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Calls for money

There are phone numbers that will cost you a lot of money to answer for.

Free numbers

+7 800 and +7 804 are legally free of charge (Order of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation of 17.11.2006))

These numbers are free only for calls from Russia.


  • +7 801
  • +7 802
  • +7 803
  • +7 809
Very similar to free, but very paid, will write down to 350 rubles per minute.

Shorty rooms

These numbers are bought by companies to work with customers.
These numbers have the possibility to connect free of charge from the client's side.
But that's a feature that's only available to rich companies. The short number itself is expensive, so why would they want to make the service more expensive, let the customers take a part of the burden? If you are not sure, try to avoid answering these numbers, it can be very expensive.

Satellite connection

+7 95410

It's a very expensive connection, so few people use it.
If the phone number starts with these numbers, they will write 250-450 rubles per minute.

Comparative review

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