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Sketchmap -
Style card.

Map of Great Britain.
Here it can be strongly modified, adding allocations of infrastructure, reserves, certain areas ...

Good draw the map of Krasnoyarsk, Vologda, Kiev, Abakan, Achinsk, Kansk, and Norilsk.

A well-drawn map of Krasnoyarsk, Vologda, Kiev, Abakan, Achinsk, Kansk, Norilsk and a number of neighboring settlements. The houses are drawn in volume so that the number of floors is visually understandable.

Search by organization, service, address ...

The base of the organization is attached to the map, shops, enterprises with an address, working hours and contacts.
Very detailed maps.

Antti Kupila -
Customizable card style.

Customizable map style.
It's all very simple, we can set up the map brighter, quieter, leave black and white or change the tone.
Someone likes a quiet card.

Organizations on the map.

View, compare, search on the map, favorite places and markers.

The service allows you to view and compare multiple sources of satellite and map data.

Satellite imagery:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Yandex.Maps
  3. Bing Maps
  4. ESRI
  5. Cosmosnimki

Map Plans:

  1. Yandex.Maps
  2. Google Maps
  3. 2GIS
  4. Wikimapia
  5. OpenStreetMap
  6. OpenTopo
  7. Cadastre
Movie Locations guide -
Where they filmed the movie?

Where is the movie made?
Google Maps is used and it shows where the movie was filmed.
We go in, choose a movie or a series, we are offered some description of the movie and photo, click on the photo and the map will indicate which The place was ta

Night Earth -
Map night.

Night map of the world.
The same map of the world as the usual map of Google or Yandex, only the land is photographed not by day, but at night, with glowing lights.

Map of Russia with cities, information about cities and streets of Russia.

Map of Russia with cities, information about cities and streets of Russia.

Elements Maps.

Earthquake map in real time.
The service is maintained by the US Geological Survey.

There is a time-based filtering.

Map Icons Collection -
Icons for the maps.

Using Google maps, I want to make them as clear as possible.
Icon collections will help greatly in this.

Mappery -
More online maps.

A collection of all kinds of cards, created by card lovers around the world.
The site allows people to easily find relevant and interesting maps of still unknown places.
You can find and study maps by keywords, location, or simply by viewing the map.

There are tourist maps, ski tracks maps, college campus maps, national park maps, transport maps, amusement park maps, battlefield maps and ...

Have you ever wanted you to find the right maps for exploring and planning your trip before you go? With mappery you can find matching cards. Search maps by keyword, location, or simply by viewing an interactive map.

MapQuest -
More online maps.

Get where you need to go with the MapQuest turn-by-turn GPS Navigation app. Whether it’s using voice navigation for walking or driving directions or exploring points of interests on the map, MapQuest has the tools you need to navigate the United States and Canada.

Map and Navigation Features:

  • Search and explore nearby p
  • Up-to-date satellite imagery and maps
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking and driving directions
  • Real-time traffic updates to help you find the fastest ways to your destination
  • Live traffic cameras so you can view road conditions before you hit the road
  • Optimized routing to help save you time, gas and money
  • A speedometer so you can compare your current speed to the speed limit along your route
  • Favorites so you can store locations, like your home and work addresses, for quick-and-easy maps and directions
  • Alternate route choices so you have multiple options to get where you need to go
  • Route settings that help you avoid things like highways and toll roads
  • Multipoint routes so you can include more than just one stop
  • Planning: create routes starting from somewhere other than your current location
Do More than Get Directions:
  • Search and explore nearby points of interests like restaurants, bars, gas stations and hotels, with our layers bar
  • Find great hotel deals and book them through MapQuest
  • Feed your inner foodie and discover new places to eat: browse menus, make reservations and order food through OpenTable and GrubHub points of interest
  • Save money by comparing prices of nearby gas stations
  • View local weather so you can plan ahead
  • Car broken down? Directly access on-demand roadside assistance for help
  • Get directions on-the-go with our corresponding Android Watch app
Relief Map -
Interactive relief map of the world.

Interactive relief map of the world.
You can turn on/off the rivers, roads, countries, grass, forest, tundra, sands, swamps, glaciers without reloading ...

Beeline map coverage, WiFi points, offices.

Beeline on the map coverage area, WiFi point, offices.
Search by map and by list.

Mobile card.

Maps for mobile phones have the same functionality as regular Yandex.Maps. You can find houses, streets and other objects, see pictures from the satellite, find out information about traffic jams on the roads Moscow. In addition, you can determine your location and direction of movement (if you have a GPS-receiver).

To work with mobile maps, you need to download the application and install it on your phone connected to Internet (GPRS). The application works on all modern (no older than three years from the date of release) phones that support downloading applications.

Archive of sport maps
The purpose of the site is the development of sports cartography and orienteering in general.

The purpose of the site is the development of sports cartography and orienteering in general.
The site has sports maps of Russia in JPG format (some in Ocad). -
Map of the starry sky.

Few people looked at the starry sky in any detail with an armed eye.
The site allows to do this.
You can zoom in, remove admiring the starry sky. Just to find out what is here or there and what it is.
You can see individual photos of the site you like.
Russian is there, but machine language.

Stamen Maps -
Create watercolor maps of your favorite places.
Bible Geography For kids -
Biblical maps for children.

Biblical maps drawn cartoon, for children.

Related Information

  • a description of the geographic location
  • A description of the people who inhabited this place and events described in the Bible.
As it should be in the Children's Bible, navigating through stories (not by chapters), places, people, events.
Which makes it easy to find the right card.
Nuclear stations on the map -
Ecological maps.

Nuclear stations on the map.
Service on Google Maps.

The map shows the location of nuclear power plants around the world and seismic zones.

Which city to visit? Click and get a random city.

Which city to visit?
Click and get a random city.
There will not be all the cities in the world, but only those that you should go to.
Also we get to the place on the map and the panorama of that place, so more clearly, to understand whether i

Calculation of distances, how to get there, laying out routes.

Calculation of distances, how to get there, laying out routes.

How it works

  1. We indicate the point of departure and destination, if desired, an intermediate point.
  2. Get the distance in km, travel time.
  3. We get estimated costs for gasoline. We can change the consumption per 100 km and the cost of a liter, so we get the amount for our car.
  4. In parallel, we get the route on the map.
  5. Having scrolled below, we will see the list of settlements that we will pass and what time we will be.
    You can change the departure time and average speed.
Baidu map -
Baidu Maps 3D.

Baidu Maps 3D.
The Chinese did not do 3-D graphics, but just drawn, it turned out beautifully, but we just change the pictures.
It will not turn out to be deployed as we want, but just look at everything from the south side.

How to look.
We need to bring some big city closer and in the map area on the right from the top there will be a choice - a satellite, a circuit or 3D.

PadMapper -
It provides opportunities for flats/houses that match your criteria.

Easily search apartments for rent across the US and Canada.
Just choose a city (search form, pre-leased or on the map) and further specify the price range, the number of rooms, etc.
We are offered apartments/houses that meet your criteria.

Baidu map -
Baidu Maps.

Maps Baidu, the leading Chinese portal.

No one understands China better than the Chinese themselves. Here, the peculiarity of culture, language, specificity of the country.

The Chinese try not only to make a map-scheme and view from the satellite, but a full-fledged service: panoramas, 3D, and something on the map, for example. Cafe.
There is API maps.

F4-group -
OpenStreetMap 3D.

A map of the whole world in 3D.
The OpenStreetMap database is used, which also indicates the number of storeys of buildings, which helped to create a map in 3D.

There are no photos of buildings on maps, which would simulate reality, but it is faster loaded and covers the whole world, even small settlements, due to this number of storeys, the ratio of buildings is quite correct and recognizable.

MarineTraffic -
Ships on the map.

MarineTraffic - ships on the map in real time.
There is a Russian language.


  1. Google map schema,
  2. Google satellite photo map,
  3. OpenStreetMap.
Of course, a lot of information. A normal person does not need that much. I do not know why I need a paid account, I have enough free of charge.

Here information on the ships, they are highlighted in different colors

Online Map -
Internet map.

The map shows the points, each corresponds to the site, the size corresponds to the popularity.
To find out which site the point corresponds to, you can click on it and get information (though in English, although the site has a Russian version.
You can just zoom in Map with the mouse wheel and then the inscriptions will appear on the balls.

You can specify the url of the site in the search and if it is in the database, see how it looks against the background of the entire Internet.

The data is taken from the rating Alexa.

Streetpew -
Interactive map of Ireland for tourists.

Interactive map of Ireland for tourists.

On the map are primarily Christian shrines.

