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Neighborhood networks

logo Yandex.Local

reliable site

Owner: Яндекс,

address: Russia, Москва


Neighborhood network.

Here we do not add friends, but indicate our city or district. So far only in Moscow.

And we begin to participate in the life of the district.

We can recommend this social site to your friends and if they live in the same area, then you can participate together.

Essence - is divided by what happens in the area. These can be events, useful tips, announcements.

If you liked someone, in the sense of someone's posts, you can subscribe to him and then do not miss anything.

Let's say I do not like long articles, especially not in the case. I'd rather read a book, but I want to receive information briefly and on business. Here it is. There are no restrictions, as in Twitter, but everything is brief.

If you wish, you can enter into the discussion.

You can click "Next to me" and see the posts and ads of those who live directly next to.

In Russian
logo eSosedi


Geolocation social network with a map of interesting places with photos of the area, add your interesting places, leave feedback, opinions, get acquainted with people with common interests.

logo MirTesen!


address: Russia


People have forgotten how to communicate.

Have you ever had to face an old friend on the street? Did you think that the love of your life can live in the next doorway? And how many times have you or your friends said with surprise: SMALL WORLD! (in Russian MIR TESEN)

Blog to your home

The basic idea of ​​the service is simple: every house now has a blog! Find the house where you live, study or work, and see what the tenants are saying. How to spend a fast and inexpensive Internet, is there a good hairdresser next to it, when will stop switching off hot water - a lot of questions can be solved simply by talking with a neighbor. Blog at home - this is the place where to solve all problems or just have a nice time really easy!

Friends near

You're a big fan of football, but can not you build a team for playing in the yard? Do not know who to ride rollerblades with? All the girls who love jazz as much as you do live on the far end of the earth and there is no way to meet? Now everything will be different. Just go to, point out where you live and what you love - and sooner or later you will be convinced, the world is really TENS!

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