade you to buy that insurance, Which will bring the IM the maximum income,
  • before buying a policy, you do not have to fill out long forms, because the service itself before You need the necessary information in the insurance company (except for your contacts).

Buy Me A Coffee -
Tips online.

Tips online.

The name speaks for itself - buy me a cup of coffee. It is clear that the money will not necessarily go to coffee. It turns out, we have a tip.

Let's say someone makes a free website and no ads. As a rule, this is not the main site and lies on the same hosting as the main one. It turns out for users as a bonus.

And you liked the site and you want to thank the author. This site provides such an opportunity.

How it works

  1. Go, choose a cup of coffee = $ 5 (default) or several.
  2. You can choose one-time (default) or monthly.
  3. Introduce ourselves (write the name) and write the text, I mean, for which we are grateful to the author.
We can register and choose the payment method.

GetRichSlowly -
Personal finance tips.

Personal advice on finance.

The most relevant of finance.

All the most relevant about finance: the exchange rate, forecast, news.

Councils for work with the products and the services of banks.

Councils for work with the products and the services of banks.

Introductory information to the consumer of banking products and services.
Before making any decisions on the use of products and services of any bank, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information on the official website of the bank or by calling the toll-free hotline.
Today, almost everyone uses the services of banks.
Many people have chosen Sberbank as their partner for managing personal finances and for business.

The number of products, services, services of Sberbank is constantly increasing and changing.
The site will help you get relevant, understandable instructions for working with bank services, as well as talk about financial products so that you do not miss out on profitable applications and understand all the conditions correctly.
Sbank will help you choose the most suitable credit or credit card in Sberbank from a variety of offers.

If you do not know how to profitably manage your free funds, use the tips on our website and select the most profitable deposit, savings certificates, and you might be interested in metal accounts.
How to use a mobile bank, make transfers via SMS, pay for cellular services, make utility bills, pay loans in other banks - read all of this in our articles.

Mr. Money Mustache -
Financial advice through Badassity.

Financial advice through Badassity.

Russian version of the legendary American magazine about entrepreneurship.

Russian version of the legendary American magazine about entrepreneurship.

The site does not look like the usual sites of magazines. From the usual there is only news. The rest is rather non-standard.

Something like the Ikea store, where you just need to look at everything, because the authors find all the material interesting and important.

Financial Accounting.

Accounting 1C online.
Service paid - 800-1000 rubles. per month. Under it you are allocated a server space up to 2Gb and a sufficient number of databases. The service is paid, with good support:

  1. online chat,
  2. a toll-free number, but you can also order a call back,
  3. Skype,
  4. ICQ.


Simplified taxation
On simplified taxation system

On simplified taxation system.
Site for accountants, primarily about the simplified system: news and well structured information.

This is an online version of the magazine, so the material is updated regularly.

MasterPass -
Now on foreign websites you can pay directly from your wallet - ЮMoney works with MasterPass, the project of an international payment system.

Help for businesses


  1. gather information to help existing Russian entrepreneurs,
  2. answer questions.

Payment order
Financial Accounting.

Simply form the payment order online, fill out and print out. You can remember your data so you do not have to enter it again.

Blogs office staff.

Blogs of office staff.
From pluses it is necessary to notice, that this blog is on a site which are conducted by professionals of the business, actively develop and support.

Invoice to me -
Free account generator.

Services for accounting and business.

Services for accounting and business.

  1. Reporting Accounting, salary and personnel.
  2. Electronic signature.
  3. Counterparty check.
  4. Electronic document flow Trade, online cash registers.
  5. Bidding and purchasing.
  6. Doing business.
  7. Work with GIS Training.
  8. Contour. Extern - Internet reporting system in the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund, the Federal State Statistics Service, the Federal Service for Military Development and the RPNR
  9. Ready-made solution for switching to an online cash desk.
  10. Contour.Click - online store for a couple of clicks, independently, quickly.

Registry, Central Bank of Russia
Register of financial organizations.

Register of financial organizations.
If you are going to deal with some financial organization, you can break through the register.
If it's not on this register, it's a fraud.


Federal Treasury

Zero Reporting. Free of charge. For entrepreneurs without an accountant.

Zero Reporting. Free of charge. For entrepreneurs without an accountant.

Free means there is a minimum rate, free, basic rates are paid.


RBC TV channel
Leading Russian television business subjects.

The leading Russian TV channel of business topics.
It will be interesting not only for specialists. Complicated things are explained by simple language.
The channel raises the themes of economics and business.

Almost every hour it issues news, ordinary news, not economic news.
In one year it was voted the best news channel in Europe.


LearnVest -
Simple planning of your money.

Simple planning of your money. It's about creating a financial planning strategy so that you can help achieve the standard of living that you have identified.

Inc. -
American magazine for small and medium business.

American magazine for small and medium businesses.

The best place to find tips, advice on management, and the secrets of the most successful people in the world.

  • A look at things from a business point of view and in its interests, technologies and practices that can be applied;
  • tips on how to do it right, company ratings;
  • instructions for business;
  • community of fast-growing companies, partner materials;
  • successful business stories.


Rosfinmonitoring -

Ministry of Finance -

The Federal Service for Financial and Budgetary Supervision

Federal Treasury (Federal Service) -


Central Bank of the Russian Federation -
Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


Part of the project income is distributed between the active and interesting authors and communities, encouraging them to create even more high-quality news, interesting articles, photos and videos.

Part of the project's revenues is distributed among active and interesting authors and communities, encouraging them to create even more quality news, interesting articles, photos and videos.

Webtransfer -
Loans and microcredits. You can earn money in giving loans, international network.

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