Solar System animation - Pure CSS -
The planets of the solar system rotate in real proportion, only larger sizes and time flies faster to be seen.

The planets of the solar system rotate in real proportion, only larger sizes and time flies faster to be seen.
The code is written entirely in CSS, you can take it for your site.

Yandex.Map editor -
Traditional card.

Users draw their own maps.
You can draw your house, your street, neighboring houses, parks and ponds, village, village or city.

It's easy to do - People maps is a simple and convenient web-editor. The user draws maps directly in his browser, the changes are instantly displayed on the map. Other users of the service can help edit the painted object or supplement the information about it.
Everyone can draw cards. You just need a simple registration.

Planes and trains on the map.

Airplanes and trains on the map.

Want to see the planes that are now in the air and where are the trains now? Now you can follow them directly on the map.

Information about the flights and the calculation of the location is based on the data of the Yandex. Respisation service. Our planes fly in orthodromies - the shortest distance between two points located on the surface of the sphere (although in real life routes are routed through special air corridors).

Click on the airplane or train and see its route. -

The property is the best maps on the mobile.
We use the database of open maps of OpenStreetMaps, which are compiled by the whole world, because this is the most updated and the most complete schematic map (pictures From the satellite there).

Maps can be uploaded and used offline. Made simple, clear and easy. Probably the key word is easy, because these maps take an amazingly small place. Lungs do not mean empty, the maps are very detailed. I also used it on foot, in Turkey, in St. Petersburg.

Of course, the program has a navigator, very convenient, you will not have to get used to it. With voice and the necessary information on the screen.

Multimaps -
Online maps for fishermen and yachtsmen.

Online maps for fishermen and yachtsmen.

How is it different from simple online maps and satellite imagery?

  • depth map
  • wind map
  • Ice conditions (for lovers of ice fishing).
Just borrowing, it becomes immediately clear that these are special cards, and not just Yandex maps.
Submarine Cable Map -
Map of submarine cables.

I was asked to help find how you can view detailed statistics on
Can someone also need help?

When I registered my subscription, in my first letter from was at the end the item:

Get detailed statistics (postal areas, formats, questionnaire, etc.) by subscribers,
Choose Build statistics.

Then we listen to the song, how tired we are with our views And the fact that today they have not considered anything new, so you can not even look.
Probably they do not know us. In other words, if you listen to everything, you will never see your statistics.
Click on this long link, people have tried.

And now we look Dynamics, Georafia, What other mailings are popular with your audience.
But they do not update this information regularly.

Like everything.

Ecological maps.

The map of the water of Russia.
The Google map is used. The purpose is to conduct ecological expeditions for the analysis of water quality and to provide open data for free. Simply if there is a number of clear water, people should know.
You can contact and you will check the floor.

link photos to the location.
Mother Jones: Nuke Facilities in the US
US nuclear facilities on map.
Maps of cities.

Map of Novocherkassk with state institutions, discotheques, ATMs, etc.

Ship Tracker -
All ships on the map in real time.

All ships on the map in real time.

The map shows the location and coordinates of the ships that participate in the program of the International Meteorological Organization and make meteorological measurements.

Map of the world on the level of vzyatnichestva -
Maps of hazards, disasters.

World map on the level of bribery.
The map is not interactive, the level of bribery is distributed according to the color scale. Click on the countries and look at the more detailed result.
You can look at the sectors: energy, agricultural sector


On the site you can visually see the busy streets of the largest cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk) for the past week.
You can choose the day, hour.

The site uses data from Yandex. Well, you can see what happens on the streets of Moscow on this video:

Yandex.Maps API -
With Yandex.Maps API you can manage maps and their contents, as well as create various applications - from simple interactive travel patterns to complex geoinformation services.

Everyone can use Yandex.Maps for their service.

Usage examples

  • - The service builds a route and estimates the cost of the route along the route to Taxi.
  • - The project allows users to search for the location of objects.
  • - The site is dedicated to real estate ads. This site is interesting in that it groups ads, thereby getting the opportunity to place on the map as many ads as you like at the same time. By bringing the cursor to the label, the user always sees how many ads he finds if he brings the map closer.
  • - Here users can build automobile routes through Tula. Yandex.Mark API allows you to replace any of the standard tools, this site uses its own router.
  • - The site provides users with its own map of Cheboksary. However, the Yandex.Maps API with all its features is used to display the map.
  • is a very non-standard application of Yandex.Maps. The satellite layer is used as a substrate, that is, as part of the site design.
Reference organizations of Russia.

Directory of companies in Russia. All information about the organizations of Russia: addresses, phone numbers, websites, mode of operation, reviews.

Information on more than 2,000,000 companies from 290 cities of Russia, from all branches of activity: from selling felt boots in retail to metal-roll wholesale. The information contains a description of activities, contacts. You can add comments and update information for free.

Ecological maps.

The map of points of recycling.

On the map only the largest city.

You can help the planet with a simple action! Do not throw away garbage, return it for recycling.
And where - our interactive map will tell you.
Type your address in the search box and find out which recycling points are nearby.
They are divided by types of recycled materials: paper, glass, plastic bottles, old electronics, clothing and more.
Complete the form and you can add information about any item that is known to you, but it is not on the map.
Be sure to leave feedback on the recycling point and give it a rating.
Give things a second life!

Asterank -
Map of asteroids.

The asteroids map.

Five new asteroids are opening today.
Their trajectories and parameters are entered into the database.

About 8000 asteroids periodically approach the Earth. Now this information is available, also visually in 3D.

Iris -
Elements Maps.

Seismic monitoring.
Seismic state of the earth in real time.
The more activity, the more red the color and the bigger the ring.

Wikimedia — SVG maps of the world -
All maps in the vector, which are used in Wikipedia on one page.
Eightydays -
Multi-city Travel.

Multi-city Travel.

How it works

  1. Specify the approximate dates of our planned trip,
  2. specify the place of departure (usually your city),
  3. choose a place to visit from a small list (initially Schengen countries and everywhere else are offered),
  4. Then we are sent to the map with more detailed information regarding the tour.
I did not like a little choice. But if someone can arrange a well-designed tours in many places, try here. The main thing is if the price builds.
Ancient Earth globe -
What the earth looked like many, many years ago.

What the earth looked like many, many years ago.

On the site of the globe, like, like on Google maps and you can set the time in millions of years and see how the continents looked.

Of course, everything was very, very approximately so, because then cartography did not exist and scientists guess with a high degree of probability in time and place.

So the site just gives a general impression.

Great Escape -
Interactive map of the choice of places of rest.

Interactive map of the choice of places of rest.

How it works

  1. We go to the site, he determined our geographical position and suggested the airport of departure, as well as the currency. Airport and currency can be changed.
  2. We set dates, our budget, filter on visas, places by popularity.
  3. Get directions, mouse over or click and get more detailed information on the selected direction.
Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) -
Coronavirus. Online map. Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak.

Coronavirus. Online coronavirus distribution map.
Map is used from Yandex.

In addition to the map posted growth charts of infections, healings and deaths.
And also tables of statistics by countries.

High Definition Earth-Viewing System.

High Definition Earth-Viewing System.

There is very little text on the page, the main thing is the video player, which allows you to see the earth in real time through a camera installed on the International Space Station.
You can choose the level of image quality.

The map shows where it is flying now.

Unfortunately, the player often does not show anything. Probably because it’s far from the most important thing that NASA does at the station, so to speak, is a by-product.
But try, maybe you are lucky now?

Geacron -
World history on the map.

Choose a year to get a world map for that year of history, you can scroll by year.

At the bottom of the map, you can select a number of years, click the play and just watch the world map change. You can turn on the playlist in ascending or descending order.

There is a search for cities or events. There is a time scale (Go To TimeLine) with significant events in the history.

You can take a link (from the LINK form field) and share a map of a certain year.

The True Size -
Find the actual size of a country or state.
Maps and navigation.

Maps and navigator.
Very well advanced maps from Nokia, which were originally just maps for mobile navigators.
Now they become full-fledged maps that are not inferior to Google.

It's more pleasant to work with them than with others, very soft and quality scrolling, loading.

The maps are made primarily for ease of use on mobile devices.

At the moment my city is shown in detail, besides the photo from space is much more decent than Yandex, because it was made in the summer, not dirty autumn.
I tried different navigators, Ruku application on Android was the best. You can download and use offline.

There are panoramas, also Europe and the USA.

Wind Speed ​​Ranking -
The map shows the wind direction for Japan.

The map shows the direction of the wind across Japan.

Japan is on the islands, because there the wind is important. Often happens very strong.

