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Free calls from your smartphone and browser.

Free calls from your smartphone and in your browser.

Create a video call and send the participants an invitation link.

  • Create call.
  • Schedule.
  • Free.
  • Participation without registration.
  • Sign in via link.
  • Up to 100 participants.
  • Without installing the app.
  • No time constraints.
  • Screen Show.
  • Integrate with Mail and Calendar.

Create a Call Link

Click Create call", check that you can be heard and seen.

Send the link to your conversation partners

Throw it in a messenger or send it by mail.

Wait for contacts

The call will start when you and your interlocutors click on the link.
Call everyone here and now from your browser or smartphone.

Pushed call

Send the invitation now and call when convenient.

Call from Mail

Organize the conversation directly from the letter without distracting from work.

Call from Calendar

Schedule a call together in Calendar and immediately create an appointment with an invitation link - ideal for recurring meetings.

Any user can create a video call.
Invited participants do not need to register and install additional applications. Agent
The main advantage - free SMS and integration in the mail.

Displays notifications containing the sender's name, the subject of the message, and the time it was received.

The main advantage is free SMS and integration into the mail.
That is, if you use mail from through the browser, then you do not need to install the Agent, it is already there.
The ability to create a compact address book With phone numbers to easily send regular SMS.
Displays notifications containing the name of the sender, the subject of the message and the time it was received.


  • instant messages;
  • check spelling "on the fly";
  • Free SMS to mobile;
  • voice communication;
  • high quality video calls;
  • calls to phones around the world (paid);
  • multi-user conferences;
  • View photos and videos in the chat window;
  • Alarm clock;
  • You can chat with friends from all social networks and instant messengers (ICQ, Classmates, VK, Facebook, Jabber);
  • Notifications from mail and social networks;
  • music player;
  • microblogging.
Internet pagers (ICQ)

Of course it is necessary to consider this once the most popular program.
in order to send a message to someone's ICQ address, you have to be and myself on ICQ. And most of our users choose the ICQ service.

in addition to text messaging, ICQ offers:

  • Free SMS from ICQ to mobile phone
  • Free calls from computer to computer (like Skype).
But its review and done, just got one of these (QIP), only without the advertising.
Typetalk -
Share and discuss ideas with your team using instant messages.

Share and discuss ideas with your team using instant messaging.

Skype -
Video conferencing up to 50 people.

  1. Free calls to all Skype subscribers,
  2. Calls without registrations,
  3. Free video calls between Skype subscribers,
  4. Free instant messaging.
And not only calls, but arranges conferences, that is, to call several Skype users right away.

By the way, free of charge only with Skype on Skype. It's interesting, but what prevents it from being installed :)?
Calls from Skype to the phone will have to be paid, but much cheaper than with a regular phone.

What is needed for this?

Speakers and a microphone or headphones with a microphone. Personally, I did not like the headphones. It's much more convenient to be free during a conversation.
If you want to be seen, there's also a webcam. By the way, the webcam has a built-in microphone.
So, you probably already have the column, you only need to buy a webcam.
Warning. The microphone should be located behind the speakers to make the sound From the speakers did not go into the microphone, otherwise your interlocutor will hear his echo.
If you have a laptop, then you probably already have a webcam and almost certainly have a microphone.


The site is only partially translated into Russian, but the program is Russified.

Skype versions

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux
  4. Windows Mobile
  5. WiFi phones
  6. Cordless phones
  7. Nokia N800/N810
  8. Skype on 3

Calls without registration

Registration gives you advantages, at least address book and history.
But maybe someone did not open an account, and when it's hot, it's too late, you need to call urgently, you can call and then register.
Or you are not at home, you need to call, and you do not remember your password, you can just call without registration once.
  1. Go to
  2. click "Start a conversation" by scrolling down the page.
  3. Enter your name,
  4. click Continue
  5. send a unique link to everyone you need to chat with.
  6. Clicking on the link, other users will be able to join the conversation.


You can talk By Skype using Bluetooth. The computer must be equipped with such an adapter.
Basically, it's almost the same as using a laptop, only you can walk around the apartment. Using the same microphone and speakers, you can walk around the room.

