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10 minute mail

10 minute mail.
A mailbox is created, which disappears after 10 minutes.

How does it work?

  1. We go to the site and immediately get the address.
  2. We register on the site, where we do not want to shine our email.
Our address works 10 minutes, we immediately see the counter. If for some reason we need to extend the time, press the reset and the countdown starts anew.

Russian - English



Compensation for delaying or canceling a flight to/from the EU up to € 600 in the event of:

  • Flight delays.
  • Flight cancellations.
  • Denied boarding.
  • Missed transplant.
€ 450 - the average amount of compensation received by users of the site.The service takes a 20% of the amount due to you, which is sold. But the service takes over the entire routine.

You can easily break through the flight for compensation.

More than 100 airlines from 50 countries.

How it works

  1. Submitting an application - fill in the flight details and a short description.
  2. We get compensation in a convenient way for us.

logo DNS Yandex



Owner: Yandex

DNS Yandex

Free DNS-service, blocking dangerous sites and sites for adults.
Also protects against viruses and fraud.

The easiest way to set up Yandex.DNS is through a Wi-Fi access point.
For D- Link and ZyXEL we have developed firmware together with manufacturers.
Also Yandex.DNS is easy to configure manually:

  • on the access point
  • on a computer or laptop
  • on mobile devices


Russian - English



The goal of the project is to better forecast, address and respond to disinformation from Russia.

The ‘EU versus Disinformation’ campaign is run by the European External Action Service East Stratcom Task Force.

The team was set up after the EU Heads of State and Government stressed the need to challenge Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns in March 2015.

We must not forget that the West does not aim to provide the public with truthful information, but the right and in the correct form. I honestly got stories about Ukraine, but Russian living in Europe got their stories about the Olympics in Sochi. Each is good in own eyes and everyone is pulling a blanket over. Putin is doing a lot of things wrong. But he does nothing, no matter what the West does. He plays according to their rules of the game.

logo Fakena



This site is simpler, will fit when you do not care which legend to choose.

Click and get the name, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number, unique username and password.
And even a temporary email, it will be a link, click and we are in our mailbox.

We used it for a site that requires such detailed information, and then throw it away without leaving any marks on the network.

logo Fake Name Generator


Fake Name Generator

Generator of a fake name.
We want to register on the site, but we do not want to shine. From what it suddenly?
On state services another matter.
But an incomprehensible site requires registration.
And what name to come up with? And then there's the city, the address ... it would be necessary something plausible, but I do not want to think so.

We go to the site, choose the language, the country (although Russia did not find it, but there is Russian).
In two accounts we are blinded by a legend. We take the prepositional material and forward to register, let them swallow.

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