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logo Card 2.0



Card 2.0

Registration is simple and does not take much time. In a few minutes you will receive a ready made business card and will be able to start using it immediately.

logo Peoples




Calendar of events.
About who was born or died today, and who was born when ...

Stories of people who changed this world and people who changed themselves.

News and events that are happening now and that have already happened since 1001.

logo Eniro



phone.: 0770779797


Search for people in Sweden.

In addition to people, you can search for restaurants, transport ... This is a very serious portal. But we are interested in people search.

I have friends in Sweden who live in remote places and people are not known.
I checked, surprisingly, someone was found, the address, date of birth was specified. True, not all were found.

logo Search graves

Search graves

Search for graves.
A search base containing 41 million records of the graves of ordinary people (the column on the right Find Graves) and thousands more about celebrities (Find Famous Graves). Information is collected about the deceased from around the world. For example, in the list of famous Russians at the very beginning, in alphabetical order, there is a link to the card of Alexander Abdulov.

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logo InfoTracer


phone.:1 800 791-14-27 (US and Canadian Customers toll-free)
address: PO Box 990043, Boston, MA 02199, USA


Search for Americans by name, phone, address or email.
Search on social networks, databases on offenses, looking for relatives (also marital status with details) and partners of the one we are looking for.
Full confidentiality.

logo Memorial

Chinese - English



The virtual cemetery Hong Kong.
According to the tradition China, The dead should be remembered at least twice a year, but not all relatives of those who are buried in Hong Kong, have the opportunity to visit the grave if They live abroad or in other corners of China.

Now they can make a free page for the deceased and put a photo there, Information and video. Visitors can leave their condolences, virtual gifts: flowers, images of fruits, candles, traditional fried pork dishes, bowls of the noodle's favorite noodle or paper money. The virtual cemetery itself looks like a field covered with fresh grass under a light blue sky, over Which slowly dispersed umbrellas of yellow dandelions. When registering, you need to confirm that the deceased lived and was buried exactly in Hong Kong.

Today the site is designed for 100 thousand people, for each Buried is allocated to 10 Mb.

iTunes Android

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