Symbian smartphone

I use the Fring program (more) for voice communication on Skype, ICQ ...

Windows Mobile: smartphone, PDA and PDA

This platform was as if specially created for Skype, provided that your device supports connection to Wi-Fi networks. "Native" software can be downloaded at the official Skype website. Again, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi with an Internet connection for transmission. Also, please note that if there are no questions with "how to talk" with a smartphone and a communicator, in case of a PDA, look where you have "where to listen" and where to "talk."

Wi-Fi with active transmission Ruthless to the battery, and in Windows Mobile it discharges very quickly.

Skype online -
Skype through the browser without installing additional software.

Skype in browser without installing additional software. If you use Skype on your computer, you quickly navigate to the online version.


  1. does not require installation, does not take system resources, when we do not use it,
  2. if you already have an account, you will already have an address book here, in principle, it's like logging into the program,
  3. it's convenient to use it from someone else's computer, even if the program is not installed on it.


Or rather the advantages of the program before the online version.

We install the software and forgot, it starts with the system, we just use it. And then you need to open the browser and go not a site, otherwise nobody will reach us and lose the meaning of Skype.

StrangerMeetup -
Chat with random strangers without registering.

Chat with random strangers without registering.
The interlocutor will not see us, which makes the chat completely anonymous.

Jivosite -
Chat to your website.

Actually the form of communication that locates at the bottom of the page.
The visitor can click and the form of a link will appear: to send an email or chat.

There is a free version that will suit all small businesses. For a large firm, a paid version will be inexpensive, technical support is worth it.

7 Cups of Tea -
Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression.

Club lovers cottages.

What do we expect from the garden site?
Articles on relevant topics. We want advice.

This site offers such articles. But what to do if the articles did not answer all the questions?

Then you can ask a question or participate in the discussion.


Today, a lot of things sold for the garden.
There are questions: what is worth buying, is there any sense, did anyone use it?
Here they recruit a group of people and they test similar products to compare.
You can participate or find out the result.
Chat to your website.

The site of the company "Nanosemantika", which deals with artificial intelligence and believes that after a while we will all communicate with computers in natural language. Remember, as in the fantastic films: the hero raises his head and turns to the computer: Eliza, how long are we to disembark? Eliza melodically responds: forty minutes, it's time for you to start preparing.

You can create your own info or use it from the already created ones and put it on your site to detain visitors.

Google Chat -
Chat for team communication.

Chat for team communication.

Integration with G Suite and third-party tools.
Meet Bot meetings browse calendars and schedule appointments at a time that's convenient for everyone.

Talk to me
Anonymous chat.

Service of anonymous chats.
Very simple, come in, click Start a chat, write a message and send to the Internet.

PeakD -
Social Media platform.

Informative blockchain-based website.
A social media platform for blogging and communication: chat, commenting on posts, ...

The goal is to be the entry point to the decentralized world of blockchain and to integrate all the amazing features blockchain has to offer in an easy, intuitive way.

Virtual notes that “fly apart” to random or selective recipients from among users of the service.

Virtual notes that “fly apart” to random or selective recipients from among users of the service.
Start a note - and in return you will receive a note from someone else.
Each note can serve as the beginning for correspondence, which will last exactly as long as you and your interlocutor will support it.It may be a few minutes, and maybe a few months.
You can only conduct a few or a whole lot of correspondence on a variety of topics.
At any time of the day on Flymer there is someone to talk to.

pBot -
Online chatbot with open learning.

Online chatbot with open learning.
You can correct the bot answers and add new variants.
The learning results will be available to other users immediately after the knowledge base saving.

Entire Internet community is bot teacher.

Chat with a random companion.

Chat with a casual interlocutor.
Sent interlocutors are a minority, so you have to prepare that you will have to change the source.

Enter and start the chat, registration is not required.
The site is intuitively clear, neither slows down, nor h

Tastebuds -
The musical introduction.

Music chat and dating.
And where is the music and find a life partner?
Here you can find a partner whose musical preferences coincide with yours.
If they coincide, the temperament, the rhythm of life and Other preferences.