Google Earth -
Online version of the program Google Earth.

Online version of Google Earth.
Actually it is built into Google maps, and uses one database. So, there is no difference how to use it, separately or through Google Maps.

To hold a circular rotation, hold down the Ctrl or Shift button and use the mouse.

Unlike Google maps, here you can share only the link, and not embed the map on the site. But there's a bone in the menu - a random place on the map.

There is a small globe below which shows the place you are viewing.

Navigator with the ability to view maps through mobile and online.

Navigator with the ability to view maps through mobile and online.

Maps cover Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Detail to home only major cities.

The map shows traffic jams.

Earth Engine -
Google Maps.

Google maps exist only a few years, periodically updated.
Nevertheless, during this time, in some parts of the earth there were changes, the islands were washed, the islands became peninsulas.
Or how Shanghai or Dubai has grown ... or how the Aral Sea has shrunk.
You can visually see a number of places where this happened and see the process.

Google Maps directions.

Just try it.

We tested for northern Scandinavia, where there are very small settlements.
It's very simple, we have set the item From and to To.
It was indicated Distance by road, time by car and on foot.
For St. Petersburg will give out the routes of public transport, including a fixed-route taxi.
Details are described how to get to where, on what street to leave the city, where to turn, to the number of Trails leave.

There even found panoramas (remember, it's a sparsely populated north of a small country), so you could see the month Then the interchanges that is, how it looks.

OpenSeaMap -
Open sea map.

Open sea map.

The goal is to collect information useful to seamen and yachtsmen, and provide it in a convenient form.
Here is information about lighthouses, buoys and other navigation signs, repair shops, shops, restaurants, etc.

OpenSeaMap is created by OpenStreetMap and uses its database, filling the gap, so to speak.
OpenStreetMap deals with the land, and the water space is not affected.
OpenSeaMap fills water space with navigation information.

Scams Trave -
Most Common Travel Scams.

Most Common Travel Scams.

Fake tickets, fake policemen, unreasonably expensive tour guides ...
The principle is that others do not step on the rake that you have stepped on. And vice versa.

Everyone can leave a warning on the map of deception, so that others can see.

OpenStreetMap -
3D Map.

OpenStreetMap is a free project for the joint development of public maps and diagrams of cities, streets, roads with the help of manual or automatic data entry, as well as obtaining data from portable GPS-receivers.
The project site runs on the MediaWiki engine, similar to Wikipedia.

Maps are licensed under the free license CC-BY-SA 2.0 (for CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, Which is used in particular for Wikipedia's text content, the project has not been transferred, but version 2.0 is compatible with it, and OpenStreetMap has nothing to do with the Wikimedia Foundation.

I found the plans of many cities that are not in Google maps, or Yandex.Maps.

The 3D globe

renderer works directly in the browser using WebGL.
Google Maps API -
Fine-tuning maps for your own, from closed maps to tracking the location of people and objects.

API is how to fit into a map to correct it for yourself.
There are options from free to expensive.


  1. Free - normal use.
  2. Paid - sites and applications that you need to pay for access.
  3. By invitation - private applications or restricted sites, for example. Only the corporate network and the online community, which can only enter by invitation.
  4. Tracking resources - the ability to track the location of people and objects, say you have a courier service or a transport company. You can see on the map who is where and who owns the situation.
Also on this page, you can select the Google Maps API for Android or iOS ....
OpenTopoMap -
Open topographic maps.

Open topographic maps.

Free topographic maps based on OpenStreetMap data with a digital elevation model (SRTM).

The project site has the ability to download maps of regions for Garmin devices.

Solar System Scope -
Map of the solar system in 3D.

Map of the solar system in 3D. Performed incredibly great.
There is no Russian language on the site, but there is a map in the map.

You can see all the planets and trajectories, dwarf planets, comets, constellations.
You can see planets in proportional sizes or in real ones, then they will be small points.

You can see the planets in 3D separately. (White arrow with a green ball on the right)

World Population -
Population map.
Infrapedia -
Map of submarine cables.

Map of submarine cables around the world.
Just to see and it becomes clear why the sites of South America and China are so slow to load.

LJ Maps -
Interesting places.

The joint project of LiveJournal and Beeline.
Based on Google Maps.

Information about travel, places of interest, cities and countries in a convenient format.
Read and comment bloggers' stories, add posts from your blogs to the map, plan new trips and follow the routes of famous travelers!

There are 2 map view modes: satellite and regular map.
When you select a point On the map, the right column displays information about the selected point.

Column with posts
The list of points on the visible area of ​​the map with the posts attached to them.
The points can be sorted by popularity and by date of placement.

Special section:

  • How to save on roaming,
  • n Useful advice,
  • how to pay the bill on the trip,
  • interesting articles about the countries.
GeoNames -
Search for geographical names in the database over 10 million objects tied to the map.

Search for geographical names in the database of more than 10 million objects tied to the map.
The database is taken from a variety of official sources, which are listed on the site.
Search is correct and more detailed than with Google Maps.
Google issues the largest object on your request, GeoNames will offer a maximum of options. Search by official names and alternate names.
In addition, there are lists where you can see the population, the territory for countries and cities, the height for the mountains ...

Retromap -
Old maps. The site is just super.

Old maps.
The site is just superious.

Every possible old map is collected.
You can find maps by cities, or you can press Select a map and get the explorer as in a computer with folders and subfolders.
Choose the required from and get:

You can visually select a map. The base is incredible.

When we select a map, we get to an interactive map, like Google or Yandex.
However, why like Google or Yandex? - There are both Google and Yandex.
Also there is a map of Bing, Wiki and OpenStreetMaps and a photo from the Google Maps satellite.
That is, you can look at the old map, and then jump over to Yandex and immediately see how the map looks today.
And you can make 2 Windows and look in parallel.
You can choose maps by years.

Just keep in mind, here old maps are tied to modern interactive map services, but they do not cover the whole earth. Each map on its own area.
Some maps cover more space, and some less.
Some have a higher resolution, some lower.
We will be lenient and will treat with understanding.

Yandex Map Constructor -
Map to the site.

Toolkit that allows you to embed Yandex maps on your site. Using the Yandex.Maps API, you can manage maps and their contents, as well as create various applications - from simple interactive journeys to the office to complex geoinformation services.

You can create directions or define coordinates.

The map can be flexibly integrated into the design of any site. To do this, draw your own controls.


Runivers - Russian Borders
Interactive map of Russian history

Interactive cartographic Internet project "Borders of Russia 1462-2018".

Dynamic map of Russia for each year from 1462 to 2018 with area calculation of all acquired and lost territories. "RUVERS" together with the Laboratory of Historical Geoinformatics of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences and NextGIS company presents the project "Borders of Russia 1462-2018".

This cartographic project contains data on the geographical location of Russia's political borders and their changes over the last five and a half centuries. The most important function of the project is the possibility to choose any year in the interval 1462-2018.

The map shows seven different statuses of the territory of the Russian state: main territory of the state, territory under the protectorate, territory in vassal dependence or sphere of influence, leased territory, territory in joint ownership and disputed territory.

For each year, the area of Russian territory has been calculated. Its maximum increase took place in the second third of the XVII century as a result of its promotion to Siberia. Outstanding long-term process of Russians' penetration to the east in small groups can not be considered an ordinary movement of state borders and is difficult to map. In this connection, the record for Russian history growth figure (2.07 million square kilometers) is only provisionally dated on the map to 1634.

Fixation of rights to Alaska at the end of XIX century. The fixation of Alaska rights at the end of the XIX century "added" Russia another 1.5 million square kilometers. The largest losses occurred in 1917 and 1991. - The largest losses occurred in 1917 and 1991. 1.4 and 5.2 million square kilometers.

The ruler of Russia, who added the most land, is Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov. Under Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, most of the territory was lost.

Graphs of changes in Russia's territory for publication

The published dynamic map showing changes in boundaries in the past is intended to become a cartographic base for historians who use GIS technologies to solve various research problems.

Measuring distances on Yandex.Maps -
Measure distances on the map.

Measuring the distances on the map.

How it works

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the place to get to and choose Rout from here,
  2. Click in the same way to the destination and choose Rout from here,
  3. the right menu indicates the distance and travel time.
  4. If necessary, choose another way of travel (car, public transport, bicycle, walk ... depending on the place available to you). This way the route may change.
Elements Maps.

Fires map.
The SFMS system is an information service of operational monitoring of natural fires, developed by the Russian company ScanEx RDC.

