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Privet People!
The site of humor and good mood.

The site of humor and good mood.

Fresh jokes, baby talk, photo funny and funny videos, caricatures and demotivators - choose to your taste and forget, at least for a while, about the boss - the tyrant, the evil teacher, about the failures of your favor

Quotes and sayings
Quotes and sayings, nothing more.

In style, probably the most decent of those presented on this page.
I like sites that look nice and accurate, but only when the content matches the form.
Here with this everything is fine - quotes and aphorisms, nothing more.
Just look, see a random quote, the best, on topics, we can add.

The site collected aphorisms, can participate and add your own.

Aphorisms are collected on the site, you can participate and add your own.
The site is easy, that's right, then the main thing is text.

For example:

Life is very strange arranged. To get out of the well, you need to fall into it. (Victor Pelevin)

The main thing is not what proclaims or declares the law, but how it is realized. (Arthur Neman) (Unknown)

A reliable friend, less often a white crow (Andrey Godyna)

I felt hungry. A little emotion. After one piece of bread noticeably weakens. (Yuri Tatarkin).

You can choose the best or aphorism of the month. There are jokes and something else, but these are attendant.

elgooG -
Fun site.

As you can see from the title, this is Google written in reverse.
We go to the site and get a mirror image of the Google search engine.
But that's not all, as the site suggests to be faked over Google, you can go under water, connect a guitar,, Play a snake ...

Click-o-Tron -
The site generates a humorous news.

The site generates comic news.

Just the First Frame -
Only the first frame of the modern web comics. But it is possible to click and see the whole story.

Only the first frame of modern web comics. But you can click it and see the whole story.


Mikhail Zhvanetsky is an official website.
The site is simple, there is some text of its humoresques, text from TV shows, very little audio-ins.
It's a site rather to taste Zhvanetsky, not enjoy.

Information and entertainment site with interesting news and funny pictures.

Information and entertainment site with interesting news and funny pictures.

Photo jokes, video jokes, collections of funny pictures, fresh jokes, photos of celebrities, the most interesting news, entertaining top-10 and always a large portion of good mood.

News can be added only by registered users and journalists.

Cognitive blog.

Entertaining and educational edition.

Articles on a wide range of topics: the history of Russia and the world, society, famous personalities, amazing events, unique places, curiosities of the present and the past.

A huge collection of jokes and jokes, as well as funny and instructive life stories.

Honest Slogans -
Honest slogans or as it is now customary to say - slogans.

Honest slogans or as it is now customary to say - slogans.
In fact, these are not honest slogans, but slogans with sarcasm.
Let's say you do not like a politician (he likes someone and he voted for it), but you can criticize him by changing his slogan from positive to negative.
Or you do not like some product.

Funny cards.

On the site you can create postcards,
paste on a website or blog,
just yourself to watch and entertain.

@ijokingbot -
An anecdote on a given topic.
Fanfiction book
A story in which the author describes the events taking place in a world coined by someone else.

Fanfiction book.

Fanfic - a story in which the author describes the events taking place in a world coined by someone else. These are popular films, books, series and so on. The author simply takes the famous characters and comes up with his story with

Catalog of Russian Cartoons - the world's largest collection of author's caricatures.

The catalog of the Russian Cartoon is the largest collection of authorial cartoons in the world.
The catalog is replenished daily and contains more than 30 000 drawings.

Here everything is simple, only caricatures on the site. We look the best or everything, on topics, on authors.

All the jokes

The site is primarily jokes.
Jokes funny, jokes KVN, funny stories, aphorisms, pictures, quotes.
Good work.

Read manga in Russian online. Fresh translations.

ReadManga is designed to make reading manga as simple and interesting as possible.

You do not need to download archives and suffer with their comfortable viewing.

New chapters are added periodically, so you will always have something to read.

Fitness for the brain
An interesting information and facts.

Curious information, facts to those who seek new things or for inspiration. The site is quite easy and understandable. I recommend to visit in any case, it will be interesting.

Quotation Runet.
Curiosities, funny cases from Internet are collected.
The site is simple, not overloaded, the text of jokes and all. You can choose new, random, or Abyss (in a random order, see the quotes added by visitors to the site, but not yet reviewed by moderators). You can add your own.

Book stores online.

The official website of the KVN (Club of cheerful and resourceful).
That is, you can find everything about KVN here: jokes, videos, leagues, teams, news, playbill, concerts, tickets. The site is interactive. You can ask a question, find a job, registe -
Cool decoding of known abbreviations and abbreviations.

Cool decoding of known abbreviations and abbreviations.

In our life, abbreviations of various frequently used concepts, names or phrases are commonly used.

However, it often happens that the interlocutor or the listener, and sometimes the speaker himself does not know how to decipher and what this or that abbreviation means.

In addition, there are such "generally accepted" abbreviations which are well known to everyone and few people already think about how this stands for.

Quotes and sayings

Jokes, pictures, video - jokes - bigmir) net
This is not the main thing what the portal bigmir) net, but the section is decent. Decent, it means ridiculous and therefore not obscene.

Here are jokes, funny pictures, stories, videos. In short, a good place to cheer up.

Anecdotes from Russia
The largest comic site, the first daily updated resource in runet.

The largest comic site, the first daily updated resource in runet.

Daily 120,000 visitors.

Daily new releases of jokes, stories, aphorisms and rhymes.
In total, the site archive contains over a million texts.

The site has ratings, kaleidoscopes of the most popular jokes and stories, author sections, communication clubs and ...

The best base of anecdotes I've met. It's a lot of and funny.
You can read the tape, as it is, better for today, a month ... or on topics.

There are photo-tricks and stories.

Good news generator and customizable humor.

In my opinion, a well-tuned generator of news and humor (only news is not possible to watch, detente is needed).


Humor on
Humor on the radio, at the moment 4 channels, there is what to choose: humor jokes non-stop classic Murzilki int genre.

The leading portal of Internet radio broadcasting from Prof-Media.
The humor on the radio, at the moment 4 channels, is what to choose:

  1. jokes
  2. the humor of non-stop
  3. classics of the genre
  4. Milling bodies int.


Humor FM
Radio humor.

On the website, in addition to broadcasting, which is great, there is a tape of jokes.
There is a program, stocks and everything. So we listen to the radio, but here you can also watch the radio. Sounds weird. Just a webcam in the studio. Sometimes, when you see the speaker, you see his emotions, facial expressions, it is more interesting to listen.

There are video tricks.


The Onion -
American agency of satirical news.

American agency of satirical news.
Beginning with satirical articles on Internet, then it began to print and has a circulation of about half a million, the site appeared satirical of course, audio and video clips.
The agency comments on the events, even if they did not happen.
Parody of the usual newspapers.


Video humor.

The site of the telecast.
There are jokes, information about the authors, the forum, and most importantly - the video of Gorodok.


Comedy Club
Video humor.

video on TNT

Comedy Club - the official site.
Most importantly - video, it's more convenient to watch On the website of the issuer of the TV channel.
The website is more of a commercial information, billboard, services, publications, sales department, artists, projects ...

Evening Urgant
Video humor.

The official site of the Evening Urgant program.
First of all, you can see the releases in excellent quality, and most importantly - officially.

Of course there is some material here, but the site is straightforwardly said, not overloaded. The main thing is the program and interactive - groups in social networks.

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