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logo VK, data protection.


VK, data protection.

Download all your personal data.
VKontakte made it possible.

Our account is conveniently structured for us, everything is arranged in shelves, in its place, not in a common pile.
What do they have about me anyway? How do you make sure I know everything they have about me?

We make a request, we note that we are interested in the proposed list.
If nothing is noted, everything will come.

Be prepared to enter the password for your account.
The archive with the database will come within 3 hours.


Who’s Watching You

Who has the opportunity to read your correspondence and other information.

Facebook and other services have access to your information, as well as any insiders.
And who else? Who’s Watching You tell you.

How it works

  1. Select the type of information on the left
  2. select the tab
  3. We will see the logos of those services that have access to the type of information we have chosen.
Under the logo indicates the number of users of the service.

For example Nearly 20 companies have access to your location, including eBay and Netflix. 10 companies can read your messages: Instagram, Twitter and, for example, Tidal.
Some services are even able to ignore the function Do Not Track, which is built into some browsers and allows you to block surveillance.

logo Best Persons



Best Persons

The site aims to unite popular social networks and provide people with useful web 2.0 services.

The account includes:

  • The site of, which contains all the links to your personal pages on popular web 2.0 sites;
  • Your friends will always know where you live on Internet. Just give them a link to;
  • Visitors to any of your blogs or sites will know which other sites you are writing. It's enough just to place an informer in your blogs or in the profile;
  • You will clearly see how the popularity of your blogs or sites on the chart is changing;
  • Your status or mood, as well as contacts, can be inserted into your sites in the form of informers;
  • You will be able to read a single tape of all blogs of your friends, regardless of which popular sites they write;
  • You can change the design of the site using CSS.

Additional features:

  • Search for people on social networks for any snippets of nicknames or addresses;
  • Rating of the popularity of social networks (compiled using bp user profiles);
  • Personal questionnaire, where you specify and evaluate what you know, or better how to do it.

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Google just in case

Google just in case.

What will happen to our account, if or when we die?
What will happen to our contacts, letters, documents, photos ....?
Google will simply delete it with Inactive account?
Or would you like to be accessed by someone from your loved ones after a long inactivity?


Enter our phone number and additional email.

Determine the period of inaction: 1 month - 1 year.
If you do not use Google services for so long, you will receive an email or SMS. If you are alive, just go to your account once.

Add proxies.
We leave the message.

In principle, you can specify the removal of the account.

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Access to your Google Account

On this page, a list of sites that have access to your account on Google mail.

Often you are invited to easily log on to some site to use an account on well-known portals so that you do not register again. This simplifies the matter and we readily agree with this.

It is usually suggested to log in using accounts on Google, Yandex, Facebook, VK, Twitter ...

And if it offers a known or official (state) site, then You can use it.

Or some service to get started suggests opening access to your mail to create a social circle for you. For example, you first register with Skype and you do not even have to call anyone. But most likely some of your friends already have a Skype account. You open access to your mail for Skype and find out which of your friends can be added to the address book on Skype. It's the same on some social networks.

But over time, we do not even remember where and why we registered in this way.

On this page, you can see this list and, if desired, disable access. Especially if there is no such need.

After these operations, it is recommended to change the password.

'; - Have i been pwned?



In the form field, enter our email and find out if we hacked when our email or other accounts registered through it.

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