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Exchange of articles

Exchange links

Immediately make a reservation that I will not describe and compare all services, there are simply clear leaders. However, this is a new business and we can expect the appearance of new services.

The essence is simple. You need decent articles on your site, and you do not know where to find worthy and how much they can cost.
Or vice versa, you write and do not know how and how much to sell it. Here there is a gradation of authors of articles, from the beginner to the pro.
Depending on this, the price is for 1000 characters.

logo Liex


Somewhat similar to Sape, but it sells not links, but text, it's the publication of materials on different sites.


  1. the system checks whether the article is published,
  2. automatic placement of materials,
  3. automatic payment,
  4. affiliate program - 50% per referral for life.

To the advertiser

  1. selection of advertising platforms with the help of filters:
    • subjects,
    • price,
    • mirrors (glueing) to Yandex and Google,
    • Yandex.Catalog, TIC, PR,
    • indexed pages in Yandex and Google,
    • backlinks to Google,
    • number of external links on the article page.
  2. autoranging articles. Set parameters and budget - the articles are posted automatically,
  3. auto-checking the placement of the article,
  4. the ability to edit the article on the advertising platform,
  5. blacklists.


  • autoranging articles on the site,
  • writing articles into the site design,
  • moderation of articles before posting,
  • limiting the number of links in the articles being posted,
  • blacklists,
  • lexicon filters.

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