The goal is to provide access to the result for everyone.
The project is focused on the unprepared user and on experts. As a basic component of the service, a technology based on the algorithm for automatic detection of fires on the "thermal" channels of satellite imagery MODIS is used (for more details, see the detection of fires according to MODIS data).
The monitoring area includes the entire territory of Russia, The territory of neighboring countries falling into the zone of visibility of the SCANEX network of receiving stations.

The main tasks of this service are the speed of reporting information on fires and its wide availability.
To this end, all data is laid out on the geoportal, which provides a convenient view of these data and related thematic information. Additional information includes: weather forecast, peatlands borders, borders of burnt out areas, borders of reserves and national parks.
Please contact us with suggestions, comments and wishes - we are open to negotiations and partnerships for the development of remote fire monitoring projects And early detection.
The strategic objective of our project is to further improve the detail and reliability of operational data and to create public monitoring tools, conducted by a wide range of users, based on satellite imagery and other sources of observations.

Yandex.Maps -
The main card services.

Leading service of maps of Russia.


  1. There are more plans of Russian cities than on Google.
  2. Much more panoramas of Russian cities than on Google.
  3. Leading service of traffic jams in Russia.
  4. Panoramas from the air, so far only St. Petersburg.
  5. Snapping webcams.

Transport on the map

  • Central Russia,
  • Novosibirsk Region, Ural,
  • Vladivostok, Khabarovsk,
  • Crimea,
  • Belarus,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • ...
You can track traffic on the map in real time.
It is possible to track it both through a mobile application and a website.
Maps for the world
Topographic maps of the world.

Topographic maps of the world.

Maps are scanned and collected in one place, tied to a Google map. Google Maps itself is a map navigator.

Maps can be embedded on the site by taking the code.

Picture on Yandex.Map -
Yandex allowed people to attach photos to geographical places, which allows to see the required place in more detail.

Yandex.Maps has panoramas that let you see the place on the map. But not everywhere there are panoramas.
Yandex allowed people to attach photos to geographical places, which allows to see the required place in more detail.

It is once convenient to see what the place looks like before the trip, to see the interchanges.
Only I especially would not expect that everything will be exactly as in the photo, they may be outdated.

Yandex.Panorammas -
Panorammas on Yandex.Maps.

Panoramas on Yandex.Maps.
Google started doing this before and they managed to cover more places on the map.
But the advantage of Yandex as cards. Let's say I watched Maidan on Yandex and Google. Obviously, Google has glued the car, and then placed, shoals on the face. Yandex gluing is not visible.

Another advantage:
At Google all persons, numbers of cars and advertizing on houses are covered. I wanted to find my way around the place before going to an unfamiliar city, but I saw only daub and our identical gray houses.
On Yandex, people's faces and car license plates have only recently begun to be covered, but not at home. Completely different impression.

That is, Yandex has its advantages, it is not reasonable not to use anything personal, you should use the advantages of any service.

Google Maps -
Google Earth program is built into Google Maps.

In fact, this Google Earth program is built into Google Maps.
In order to take advantage of this effect, you need to go into the photo mode and the 3D button below the compass will appear.

The terrain is very well implemented: mountains, valleys ...
As for the cities they remained flat, although the whole picture is tilted. The real effect of 3D up to the trees is only in the large cities of the Western world (Europe, Australia, Canada) and much of the US.

To hold the circle, hold down the Ctrl or Shift and use the mouse.

Bird's eye view on Yandex.Maps -
View from the bird's flight.

On Yandex.Disk

Panoramas from the air to Yandex.Maps.
While only Petersburg, but this city is the most beautiful with such Height.

Google Maps -
Leading online maps.

Leading online maps.
Google was the first to create this miracle, which allows you to see the whole world and the map in terms of and photos of decent quality with detailing to the house.

There are maps that better and more accurately show certain cities or countries, OpenStreetMaps is better in small settlements in Western countries, Yandex.Maps for Russia, Here WEGO - Scandinavia.

But Google is much better in everything: maps in terms of, in photos, 3D, panoramas ... Google maps are integrated with other services. And they are constantly developing, raising the bar higher.


Google linked the panoramas to Google maps, which made them incredibly convenient. I must say that even in Russia Google has covered the incredible territory with panoramas.

As with almost all Google services, maps are Russified. The names of countries and cities in Russian and below the original language. Streets in Russian in the CIS and English in other countries.


In fact, this Google Earth program is built into Google Maps.
In order to take advantage of this effect, you need to go into the photo mode and the 3D button below the compass will appear.

The terrain is very well implemented: mountains, valleys ...
As for the cities they remained flat, although the whole picture is tilted. The real effect of 3D up to the trees is only in the large cities of the Western world (Europe, Australia, Canada) and much of the US.

To hold the circle, hold down the Ctrl or Shift and use the mouse.

Panorama on Yandex.Maps -
Now there is a panorama of all the cities of one million Russian and others - a total of 240.

Now there are panoramas of all cities of Russia's millionaires and others - only 240. And a number of smaller cities.
66 cities of Ukraine, 6 cities of Belarus and 2 Kazakhstan.


  1. Choose a place on the map,
  2. watch the proposed photo,
  3. click on the arrow and advance to the next photo.
In fact, it's a lot of photos, structured in a certain order.

Yandex.Maps made it possible to insert a panorama to your site.

We go to Yandex.Maps. If your city has panoramas, the "Panorama" button will appear on the top right, as it is seen in the picture below, click it

There the "Link" button will appear on the top right, click it and in the drop-down menu at the bottom there will be the item "Paste on Site, as shown in the picture below, click.

Determine the size of the proposed or set your own and take the code to the site.

Help Yandex.Maps

Maps - Jakub Marian -
Visual statistics on the map of Europe.

Map of Europe for ... the average working week, the name of Easter in the languages of the countries ... and other visual statistics on the map.

Two Centuries of US Immigration Visualized -
The map shows visually when and from which countries emigration prevailed in the United States.
Yandex.Maps panoramas to website -
Panoramas from the card to the site.


  1. Select a place on the map,
  2. click the panorama button (binoculars icon), if there are any in the selected city,
  3. open the panorama,
  4. Circles plus and minus there is an icon like "download" only the up arrow, when you hover the text "Share a panorama."
  5. Then "Paste on the site" and take the code.
Waze -
Social navigator.

Social Navigator.
The most popular navigator in the world. It's all about sociality.
That is, if you are not satisfied with the map of your place, you can correct it.
That's how it's corrected and created all over the world.

Also users promptly inform where the road repairs, traffic jams ...
That allows you to have the most correct map and the situation on the road.

I remember I went on the map of Yandex, which offered a short route. But I had to go back, because in that place you can drive only in the summer, and in the summer, there a section of the road is not cleaned and you can not pass.

At another place compared the travel time estimated on the maps of Google and Yandex, Google was very wrong, probably did not take into account the state of a large road section.

Waze has a living map from life today.
By the way, it was bought by Google for $1.1 billion.

Traffic jam on Google MapsTraffic Jam - Google -
Plugs in the world.

Traffic jams in the countries of the world.
There are no traffic jams in my city, Yandex shows little but it's in front of the traffic lights, but Google shows a rather motley picture for our city, too sensitive.
Traffic jams on Google Maps are inferior to Yandex. but here there is a traffic forecast.
We set the day of the week, the time, and you will be shown the average situation that happens at such a time.

How to enable

  1. We go to Google Maps through the browser.
  2. At the top left of the page, click the menu icon.
  3. Choose Traffic.
  4. Decryption appears at the bottom of the screen.
  5. To remove the traffic jams from the map, press the selected item again in the menu.
I looked at my city. We basically do not have traffic jams.
But Google found even now, when a small move. I understand, he determines the speed of traffic.
It is clear that it is slower at a traffic light, at a lying policeman and where often make a left turn.
So not all traffic jams, so called.

Traffic jams

On Google maps, we ask the "Restaurants" query and get the marked restaurants on the map, and next there is a list with the address, contacts, rating, reviews, work hours and attendance by day of the week and hours.

The completeness of the information depends on the provided restaurant.

Traffic jams in the cities of Russia and CIS.

Traffic jams in cities of Russia and the CIS.
Yandex.Probki - the first and best service about traffic jams.
Information on the situation on the roads: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Possibility to route the route with traffic jams

  • video cameras and detectors installed on key city highways,
  • data from automatic tracks transmitted by mobile Yandex.Mart,
  • companies - partners and owners of navigation programs,
  • motorists report traffic jams at the toll-free number for Russia 7 800 333-08-30.
Yandex.Metro -
Interactive maps of the metro cities.

