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Who called?

eFraudsters Database


Always know who's calling.

Automatically identify phone calls from spammers, telemarketers, unknown and unwanted numbers.

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Detailed information about all landline and mobile numbers in Russia, as well as general information about numbers in other countries of the world.

Phone Scammers

The site collects information about fraud and other offenses carried out by telephone (telephone fraud, spam, threats, harassment, etc.), as well as illegal actions on the Internet (via online stores, ad sites, social networks, etc.). .d.) Each user of the site can leave a complaint to the number without registration using a special form.

Information by Russian number

On each page of the site there is a search form in which you must enter the desired phone number. The site will identify the region of the number, the carrier that serves the number, and other useful information. Local time, which is displayed on the first screen, will help you navigate before calling to another region.

Telephone codes, operators, regions of Russia

The site provides statistical data on communication codes, operators and regions of Russia with the help of tables, maps and charts. Analysis of this data is provided on the relevant pages of the site.

Country Information

The site contains information on the country phone codes presented on the world map. Each country has its own page with details.



Uses: Yandex.Maps.

We determine which region and mobile operator owns the mobile number you are interested in, show visitors' comments, point on the map and call statistics.

It is easy and quick to determine which operator serves the phone number you are interested in, in which region you are registered and serviced.

The database contains information on more than 100 million mobile numbers registered in the Russian Federation.

When determining information about a mobile number, the possibility of transferring a number to a service provider to another service provider is taken into account.



Find out who owns the phone number?

Determine the telephone operator, as well as the region in which the phone number is registered.

The database contains all the ranges of numbers, names of telecom operators and all possible regions to which numbers may belong.



Find out who called from an unknown number.

You are tired of incomprehensible calls and want to find out who called, by phone number. To punch an unknown number through the database, enter it in the empty field and click Search.

From unknown numbers they call: collectors, spammers, telemarketers, fraudsters, compilers of call bases and other muddy personalities. The database compilers check if the number is active. It is necessary to answer them once and will not be left behind.



Helps to find a person by phone number.
You can check any number registered in the Russian Federation, both mobile operators and fixed-line operators, as well as virtual operators.

The service will help you to find out for free in which city or non-residential area the phone number of the subscriber is registered, and also to look at the information on the map

If you need to call an unknown number, check it first.
Protect yourself from expensive long-distance calls.

Russian telephone directory


Find by phone number and find out detailed information.

Online database of phone numbers of organizations and companies throughout Russia, more than 1 million phone numbers, just enter the number and immediately find out who owns the number, the procedure online, does not require SMS and registrations, free phone check.

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