BlahTherapy -
The site connects you with random strangers around the world who are willing to talk to you about your problems, as well as sharing their own.

The site connects you with random strangers around the world who are willing to talk to you about your problems, as well as sharing their own.

WhatsApp -
Messengers to the smartphone.

Free messaging via the Internet.

in addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited messages, photos, audio and video files.

Messenger Yandex.

Web version

Messenger Yandex.

  • text chat,
  • video calls to mobiles and computers,
  • conferences,
  • send voice messages - they will turn into text themselves,
  • channels, create and subscribe.
Telegram Messenger -
Messenger on your smartphone from Durov.

Messenger to smartphone from Durov.
Lightweight, stylish, professionally made, as well as VKontakte, fast, secure and free.
Synchronization on all devices, unlimited messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.) ...

Security and stability

Usually the channel is encrypted on the server. Encryption of Telegram is done at the phone level, which makes it impossible to intercept messages.
Telegram is decentralized, which makes it impossible to lock it. The attempt to lock it in Russia failed completely. After the blocking, it continued to be used by Sands and the state media maintained its channels. Then the blocking was simply abolished.

In Belarus, during the uprising, many sites and services were blocked, Telegram was the only one working as stably as the Internet allowed.


  1. chat,
  2. video calls,
  3. videochat,
  4. the possibility of joint viewing of the video stream,
  5. groups of up to 5000 people,
  6. channels for sending messages to an unlimited number of subscribers.
Favorites - save your favorite posts, or you can send messages to yourself.
Wire -
Secure instant messenger.

Secure messenger from Wire Swiss.
Free, no ads, encrypted end-to-end (that is, encrypted me on the phone, and stands for you, nor on the server).
Good sound, video, and group chats.
Built-in YouTube, Vimeo clips, Spotify, SoundCloud tracks.
Group chats with up to 128 participants.

Viber -
Messengers to the smartphone.

Perhaps the best program for free calls on the phone or computer, excellent sound.

More than 200 million users.
Just set on the phone, enter your number, he sends himself an SMS, and is activated. No usernames, your username is your phone number, it simplifies adding users.
the Program scans your address book and adds to the list of those who have Viber. So you know whom to call.

you can Call not only Viber, but also to regular phones. The cost of calls to mobile and landline phones it is possible to learn here. Just enter the country and obtain information. Website in English, the country entered in English.

Snapchat -
The most popular instant messenger, according to the number of audience overtook Twitter.

The most popular instant messenger, the number of autorii ahead of Twitter.
We want to share the photo, which then do not go for a walk on the Internet? So that's what we need.

How it works

  1. Make a picture
  2. add picture if you want
  3. added text on the photo if you want
  4. select the TTL in seconds
  5. choose recipient and send.
you Can also send and video.

the Person receives your photo, enjoy the moment of your life and it is removed from its telephone and Internet. It is no more. You may made a face and it's appropriate today, and tomorrow will hurt his career. But it is not.

However people can manage to take a screenshot (will make it very difficult), then the service will inform you and then you can decide whether to share with the person further or not?

But the photo is still stored on the server. But you can see only the last photo, and only once a day.

Japanese messenger.

Japanese messenger messaging, calls and video calls via the Internet.
you Can call and chat from your computer or smartphone.
Supported group chat.
in addition to calls, and there is a chat message, making LINE mobile social network.
There are paid features, games, photo editor other applications.
LINE App used by over 290 million people in 231 countries.


Create bots on Telegram -

Online service for organizing fast online meetings.

Audio and video conferences by phone or via the Internet (VoIP).
Share your screen with participants, while using audio and video.
You can zoom in and see the details of each discussion - even on the phone.

You can join a meeting, call or video conference instantly from anywhere in the world. Just enter the meeting code and you will be on the same page, even if you are hundreds of miles away.


  1. Chatting with all participants simultaneously or individually
  2. Increase and decrease the overall screen,
  3. See who visits
  4. Meeting lock for added security
  5. Meeting schedule right from the app.


Creates in the chat polls with options for an answer. Returns the result of the poll.
Looking for interlocutors near you - from 10 meters.
Yet Another
Creates an anonymous chat (changes the nickname to an artificial chat).

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