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Project of the Society of Regional Studies of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Access to scanned backyard cards of agricultural census of 1917 in five districts of Ufa province (most of districts of modern Bashkortostan).

5,740 documents unique in their kind.
Census archives from 1917 have been preserved only in 5 regions of the Russian Federation.

For each peasant family (yard) a yard card was drawn up, where all information was recorded by scribes from the words of the interviewee. This information is valuable because it was collected before the politicization of census questions in the Soviet era.

You will learn the history of your ancestors and how they lived in everyday life.
Courtesy cards of the 1917 census recorded such information as:

  • number of farms
  • family composition
  • nationality,
  • livestock numbers and species
  • sizes of cultivated area by crops, land area and lands;
  • sizes of land holdings and land uses with subdivision of land into proprietary merchants, etc. by forms of land ownership;
  • lease and lease of land
  • availability of agricultural equipment, industrial and commercial facilities.

logo Pipl


International search, I include Russia, although it does not work with Cyrillic.

logo Peekyou


Website that searches for people in a number of English-speaking countries and China.
Search for people by name, work, school ... Looks for USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, China and India .

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Search for people on social networks, sites, addresses, email ...

logo InfoTracer


phone.:1 800 791-14-27 (US and Canadian Customers toll-free)
address: USA, Бостон, PO Box 990043, MA 02199


Search for Americans by name, phone, address or email.
Search on social networks, databases on offenses, looking for relatives (also marital status with details) and partners of the one we are looking for.
Full confidentiality.

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