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School Spies Students Through Their Laptop Cameras

High School students have sued the Lower Merion School District in Philadelphia for spying on them using their laptops' built-in cameras. School administrator activated the webcams remotely and recorded students' activities at home. Way to go, KGB-wannabe assclowns.
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The situation was discovered by the Robbins, when their kid was disciplined for "improper behavior in his home." How could that be possible? The Vice Principal showed a photo as the evidence. A photo taken with the school-provided laptop webcam.

Update: Talking to Gizmodo, one of the students at the district says that they suspected this but the school tech support gave excuses. His Early 2008 MacBook's camera light would turn on at random:

Frequently, the green lights next to our iSight webcams will turn on. The school district claims that this is just a glitch. We are all doubting this now. He can't access the Activity Monitor because he doesn't have enough privileges, but he says the school uses Apple Remote Desktop.

Another student has confirmed this:

I questioned the IT guy about why it was happening he said that it was because people logged out when an application using the camera was on, he also stated that they could in fact go and look through your webcam it would just violate the fifth ammendment and that's why they didn't. Today, their principal went on loudspeaker and said that all this was "not true."

Sure, Mr. Principal, sure. If the lawsuit accusations are true, I hope they ground these slimy people forever.

Agents of influence in social networks

People share so much of privat information in different web services, specially social networks and dating services. People share interests, prioritets, schedule, their close friends, bank accounts and much more. There are servises with collect this kind of privet information.

Porno services collect information about visitors. They know much more then people guess. One day they may sell this information or blackmail them. And they already did it.

Of course if you are ordinary person, not politic or ifluencal person, nobody cares about you. But if you are well known person os muslim in west ... agences have an information about you. Any information they got about you may be used angainst you.

Cyber War

More than 120 countries are more or less actively involved in computer confrontation or are engaged in cyber espionage through the Internet, the author of the report "Virtual Forensics", the researcher of the Oxford Institute of Internet, Ian Brown, says.

An expert calls an example of cyberwar an attack on Estonia, which took place in May 2007 AD After the authorities decided to move the monument to the Bronze Soldier. For several days, the Estonian Internet segment was practically cut off from the outside world, and a number of government sites were disabled by DDoS attacks, reports According to the author of the report, prepared by the order of the anti-virus company McAfee, such an attack on British resources, which are already integrated into the lives of citizens, could cause much more damage. After the May incident, NATO assembled the defense ministers of the participating countries to discuss the protection of their Internet infrastructure.

Some countries are only "trying the water", and some are already involved in the cyberwar, and over time the situation will only worsen, the expert of the Israeli International Institute of Antiterrorism Research Yael Shahar comments on the results of the study.

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Why is this necessary?

Increasingly, employers before taking a staff member to work, check it through Internet: Is there no nude photo, no Whether participated in any political movements, did not hooligan it? ...

If you once did nonsense, it's not so easy to cleanse yourself. This service helps in this.

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