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Cisco Webex Meetings -

This is more a tool for conducting online seminars - webinars.
There is a presenter who can connect or disconnect all of the sound from everyone, leaving only at home, and at the end turn it on to listen to a response or applause.

Very convenient. You can see up to 6 participants. You can turn on your webcam to see the rest of you, or turn off.
You can send a text message to everyone, or someone to one.


The ability to use the presentation. There will be excellent quality even at low Internet speeds.


  • MS PowerPoint,
  • Macromedia Flash,
  • any other formats (video, audio, images, documents).
Allows you to easily solve various tasks:
  • to edit documents together;
  • Translate the actions performed on your computer to other participants (very useful in cases where it is important to show the work of an application or a sequence of actions and result);
  • To discuss separate fragments both in chat mode and with the help of voice functions;
  • Broadcast video and sound.
At any time during the presentation, WebEx allows you to find out who is connected to the presentation at the moment, and the controls allow the organizer to transfer control of the presentation to the one whose active participation is needed at the moment.
In addition, at any time part of the presentation or all of it can be completely recorded as separate snapshots or fragments of video on the hard disk of any of the participants.
Any applications or files can be added to the presentation in order for any participant to be free to participate in the overall work.

Of the minuses, I note pay and not always able to configure a good sound.

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