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What is Jabber?

  • Openness - the Jabber protocol is free (from licensing), open, public and, in addition, easy to understand; There are many implementations of servers and clients, as well as open source libraries.
  • Extensibility - Using XML namespaces in XML, you can extend the Jabber protocol to perform the required tasks and to support the interaction between different systems. Common extensions are developed under the control of the Jabber Software Foundation.
  • Decentralization - anyone can launch their own Jabber server, this will allow organizations and individuals to engage in any experiments with IM.
  • Security - any Jabber server can be isolated from the public Jabber network, many of the server implementations use SSL when communicating between the client and the server, and many clients support encryption using PGP/GPG within the protocol.
Jabber will satisfy many needs of individuals and organizations. However, it is important to understand that it is not a panacea for all ills. In particular, Jabber is not:
  • A universal IM client for various IM systems - despite the many Jabber clients for different platforms, they do not provide such capabilities to interact with various IM systems like Trillian or GAIM; The interaction between Jabber and other systems is carried out by gateways located on the server side.
  • 100% problem solving with different systems - some Jabber servers provide the ability to interact with other IM systems through gateways that translate the Jabber protocol into the protocol of these systems; However, Jabber was not focused on providing interoperability with other IM systems, because only the interaction systems themselves depend on the IM systems themselves (what they do not seek, and even vice versa, an interpreter).
  • A unified IM system developed by one company - the community in Jabber is not monolithic; On the contrary, there is a large set of public and private Jabber servers, open source projects, software development companies using the Jabber protocol.

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