Interactive metro maps of cities:

  1. Almaty
  2. Athens
  3. Baku
  4. Bucharest
  5. Budapest
  6. Dnipro
  7. Dubai
  8. Ekaterinburg
  9. Helsinki
  10. Istanbul
  11. Kazan
  12. Kharkiv
  13. Kyiv
  14. Lisbon
  15. Milan
  16. Minsk
  17. Moscow
  18. Nizhny Novgorod
  19. Novosibirsk
  20. Prague
  21. Rome
  22. Saint Petersburg
  23. Samara
  24. San Francisco
  25. Sofia
  26. Tashkent
  27. Tbilisi
  28. Vienna
  29. Volgograd
  30. Warsaw
  31. Yerevan
To find the route, you need to specify the start and end stations. If you do not know where the desired station is located on the diagram, then select it from the drop-down list.

A more convenient way is to specify the required stations directly on the map-scheme. Click the start and end stations sequentially. The proposed route will appear on the map, and the panel to the right of the diagram will describe in detail how to go and how long the trip will take.

If you make a mistake in selecting a station or want to calculate another route, click on the "Start again" button.

Alternative map of Moscow subway from Yandex
What the metro map of Moscow would look like if the stations on it were named after local centers of attraction.

At every subway station, well, almost at every station, there is something that attracts people from other areas and even from other cities.
Mall, planetarium, restaurant, tax office, court.
Yandex presented what the metro map of Moscow would look like if the stations on it were named after local centers of attraction.
In order to find such places, we used the data on queries to Yandex.maps set near metro lobbies.

Bike Share Map -
Alternative map of St. Petersburg subway from Yandex
What the metro map of St. Petersburg would look like if the stations on it were named after local centers of attraction.

At every subway station, well, almost at every station, there is something that attracts people from other areas and even from other cities.
Mall, planetarium, restaurant, tax office, court.
Yandex presented what the metro map of St. Petersburg would look like if the stations on it were named after local centers of attraction.
In order to find such places, we used the data on queries to Yandex.maps set near metro lobbies.

Live real time satellite tracking and predictions -
Companions on the map.

Satellites in real time on the map.
You can select a satellite or an ISS and see where it is flying by.
There are a lot of satellites, so it's good to know what it's called. You can search by country or by name.

Online translation of the aurora borealis
The site includes 3 webcams with which you can watch the northern lights in real time.

The site includes 3 webcams with which you can watch the northern lights in real time.

True, they are updated every 2 minutes, so see how the northern lights play will not work.

The page also presents data from the satellite.

Map by Google Mars -
Map was created based on NASA's images.

The map is based on NASA images.
You can see a photo or a map.
You can also see the map on the Google Earth program from Google.
Google Mars, which allows you to walk through Mars using updated satellite images of high resolution almost as soon as they appear in NASA.

Historical Maps - historical maps

But the high resolution photos of the planet were not always there. In this section, you can return during the first shots and see the Mars through the eyes of the discoverers. You can also see maps of Mars astronomers Giovanni Schiaparelli, Percival Lovell and ...
Moon Map by Google -
The map shows the landing site of people.

You can see the photo or map-chart.
You can also see the map on the Google Earth program from Google.

WhiteVinyl -
Solar System Map.

The map of our solar system, very simple and similar to the one described above.

But it's also a toy. Here, the planets, as it were, graze their string through a full turn, each note of its own and produces a peculiar melody. You can set the rotation s

Hubble -
The biggest shot taken with the Hubble telescope.

The biggest shot taken with the Hubble telescope.
665 million pixels in size 34372 × 19345 pixels, weighing 1.6 Gb.

The picture shows the Galaxy Triangle (twice smaller then Milky Way).

In fact, this is not one photo, but a group of interactive photos, like on Google maps.
We see everything, click on a certain place and get a more detailed photo, and so on.

SpaceWeatherLive -
Ovation Auroral Prediction.

Forecast of the northern and juvenile lights for the coming days.
You can find out when and where it will be more intense.
But do not forget to see the usual weather forecast.
You can not see the northern lights with a cloudy sky.

The forecast is based on the conditions of the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) obtained by the DSCOVR spacecraft.
The map shows the intensity and location of the auroral oval for the time indicated in the right-hand corner of the map.
Under optimal conditions, from positions at a distance of approximately 1000 km (600 miles) north or south of the auroral oval, observation of the northern lights is possible. Please note that this model does not take into account the height of the sun in your area, as well as local weather conditions.

Power in the hemisphere

The OVATION model calculates the total global integrated energy radiation in Gigawatts for the next 30 minutes. For values ​​below about 20 GW, there may be a small or non-visible aurora.
For values ​​between 20 and 50, you may need to get close to the shine to see it.
For values ​​above 50, the aurora should be observed with a lot of activity and movement across the sky.
Once a level reaches 100 or more, it is considered a very significant geomagnetic storm.
Old Maps Online -
Search for ancient maps of the British Museum archive on Google maps.

Search for ancient maps of the British Museum archive on Google maps.

  1. Choose the time on the scale of 1000-2010 year,
  2. indicate the place on the map on the map, or set the geographical point in the search form,
  3. in the right panel see thumbnails of available maps according to our request.
  4. choose the desired map and get to the window with a description and a link to the archive where you can find and buy this card.
The site has a developer's blog and a lot of passing information on cartography.
Old maps of Moscow online
The site presents the old maps of Moscow and the Moscow region from ancient times to the present day.

The site presents the old maps of Moscow and the Moscow region from ancient times to the present.

For all maps, online browsing is available in high resolution.

With the Map Overlay function, you can compare any old Moscow plan with modern maps and satellite imagery.

OpenStreetMap Wiki -
Map of the Milky Way -
Map of the Milky Way.

A map of the starry sky in the usual Google map format, we zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, and so on.

Wikimapia -
Wiki maps.

A collaboration project between Google and Wikipedia.
Google Maps is used, visitors can add information about objects. If the building is not marked with a rectangle, press the button for adding an object.

Predict that this site in the next five years will become one of the most popular sites of the entire Internet. The basis of this is the popularity of the Google Maps and Wikipedia sites.
The potential of the popularity of these two services is huge, just not everyone realizes it yet.

GIS-Lab -
Basic open geodata. There is a list, but you can take a lot right here.

Basic open geodata. There is a list, but you can take a lot right here.

OmnesViae -
The Roman Empire on the map.

Interactive map of the roads of the Roman Empire.
There is no Russian version.
The map is stylized as an old one.

You can specify a route.

ProtectedPlanet -
Reserves on the map.

Reserves on Google's map.
There is no Russian language on the site, but the map has a Russian version.
The authority of the information is indicated by the fact that the service is supported by international organizations under the auspices of the UN UNEP, UNEP-WCMC, International Union for the Conservation of Nature ...

The service is supported by such companies as British Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon mobil, Repsol, Statoil and many others ...

So it's not a one-day site with a database of questionable sources. On the contrary, we can be sure of the correctness of information and the development of the project. IABIN Import process

Search on the official site.

The state search engine of Russia, created by Rostelecom.
Develops into the portal, that is, it will build up other services to facilitate the provision of public services to citizens.

Why is it needed and how is it different from existing search engines? Filtering, that is, protecting the user, is the official version.

Filtering includes protecting children and adults from any porn, aggression, spreading drugs, calling for violence ...
Or rather, it is not a filter in the usual sense. There are soon only proven and allowed sites. That is, on request you will get much less than other search engines.
It will be convenient if we are looking for official information. But if we need to download something, then go to Yandex.

Unusual menu, instead of the usual Search, Pictures, Videos, Maps ... we see Search, News, Maps, Convenient Russia, My Home, Medicines, Finances
Maps use the open card service base OpenStreetMap (details).

Detailed maps of cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Detailed maps of cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

These are essentially maps of Yandex, which have tried to fit into the site, so that it is more convenient to find the required.

It will be more convenient for someone to use the card here, and for someone it is more convenient for the classic map of Yandex.

Road Atlas is a road map of Russia, with which you can read the main news for a certain period of time, quickly find out about restrictions and overlap on the road, view photos of low-quality sections of roads, evaluate future routes and evaluate traffic jams.

Road Atlas is a road map of Russia, with which you can read the main news for a certain period of time, quickly find out about restrictions and overlap on the road, view photos of low-quality sections of roads, evaluate future routes and evaluate traffic jams.

Information about the state of any section of the road on the map of Russia can now be posted by the users themselves.
What makes the information more operational and relevant.

You can select a route and see the load on all sections of the road (green - free, red - traffic jams).
You can see photos of sections of roads, if any.
And you can also read news regarding the selected route - repairs, accidents ...

Map of the killed roads
The public movement of motorists, whose members advocate safe and high-quality roads.

