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VoIP messengers

logo Google Meet

Google Meet

Video communication service, which has been put in a separate service from Google Hangouts.

  • Video conferences up to 100 participants,
  • works via browser and Android app,
  • real-time subtitles,
  • meetings are limited to 60 minutes.

iTunes Android

logo Google Chat

Google Chat

Chat for team communication.

Integration with G Suite and third-party tools.
Meet Bot meetings browse calendars and schedule appointments at a time that's convenient for everyone.

iTunes Android

logo Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Messenger from Facebook, rather than on Facebook, though, and put in a separate application.
First looked that the reason for the launch of the messenger as a separate app due to too heavy weight application Facebook, which is bad for the phone (it's not a full-fledged computer, the application needs to be compact).

In fact, the reason is somewhat different. If social networks were mostly ribbon, becomes today the main chat connection with someone, a group of ...
And after the advent of bots, the popularity of the instant messengers has grown. Because there was a separate site app. But it is still linked to Facebook and all contacts in there.

And often times just need the link and the link is maximally free and fast, why not at least make a separate icon to go to Facebook on the tape to find out how to get into messenger. Just click another icon appeared and we were there.

iTunes Android

logo WhatsApp


Free messaging via the Internet.

In addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited messages, photos, audio and video files up to 2 Gb.
Photos and videos will be stored on your phone, so do not abuse.

iTunes Android

logo Wire

reliable site
English - Russian

address: Switzerland


Secure messenger from Wire Swiss.
Free, no ads, encrypted end-to-end (that is, encrypted me on the phone, and stands for you, nor on the server).
Good sound, video, and group chats.
Built-in YouTube, Vimeo clips, Spotify, SoundCloud tracks.
Group chats with up to 128 participants.

iTunes Android

logo Viber

reliable site
English - Russian

address: Israel


Perhaps the best program for free calls on the phone or computer, excellent sound.

More than 200 million users.
Just set on the phone, enter your number, he sends himself an SMS, and is activated. No usernames, your username is your phone number, it simplifies adding users.
the Program scans your address book and adds to the list of those who have Viber. So you know whom to call.

you can Call not only Viber, but also to regular phones. The cost of calls to mobile and landline phones it is possible to learn here. Just enter the country and obtain information. Website in English, the country entered in English.

iTunes Android huawei

logo Snapchat

reliable site
English - Russian

address: USA


The most popular instant messenger, the number of autorii ahead of Twitter.
We want to share the photo, which then do not go for a walk on the Internet? So that's what we need.

How it works

  1. Make a picture
  2. add picture if you want
  3. added text on the photo if you want
  4. select the TTL in seconds
  5. choose recipient and send.
you Can also send and video.

the Person receives your photo, enjoy the moment of your life and it is removed from its telephone and Internet. It is no more. You may made a face and it's appropriate today, and tomorrow will hurt his career. But it is not.

However people can manage to take a screenshot (will make it very difficult), then the service will inform you and then you can decide whether to share with the person further or not?

But the photo is still stored on the server. But you can see only the last photo, and only once a day.

iTunes Android huawei

logo LINE

reliable site
English - Russian

address: Japan


Japanese messenger messaging, calls and video calls via the Internet.
you Can call and chat from your computer or smartphone.
Supported group chat.
in addition to calls, and there is a chat message, making LINE mobile social network.
There are paid features, games, photo editor other applications.
LINE App used by over 290 million people in 231 countries.

iTunes Android

logo Agent Agent

Displays notifications containing the sender's name, the subject of the message, and the time it was received.

The main advantage is free SMS and integration into the mail.
That is, if you use mail from through the browser, then you do not need to install the Agent, it is already there.
The ability to create a compact address book With phone numbers to easily send regular SMS.
Displays notifications containing the name of the sender, the subject of the message and the time it was received.


  • instant messages;
  • check spelling "on the fly";
  • Free SMS to mobile;
  • voice communication;
  • high quality video calls;
  • calls to phones around the world (paid);
  • multi-user conferences;
  • View photos and videos in the chat window;
  • Alarm clock;
  • You can chat with friends from all social networks and instant messengers (ICQ, Classmates, VK, Facebook, Jabber);
  • Notifications from mail and social networks;
  • music player;
  • microblogging.

iTunes Android

In Russian
logo TamTam


Odnoklassniki social network messenger.

It is not necessary to have an account at Odnoklassniki.

  • Text chat,
  • group chat,
  • voice messages,
  • sharing photos, music, videos,
  • create channels.

iTunes Android huawei

In Russian
logo ICQ

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: VK Group,

address: Russia, Moscow


Of course it is necessary to consider this once the most popular program.
in order to send a message to someone's ICQ address, you have to be and myself on ICQ. And most of our users choose the ICQ service.

in addition to text messaging, ICQ offers:

  • Free SMS from ICQ to mobile phone
  • Free calls from computer to computer (like Skype).
But its review and done, just got one of these (QIP), only without the advertising.

iTunes Android huawei


In Russian
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