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Order on your social network page before sending your resume

Increasingly, employers look at jobseekers' pages in social networks, so it's easier to get a more realistic picture. After all, at the interview, all white and fluffy, and in the social network as they are.

And what are we in sotsseti? - idiotic pictures, jargon ...

First impression

First we look, how we registered (Kolyan, Vovan ...). By the way, I write down everyone in my phone book with official names, first a name, then a surname, so it's easier to look under the list, or guess, as Sasha or Alexander wrote or whatever.

So, decently and simply indicate your name, as in the passport, status, profile photo (not an idiotic photo with a bare chest), the last photo.

Your home page should give the impression of a sane, positive, reliable person.


We pay attention to which posts we place and how we react to other posts.

It is necessary to respond to other posts not hysterically, vilifying everyone and everything, but in a balanced, polite, positive way.

We avoid sharpness in statements, especially concerning other nationalities, faith, political parties, sports teams. How do we know the nationality of our boss, the favorite sports team and the supporter of what he party.

Compromising evidence

On your page there should be no nudity, or anything that you could not show your parents.

We delete negative feedback about your former bosses.

Ask one of your friends to take a fresh look at your page.

See who your friends are, your groups, links to other accounts ...

You can clean everything up, but the employer will follow the links and get to other places where you did not clean anything. And to sense?

But your page should look ostentatious, but natural. If you are a young man, then it should be fun, but not stupid, etc.

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CV Maker

Create beautiful, professional resumes in minutes, free.

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The service for online video creation, employment and pre-selection of personnel.
The service for applicants is free.

Using special questions that meet the requirements and competencies, it is possible to assess the professional skills and external data of candidates, compare their answers, analyze, How this or that answer is disclosed. It is important that the VCV service allows you to view video preview of potential candidates at any convenient time, repeatedly play, send links to colleagues or the leader.

Applicants are offered a video-editing tool in online mode, as well as a set of functionality for editing it. You just need a camera and a microphone. To help you properly prepare for the recording of the interview, we offer ready-made questions that reveal the candidate's potential.

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