The public movement of motorists, whose members advocate safe and high-quality roads.

Citizen participation in the formation of road policy in the regions and improving the quality of roads.

The goal is to repair roads taking into account the views of citizens and the elimination of road defects that affect the accident rate. The relevance of the project is due to citizens' dissatisfaction with the unsatisfactory condition of the roads, the high level of accidents on the roads, as well as the inability of motorists to promptly report defects and the need to eliminate them.

That is, you can easily register and mark bad roads if they are not yet marked.

There are statistics - the number of killed roads, of which it is planned to repair, patching repairs by region.
Posted regulatory framework.


IFTTT - If This Then That is a mashup service that can combine various network applications into a single tool.

How it works?

  1. For which we will observe and select the event.
  2. Select the service in which the selected event should be displayed.
For example, an article marked with an asterisk in Google Reader is sent to your e-mail.

The links we have created are called recipes, you can invent your own, or you can use them created by someone.

Google -
Map of the Milky Way.

Map of the Milky Way from NASA.

It's like an ordinary map, not just the whole sky, but a strip. You can scroll, zoom in, see what place our galaxy you are exploring.

Карта онлайн
3D map and navigator for your smartphone.

3D map and navigator for your smartphone.
You can view the map in 3D.

On the map instead of houses there will be gray rectangles, which differ in height depending on the number of floors.
The site announces a mobile application, which is not referenced on the site, there is no application in other places, it seems it is not ready yet.

Find Your Nearest Postbox -
UK mailboxes on the map.
Simply put in a postcode in the form and find the post boxes nearest to you.

UK mailboxes on the map.
Simply put in a postcode in the form and find the post boxes nearest to you.

Simply put in your postcode (top right) and find the post boxes nearest to you.

Our Ural
Interactive map of the Urals for tourists.

Interactive map of the Urals for tourists.

Vici -
The Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity.

The Archaeological Atlas of Antiquity.
The site, in addition to the interactive map, which essentially serves as a menu and navigation, there is a database with photos and information.

A Brief History of Rocket Launche -
A simple map with a timeline of the history of the launches of space rockets.

Over 5,000 orbital rocket launches from nearly 30 different sites are depicted, starting in 1957 when Sputnik became the first artificial object in orbit.

A simple map with a timeline of the history of the launches of space rockets.
We can clearly see when the start was made and whether it was successful.
Successful - green, unsuccessful - red.

The simplest way to click the play button and look at the map, to the right will be more detailed information.

You can filter only flights to the moon or to Mars or ...

Sport Map World -
The site has maps with the location of sports clubs of the leading world leagues, leading sports.

The site has maps with the location of sports clubs of the leading world leagues, leading sports: football, American football, basketball, baseball, rugby, Formula 1, NASCAR, London and Sochi Olympics.

The site uses a Google map and you can use the panoramas wherever they are, no more. So, somewhere we can visit the stadium, and somewhere just look outside.

There are different maps of sports clubs on the Internet, but this is the most updated.

In addition to places on the map, there is a brief information on the clubs : stadium name, capacity, postal address.

Map of Russian roads from Rosavtodor.

Map of Russian roads from Rosavtodor.
They have their own map, where only federal roads are marked.
Say, if we travel across Russia, we do not need extra details, to single out the most essential.
For trips around the country, we use exclusively the main roads of the country.

Videoprobki -
Traffic jams on the webcam.

Traffic jams on Google maps.
There is a version for smartphones.
Information about traffic jams is not yet displayed for all the streets, but gradually the coverage will increase. Hopefully, the developers are not too tight with the update. Forecast traffic status on the roads on the selected day and time allows the function of Live Traffic Change.

My Aurora Forecast -
My Aurora Forecast is the best app for seeing the Northern Lights.

My Aurora Forecast is the best app for seeing the Northern Lights. Built with a sleek dark design, it appeals to both tourists and serious aurora watchers by telling you what you want to know

  • whether that is exactly how likely you are to see the aurora borealis or details about the solar winds and high-resolution sun imagery. With this app, you'll be seeing the Northern Lights in no time.
    1. Find the current KP index and how likely you are to see the Northern Lights.
    2. View a list of the best locations to view from right now.
    3. Map showing how strong the aurora is around the world, based on the SWPC ovation auroral forecast.
    4. Free push notifications when auroral activity is expected to be high.
    5. Forecasts for the next hour, several hours and several weeks so you can plan your Northern Lights viewing long in advance (subject to weather conditions).
    6. Solar wind statistics and sun imagery.
    7. Tour information so if you're considering to go to locations such as Iceland or even Alaska or Canada, you'll be able to find tours that we can recommend to you.
    8. Completely free of charge for all functionality, no in-app purchases.
  • Vesti.Probki
    Traffic jams on the map.

    It is clear that the copy is worse than the original and the Vesti are just catching up to the Cork from Yandex. But the competition and suddenly for you it will be clearer and more interesting.

    The map displays the speeds of cars moving along the streets of Moscow, Navigators with a special software application. Thus, it is possible to determine the approximate average velocity of the entire flow of motion.

    Global Forest Watch -
    Google Maps.

    Forests in real time. It is possible to see how much when it is cut down and cut down and how much is planted again.

    The public cadastral map.
    Panorama 360-VR
    Virtual Map of the traveler.

    Virtual cards from the traveler.
    Always good panoramas of this kind, when they are made not by a global service, but by one or a few people.
    I think we have repeatedly rushed to the doorposts on Google or Yandex panoramas (by the way, Yandex is noticeably shoal less).
    But when one person does and not everything and everything, but only that which he likes, here is the manual work and the quality is perfect.
    It is always interesting to see photos of the traveler who can photograph, And here such a photographer, only uploads not photos, but panoramas of his travels With beautiful views.
    Itself did not waste anything, something was left for memory, and we were pleased.

    Global Incident Map -
    Maps of hazards, disasters.

    A global map of incidents and disasters.
    On the map you can see what disasters are happening at the moment and where.
    You can see everything at once or thematically, for example:

    1. Forest fires,
    2. Presidential Threat,
    3. Terrorism,
    4. Earthquakes,
    5. Accidents,
    6. Trafficking,
    7. Drug trafficking,
    8. ...
    Click on the topic and see only incidents of this kind, below is the list With the date and time.
    Calculation of distance, travel time, fuel consumption, laying routes.

    Calculation of distance, travel time, fuel consumption, laying routes.

    How it works

    1. We indicate the point of departure and destination, if desired, an intermediate point (you can specify up to 7 intermediate points). < li> Get the distance in km, travel time.
    2. Get the estimated cost of gasoline. We can change the consumption per 100 km and the cost of a liter, so we get the amount for our car.
    3. In parallel, we get the route on the map.
    JSFiddle -
    How to make a map on the site in black and white.
    Arctic Bathymetry in Google Maps -
    Nautical charts.

    Bathymetry is engaged in mapping the topography of the seabed and measuring the depth of the ocean with the echo sounder. One of the main goals of bathymetry is the exploration of hydrocarbon deposits.

    Ocean Mapping Group of the University of New Brunswick created this map with bathymetry for the north of Canada. The map shows many layers of bathymetric data for this area. The layers have different colors. Each color indicates the depth of the ocean according to the color scale in the upper right corner of the map.

    Many Maps
    All in 1 card.

    Started with 5 maps in one place, now:

    1. Google Maps
    2. Yandex.Maps
    3. OpenStreetMap
    4. 2GIS
    5. Bing Maps
    6. Yahoo Maps
    7. Kosmosnimki
    8. Wikimapia
    9. ProGorod
    10. Visicom
    The fact is that there is no uniquely better map.
    On one map, one city is more successful and more detailed, another city is more successful than another city.
    The convenience is that you Do not need to skip the windows.
    We choose the right place and just click on the other maps and see how it looks there. It is not necessary to look for this place on each map again, they are synchronized.
    You can select 'Dual view' - 2 maps on one page. You can work with 2 maps at once.

    In addition to map communication, you can also select a place on the map by default and mark a point on the map. This point will be on all maps at once.

    Saves time much.

    Eto Mesto
    Parallel viewing of old and modern maps online.

    Parallel viewing of old and modern maps online.
    The site primarily presents maps of old maps of Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, a number of regions of Russia, there is something about Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries and the Caucasus.

