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logo Yandex.Local



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.


Neighborhood network.

Here we do not add friends, but indicate our city or district. So far only in Moscow.

And we begin to participate in the life of the district.

We can recommend this social site to your friends and if they live in the same area, then you can participate together.

Essence - is divided by what happens in the area. These can be events, useful tips, announcements.

If you liked someone, in the sense of someone's posts, you can subscribe to him and then do not miss anything.

Let's say I do not like long articles, especially not in the case. I'd rather read a book, but I want to receive information briefly and on business. Here it is. There are no restrictions, as in Twitter, but everything is brief.

If you wish, you can enter into the discussion.

You can click "Next to me" and see the posts and ads of those who live directly next to.

logo Skype for TV

Russian - English

Owner: Microsoft,reliable site.

Skype for TV

Skype invited users to communicate sitting on their sofas at home in front of TV sets, which this year and will try to solve with the help of its partners LG and Panasonic, which in turn will put on HDTV cameras. Most of all pleases in this situation personally I support HD webcams for ordinary computer users.

logo FindBigMail




You are full of Google mail and you do not understand what?
Here you will be helped to find the biggest letters and you can effectively clean the mailbox.

We go to the site, click START. We are invited to use our Google account and we receive a letter with a report to our address.

Gmail mobile

Russian - English

Owner: Google,reliable site.

Browse apps - Open applications, including photos, Microsoft Word ™ documents, and PDF files.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is required for downloadable applications. On some devices, for example, Palm Treo ™ or smartphones running Windows Mobile ™, JVM is not among the pre-installed systems. Depending on the phone model, there is a choice between the web version and the downloadable application. For more information, please visit our Help Center. This service Google provides free of charge, but the operator of cellular communication can charge a fee.

Russian - English

state site.


Hot line within the project "Friendly Runet."
Financial support of the resource is carried out by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.

In Russian
logo Slack



Online service for internal correspondence within the organization.
It's like private Skype. Closer integration of dialogues with other applications.
Free for an unlimited number of users with multiple disabilities.

iTunes Android

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