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Phone nuber for one time use

Phone number for online registration?

Today, to register on many sites it is not enough to specify email, many require a phone number that is checked by SMS.

Naturally, there are sites where we want to specify a normal phone number, such as Public Services, VKontakte, post office... Otherwise, we will not be able to recover the password or login at all after some time.
But there are sites that we can go to another time.

If spam by e-mail today, few people worry, because the mail already uses good filters, and we use the mail less and less.

But spam on the phone can get real. And I wouldn't want your phone number to get into databases that are used by black collectors and scammers.

Virtual phone number

This number can be obtained from a number of operators, it will cost one and a half rubles a day.
You won't need a new SIM, you can give it up later.

My experience

I have an old Tele2 sim with a very cheap tariff, without subscription fees.
It won't go for the Internet, it'll be very expensive. So it's not practical, but otherwise... it's a shame to say no. Besides, it's very cheap to call when you go abroad.
It's not the MTS that's gonna use it, it's gonna be ripped off like a sticky one.

I also have a very good Nokia 2630 phone. Well, it's not broken. It's pathetic to throw away, and it's not interesting to use, not a smartphone.
That's what I'm keeping in stock.

I'm sure you or your loved ones have an abandoned cell phone.
You can buy a sim with a tariff, without a subscription fee, cheaper than a virtual card.

logo SMS-REG


Activation service for receiving SMS messages on a one-time number.

One-off numbers are available for SMS or rental of individual virtual phone numbers.
Virtual number for receiving SMS - provides the opportunity to receive messages without using a mobile phone, so the service will be available in any country where there is access to the Internet.
Service operation does not depend on mobile network coverage, does not require equipment or SIM-cards. All you need to do to receive messages is start using our service.
Automatic reception of messages 24/7, individual numbers, repeated receipt of SMS - all this is possible with us.

Variants of application:

  • confirmation of accounts on the sites
  • protection against spamming in sms databases
  • safe subscription registration
  • receive any sms online

How it works

  1. register and login to your account,
  2. refill your account and order the required service (the tariffs can be viewed, in general, inexpensive, cheaper than a virtual number),
  3. use (receive SMS).

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