    Here you can not only study in detail the historical heritage of the Russian, Soviet and foreign cartography, but also apply the information obtained for practical purposes. So, with the help of the site you can find out the history of your small homeland or all of Russia on maps of different times. What used to be on the site of your house, what names had populated areas and streets in ancient times, where it is not worth buying an apartment - if the house was built in a former landfill or graveyard, where there was a former village of your ancestors, where you should walk with a metal detector in search of treasure, where the search squads search for the unburied remains of our soldiers during the Great Patriotic War - these and many other questions will help to answer our project. Our search base for geographical objects contains not only the names of settlements, but also the location of tracts, relief objects, old names of the times of the USSR, the place of abandoned villages.

    The selected piece of any map, you can print, save as a picture with a superimposed index, export in Google Earth for viewing in 3D, paste into your blog or on your local history site. If you are interested in the plan, you can download a waypoint WPT or GPX for a GPS navigator or a KML with the coordinates of this place.

    Almost any online card can be downloaded to your computer from the server and enjoy off-line access to the Internet. The maps are laid out in the format of images and PDF, as well as files for navigation programs working with raster maps: OziExplorer, OruxMaps, Androzic, Locus Map, Locus Pro, AlpineQuest, Galileo Offline Maps, etc.

    The cadastral map.

    The public cadastral map for Russia online.

    This is a certificate of real estate objects and units of cadastral division. Here you can get information about the full cadastral number, address and area of ​​the property, entered in the GKN.

    It is also possible to obtain information about the divisions of the territorial agency Rosreestr and the branch of FGBU "FKP Rosreestra", servicing the real estate object, indicating the unit name, address and telephone number of the reception office.
    From the information window containing information about the selected object, it is possible to form a request for information from the State Committee for the Defense of the USSR in order to obtain legally relevant documents. The information on the selected objects is provided in a pop-up information window. To do this, go to the Portal of rendering public services Rosreestra, selecting one service from the list on the "Services" tab of the information window.

    World City Data -
    An interactive map that shows data for cities around the world.

    An interactive map that shows data for cities around the world. Represented only the largest cities and not all countries.

    Planes and trains on the map.

    Airplanes and trains on the map.

    Want to see the planes that are now in the air and where are the trains now? Now you can follow them directly on the map.

    Information about the flights and the calculation of the location is based on the data of the Yandex.Respisation service. Our planes fly in orthodromies - the shortest distance between two points located on the surface of the sphere (although in real life routes are routed through special air corridors).

    Click on the airplane or train and see its route.

    Cycling, with a "night" layer from OpenStreetMap.
    Planetmaker -
    On the map you can see the earth in volume, twist, everything will be as close as possible to realistic.

    On the map you can see the earth in volume, twist, everything will be as close as possible to realistic.
    Relief, illumination by the sun, and the time can be changed and the lighting will move.
    You can add a moon and it will spin tied to the ground.
    You can choose other planets, set a lot, you can tighten the tone, make it brighter, change the terrain, then the mountains will be very large, etc.

    In addition, you can see different land, for example. In the style of the old television. You can see Mars if it was the earth.

    Maps of the sky and the planets surface, the device telescopes and eyepieces.

    Astronomical server M31: maps of the starry sky and surfaces of planets, the device of telescopes and eyepieces, caricatures on astronomical themes, astronomical and historical articles.

    OpenCycleMap -
    OSM Cycle Map.
    Our solar system -
    Solar System Map.

    Map of our solar system.

    The map is flat, quite simple, but here you can see how the planets rotate.

    Detailed map of the city, directory of organizations with addresses and phone numbers.

    Detailed map of the city, directory of organizations with addresses and phone numbers.
    Reference books and maps of 94 cities of Montenegro and Russia are available in GIS 4geo.

    A modern portal containing news, posters, ads, real estate, as well as many other interesting and useful information about your city.

    OpenPisteMap -
    Ski Card from OpenStreetMap.
    OpenStreetBrowser -
    OpenStreetMap with organizations on the map.

    OpenStreetMap with the organizations on the map.
    The main convenience is the filters, we see only that the nm is interesting.
    The main inconvenience is that the menu offers everything that is on this section of the map and what is not. For example, if you do not have a public transport in the village, this menu item will still be present.

    1. We go to the map, select the required portion of the map,
    2. In the menu on the left we select a group of leisure, services, transportation ... and then a subgroup,
    3. get selected on the map, it can be a cafe, bus stops ... you can select several groups.
    The question arises - how to add an organization to this site? - You need to add to the site OpenStreetMap, and OpenStreetBrowser uses its database.
    Open the card.

    The Russian part of OpenStreetMap.
    The site is somewhat similar to the original one, but here you can choose the maps - Bing Snapshots, Cosmosnimki, Bicycle Map and a number of more.

    This is convenient because the original OpenStreetMap does not

    Visicom -
    More online maps.

    Online maps of Ukraine, no images from space, but the advantage over Google.Maps - detailed maps of Ukraine.


    • You can specify a search,
    • measure the distance,
    • route,
    • search in the directory,
    • insert the map into the site, as you see below.
    Visit Norway -
    Map of Norway.

    What can be good after all these advantages?

    There are no Panoramas.

    • Detailing to houses.
    • Norway is a mountainous country, because the relief is indicated.
    • High-resolution satellite imagery.
    • You can build a route (only in Norway), along the way you will find hotels, restaurants, attractions ...
    The map is worthy, worth a look.
    100,000 Stars -
    Interactive map of stars.

    100 thousand stars. The Milky Way in 3D is a virtual tour of the nearest star systems. You can orient yourself manually, which is great, but what's more interesting, you can turn on Play and see the journey to our planet.

    Study Helps -
    Vivid Maps -
    Maps that explain the World.

    Maps that describe the world.

    There are visually presented various statistics on the maps.
    First of all, on the map of the United States, because the project is American.
    But you can choose a country from the list, there are maps and the whole world.

    In addition to graphics cards, there are videos that show changes on something on the map over a period of 5m time. This could be the melting of glaciers, population growth, the spread of religion ...

    Summer Olympics -
    Olympics on the map.

    On this map are collected all the cities where the Summer Olympic Games once passed.

    Winter Olympic Games
    Venues of the Winter Olympic Games.

    You too can create maps with interesting places to you in the My Maps section

    Map to the site.

    How can you quickly and simply mark a point on the map without special knowledge to share it with other people? Make use of the geo-service MakeMap! Paul Savchenkov, who created it, achieved this goal without requiring visitors to even register.

    Just click on the map from Google to place a marker, select its design from a dozen of icons, add a description, adjust the scale and specify: Show whether the buttons are sliders for changing it, and also the buttons for switching between map types (map/satellite/hybrid/terrain). And that's it. For simple implementation of a created map on your site, you can click the button and get the generated iframe-tag code, if your knowledge is wider - get the pure JavaScript code Google Maps API (the service in this case will act as a visual map editor). And if you just need a link to post it on a blog, for example, or send it via email, the site will give it out.

    It is also planned to implement the possibility of routing routes. The future of such a toy, at first glance, project can be traced quite seriously: it can easily turn into a simple card designer "for GIS-teapots".

    9-eyes -
    Panoramas on the map.

    Selected photos from Google Street View.

    Statistical Atlas -
    Atlas of visual statistics of the USA.

    Atlas of visual statistics of the USA.
    On the map and scale you can see how the US population is distributed among the states, by nationality, which nationality dominates, what kind of nationality people are in which state they emigrate.
    How much people speak English and at what level. For example, the Germans learn the language better, the Russians in the middle.
    Income statistics, etc.

    Quite detailed statistics on many topics.
    In addition, you can view statistics by state.

    2GIS maps.

    Electronic directories and a map of more than 200 in 3D online large cities. Maps of large cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, as well as some cities in some countries (Czech Republic, Chile, Cyprus, Italy, United Arab Emirates ...).

    • Variants of travel by car.
    • Ability to work with GPS.
    • Ability to make Skype calls directly from the directory.
    • Upload additional layers -
    • files with additional information (sights and city history, list of Wi-Fi points and Webcams with their location on the map, and others).
    • Tools for measuring the distance between map objects.
    • Search on the selected map fragment.
    • Add notes to the directory and map.
    • Posters for theaters and museums.
    • Long-distance transport schedule.
    • Does not require access to Internet.
    • Ability to install plugins.
    • Automatic updating of the data (with the appropriate settings).
    Panoramas on the map.

    Panoramas of Yekaterinburg and Perm.
    More than 25 thousand 360-degree (circular) panoramic photographs were photographed - both in central and in more remote areas of Yekaterinburg.


    • using the map,
    • "arrows" on the map,
    • list and tags.
    The distance between neighboring panoramas (when moving on the "arrow") is an average of 10 meters, and the accuracy of the search at the address - 30-50 meters.


