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Lost your phone? Your actions

Call your number

Maybe you just put it in the wrong place, then you will hear the call and find it.
Maybe the finder will answer you and return it. It happened to me, I found a phone in the subway and waited for someone to call me, then I just returned it. Why do I need someone else's used phone?

Lock your phone

Password, fingerprint or face recognition. We do this in advance.
Let's say it would tire me every time to enter a password. But face recognition or a fingerprint pass unnoticed.


Android allows you to find out the location of the smartphone and track its movement on the map in real time.
Logging in to your account on Google Android, for example from a computer Therefore, if you log into your Google account from another device, you can :
  • see the location of the smartphone on the map,
  • ring,
  • block,
  • delete all data (if you made a backup, the data can be restored).
iPhone owners can sign in to their Apple account from another device and activate Lost Mode using Find My iPhone, which remembers and shows the gadget's last location.

Block your SIM card

Ask your carrier to suspend your SIM card.

Change passwords

Waiting for time is long, keep yourself busy changing all passwords - mail, social networks ...
By the way, they should be changed periodically.

Contact the police

The police can find the phone by the serial number - it is in the documents for the phone.