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Allows you to create a discussion (or, in other words, brainstorming) with just one mouse click and without registering. Access to this discussion will be available only to those to whom the author will send a link to it.

logo Skype

Russian - English

Owner: Microsoft,reliable site.

Uses: Skype.


  1. Free calls to all Skype subscribers,
  2. Calls without registrations,
  3. Free video calls between Skype subscribers,
  4. Free instant messaging.
And not only calls, but arranges conferences, that is, to call several Skype users right away.

By the way, free of charge only with Skype on Skype. It's interesting, but what prevents it from being installed :)?
Calls from Skype to the phone will have to be paid, but much cheaper than with a regular phone.

What is needed for this?

Speakers and a microphone or headphones with a microphone. Personally, I did not like the headphones. It's much more convenient to be free during a conversation.
If you want to be seen, there's also a webcam. By the way, the webcam has a built-in microphone.
So, you probably already have the column, you only need to buy a webcam.
Warning. The microphone should be located behind the speakers to make the sound From the speakers did not go into the microphone, otherwise your interlocutor will hear his echo.
If you have a laptop, then you probably already have a webcam and almost certainly have a microphone.


The site is only partially translated into Russian, but the program is Russified.

Skype versions

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux
  4. Windows Mobile
  5. WiFi phones
  6. Cordless phones
  7. Nokia N800/N810
  8. Skype on 3

Calls without registration

Registration gives you advantages, at least address book and history.
But maybe someone did not open an account, and when it's hot, it's too late, you need to call urgently, you can call and then register.
Or you are not at home, you need to call, and you do not remember your password, you can just call without registration once.
  1. Go to
  2. click "Start a conversation" by scrolling down the page.
  3. Enter your name,
  4. click Continue
  5. send a unique link to everyone you need to chat with.
  6. Clicking on the link, other users will be able to join the conversation.


You can talk By Skype using Bluetooth. The computer must be equipped with such an adapter.
Basically, it's almost the same as using a laptop, only you can walk around the apartment. Using the same microphone and speakers, you can walk around the room.

Symbian smartphone

I use the Fring program (more) for voice communication on Skype, ICQ ...

Windows Mobile: smartphone, PDA and PDA

This platform was as if specially created for Skype, provided that your device supports connection to Wi-Fi networks. "Native" software can be downloaded at the official Skype website. Again, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi with an Internet connection for transmission. Also, please note that if there are no questions with "how to talk" with a smartphone and a communicator, in case of a PDA, look where you have "where to listen" and where to "talk."

Wi-Fi with active transmission Ruthless to the battery, and in Windows Mobile it discharges very quickly.

iTunes Android Kindlefire

logo Jabber



official site.


  • Openness - the Jabber protocol is free (from licensing), open, public and, in addition, easy to understand; There are many implementations of servers and clients, as well as open source libraries.
  • Extensibility - Using XML namespaces in XML, you can extend the Jabber protocol to perform the required tasks and to support the interaction between different systems. Common extensions are developed under the control of the Jabber Software Foundation.
  • Decentralization - anyone can launch their own Jabber server, this will allow organizations and individuals to engage in any experiments with IM.
  • Security - any Jabber server can be isolated from the public Jabber network, many of the server implementations use SSL when communicating between the client and the server, and many clients support encryption using PGP/GPG within the protocol.
Jabber will satisfy many needs of individuals and organizations. However, it is important to understand that it is not a panacea for all ills. In particular, Jabber is not:
  • A universal IM client for various IM systems - despite the many Jabber clients for different platforms, they do not provide such capabilities to interact with various IM systems like Trillian or GAIM; The interaction between Jabber and other systems is carried out by gateways located on the server side.
  • 100% problem solving with different systems - some Jabber servers provide the ability to interact with other IM systems through gateways that translate the Jabber protocol into the protocol of these systems; However, Jabber was not focused on providing interoperability with other IM systems, because only the interaction systems themselves depend on the IM systems themselves (what they do not seek, and even vice versa, an interpreter).
  • A unified IM system developed by one company - the community in Jabber is not monolithic; On the contrary, there is a large set of public and private Jabber servers, open source projects, software development companies using the Jabber protocol.

logo Skype online

Russian - English

Owner: Microsoft,reliable site.

Skype online

Skype in browser without installing additional software. If you use Skype on your computer, you quickly navigate to the online version.


  1. does not require installation, does not take system resources, when we do not use it,
  2. if you already have an account, you will already have an address book here, in principle, it's like logging into the program,
  3. it's convenient to use it from someone else's computer, even if the program is not installed on it.


Or rather the advantages of the program before the online version.

We install the software and forgot, it starts with the system, we just use it. And then you need to open the browser and go not a site, otherwise nobody will reach us and lose the meaning of Skype.

iTunes Android Kindlefire

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