    The photos were taken in August 2008 with the help of professional equipment, as seen in the photo.
    True, the panorama was collected automatically and it was hardly edited manually, because there are jambs: shifts, slopes. Obviously, here they preferred quantity to quality. And there are very gross errors. Obviously, someone without looking programmatically sculpted the panorama.
    2GIS map to your site.

    2GIS map to your site.

    Violations Map

    The map of violations, elections.
    The authors of the project and the association VOICE.
    This means that this is not an official project, but an initiative of the press. Therefore, we should not expect a quick reaction, but rather influence, which Internet has repeatedly rendered.

    You can find out about violations of the elections or report on the website. From the name it is clear that the site navigation is built conveniently using the map. Immediately see where there were violations and how much. We press and read.

    There is a hotline phone.

    Detailed map of Russia.

    Detailed map of Russia, all existing settlements of Russia. Under the satellite map of the Russian Federation, the administrative division of Russia according to federal districts and subjects of the Federation of the Russian Federation is presented.

    Administrative division of Russia.

    On the map of Russia, you can change the active layer of the map to the map of the Russian Federation from the satellite, measure distances between cities of Russia, lay a route on the map of the Russian Federation, setting the starting and ending points of your movement.

    Interactive satellite map of the Russian Federation. On the Google map of Russia, you can see the virtual panoramas of cities and streets.

    Interactive map of Russia's landfills.

    Interactive map of Russia's dumps.

    The map was created and supported by the United Russia party within the framework of the "General cleaning" project.

    World life expectancy map -
    The map shows real-time fertility and population growth, in which countries life expectancy is.


    Endoxon's map of Switzerland -
    Map of Switzerland. Not Ajax, but it's interesting.


    OK Live -
    Create the broadcasts and watch created by others.

    Watch the broadcast

    We choose a place on the map and see the active points where the translation is currently in progress. Any user can use any language he owns regardless of geographic location. But just as the classmates network is primarily Russian-speaking, almost everywhere we will meet Russian speech.
    Depending on the selected section of the map below, the players are available on this map, so it's more convenient to choose.It can be a person who wants to communicate, or maybe an entrepreneur advertising his product or store.
    If it's just a person, it's unlikely that he is broadcasting anything, rather he expects communication, you can get acquainted. Unlike the chat roulette, here you can choose the interviewee, seeing it and selecting from others. And if this is your city, you can also agree on a meeting.

    Create broadcasts

    Create broadcasts from your mobile phone in your profile in Classmates and in groups from the OK Live application.The recording of the broadcast will be available for subsequent viewing by users of OK Live and the social network. Classmates.
    The recording will be stored indefinitely, so think what you are showing.

    Collect viewers to communicate on the air

    OK Live will tell your subscribers that you are live, and will show your broadcast in the "Subscriptions" and "Maps" ribbon. If your live broadcast attracts the attention of the audience, it will automatically appear in the "Popular".
    Friends and group members will see new broadcasts in their personal tapes on all screens of the social network of Classmates and will receive additional notifications about the start of live broadcast.
    Facebook Map Live -
    Watch the live broadcast from around the world.

    Interactive map of online broadcasts from Facebook.
    On the map we choose from the offered broadcasting what we are geographically interesting.
    As a rule, you can find a language that is understandable for us.
    Of course, there's just chatter in there, and there's a web camera from the studio or a person sharing some serious topic that he owns.

    If you like some stream, you can subscribe to notifications about the next broadcasts.

    How to make your broadcast

    1. The broadcast is the button at the top right.
    2. A point from the list,
    3. for everyone or friends,
    4. you can write something to notify about your broadcast in the stream,
    5. next - how we will use our webcam, the broadcast will start.


    Street View -
    Street view.

    Street view of interesting places to enjoy the views, rather than look for luck on the map.

    My maps -
    Here you can find my card, which I put on the site, or simply stored.

    Here are my maps that I put on the site or simply memorized, for example, the places I visited, the routes on the map. However, you can always get here from the usual Google Maps website.

    building Scheme -
    Panorama Street view indoors.

    Panorama Street view indoors.
    They can be found on the map, but there are so few that are hard to find, except perhaps the obvious ones - New York, Manhattan.
    Here they are collected in one place. You can go and walk around the panorama using the built-in navigation, but there are large objects, like stadiums, where you can go from floor to floor, use the usual menu.

    Wonderland -
    Cartoon Wonderland on Google maps.


    Virtual Gulag Online Museum -
    Information about Gulags, people's testimonies, household items, panorama, 3D tour.

    The specific of the map is that it shows not only the Gulags, but also the places from where people who were sitting in the Gulag were from.

    The site was created by Czechs and concerns primarily prisoners from other countries, primarily Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary.
    That is, it opens a little-known page of the Gulag.

    Here you can find information about Gulags, people's testimonies, household items, panorama, 3D tour.

    Gulag History Map -
    A replenishing database on the history and geography of labour camps operating in the USSR from 1918 to 1960.

    A replenishing database on the history and geography of labour camps operating in the USSR from 1918 to 1960.

    On the map there is a time scale on which it is possible to see visually both the general picture, and local.
    You can choose a year or turn on the player.

    The map is interactive, you can zoom in on your region and see what was there by clicking on a specific Galaag, we get more detailed information on this particular camp by years - the number of prisoners, what were doing.

    COVID-19 MAP

    Coronavirus distribution map in Russia and worldwide
    Bing -
    COVID-19: tracking and tracing
    Center for Systems Science and Engineering -
    Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases
    Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation -


    NG -
    National Geographic maps online.


    Atlas of Russian History


    inScript Bible Browser
    A large number of Bible translations, Parallel selection of text, Strong's dictionary - click on the word and watch the translation. Simple, convenient, functional, worth a try.

    A large number of Bible translations - about 800 Bible translations into hundreds of languages ​​and adverbs.
    However, if there are more than 30 English translations, there are only 5 in Spanish, and the overwhelming majority of languages ​​are represented by only one translation. Let's say Russian is represented only by the Synodal Translation.

    Parallel selection of the text, say, select the text of the Greek version and see also the selection

    Strong's dictionary - click on the word and see the translation. Only English translations work and not all.

    Harmony of the Gospels - a list of gospel stories appears in a separate column with links to the places where they are described. If you click on the name of the story, then this story will be revealed in all the Gospels, where it is described.

    Biblical maps are simply a Google map in a separate column, where all biblical places are marked. Click on the place and get a list of references of the Bible, where this place is mentioned.

    Audio Bible - while the function does not work.

    Bible and interpretation.

    Bible and interpretation online.

    1. Synodal translation
    2. Church Slavonic translation
    3. Church Slavonic (transliteration)
    4. Modern Joyful News 2004 2004
    5. Modern RBD 2011
    6. Translation by S.S. Averintsev
    7. Translation of Bishop Cassian (Bezobrazov)
    8. Translation of prof. P.A. Yungerova
    9. Translation A.S. Desnitsky
    10. Ukrainian Pole І. Ogienna
    11. "English version New King James Version
    12. Latina Vulgata
    13. Subscript translation from the Greek by A. Vinokurov
    14. Ελλληνική (Septuagint)
    15. Belarusian Peracle V. Syomuhi
    16. New Russian Translation (Biblica)
    About 200,000 interpretations and studies for each verse of Scripture.
    Audio Bible.
    Map binding.

    One person decided to collect all the Orthodox interpretations of the Holy Scriptures in one place, breaking them down according to the verses that these interpretations explain.

    Now this is a large team of like-minded people who daily work to make our portal the largest online Bible, the largest collection of Orthodox interpretations and Bible studies, and the most convenient tool for studying the Word of God.

    Video lectures are recorded daily for each chapter of the Bible, as well as for individual verses and the most important Scriptures.


    Location-based social network with a map of interesting places with a photo area, adds its interesting places, write reviews, opinions, meet people with common interests.

    Geolocation social network with a map of interesting places with photos of the area, add your interesting places, leave feedback, opinions, get acquainted with people with common interests.
    The social network of travelers.

    A social network of tourists, with which you can:

    • Find and communicate with those with whom you once rested or find Travel agencies for future travel.
    • Read reviews and opinions of tourists and travelers about the rest in all countries, regions and resort cities around the world, as well as travel agencies and tour operators.
    • View all information about the location and reviews about the hotel that you have chosen for your holiday.
    • Add your travels, photos, impressions and opinions about hotels and places, get feedback from those people who also were or plan to go there.
    • Maintain your travel map, visually displaying on the world map all the places that you visited.


    Sound cities -
    Sounds on the map.

    This site is more like sounds, but city noise.
    You can search for the map, you can by the list.
    Everything is simple and intuitive.

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