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Electronic passport

Electronic digital signature
Props of the electronic document, allowing to establish the absence of distortion of information in the electronic document from the moment of the EDS formation and verify the signature holder's ownership of the EDS key certificate. The value of the props is obtained as a result of cryptographic information conversion using the private EDS key.

Each Russian will be given a universal electronic card, even if he does not want it

Collage © Mikhail Simakov, "Marker"


Tentatively on June 16, the State Duma will pass a second reading of the bill "On the provision of state and municipal services." The Ministry of Economic Development prepared a draft amendment for it, which was at the disposal of the "Marker". The main innovation is the inclusion of a section on the universal electronic map in the draft law. The bill sets a deadline for all citizens, regardless of whether they applied for the card or not, it will be issued, - 2014 AD According to the idea of ​​the developers, the map will give citizens access to the state electronic services of all departments on the territory of the country. The universal card will unite several documents at once and become, in fact, the main identity card of a Russian citizen.

Why do we need a universal map

A universal electronic card, according to the bill, will be a whole set of electronic applications. Among them - the policy of compulsory medical insurance, insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance, electronic banking application, etc. Regional authorities, in turn, will determine their own list of regional and municipal applications. The map will thus become almost the main document of the citizen Russia.

Organize the work on the issuance and maintenance of cards will be the authorized body of the state authority of the entity. Issue cards will be legal entities, territorial executive authorities or the Pension Fund. Pay for them citizens do not have to.

Earlier, the government commission for administrative reform under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Sobyanin appointed responsible for the universal electronic cards of the Ministry of Communications and identified three pilot regions where the universal card system will be developed. This is Tatarstan, Bashkiria and Astrakhan Region.

At the end of 2009 AD President Dmitry Medvedev proposed the creation of a national payment system and organize on its basis the issuance of social cards to Russians. However, judging by everything, the banking application to the universal card will be made on the basis of already existing international payment systems - Visa and MasterCard.

Ministry of Economic Development will grant grants to state bodies

Maps, according to the bill, it will be possible to receive from January 1, 2012 AD, By writing an application for extradition. And from 1 January 2014 AD A universal electronic card will be issued to all citizens without exception.

By the time the card is issued to most citizens, authorities are required to significantly improve the work so that the cards do not become useless pieces of plastic. To stimulate the officials, the Ministry of Economic Development has prepared a draft order on providing support to the authorities in carrying out administrative reform.

The economic department proposes to conduct a competitive selection of projects for the implementation of administrative reform, which will be proposed by the executive authorities. Projects should be aimed at improving state control, protecting the rights of legal entities and individuals in the implementation of such control, reducing deadlines and excessive procedures, organizing activities on the principle of a single window.

Based on the results of the submission of applications, their rating is drawn up, in accordance with which the event is allocated money from the federal budget. The maximum amount for one application is 8.5 million rub.

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