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Apple, Android ... news

logo SuperPlanshet


Uses: Android.



News about the latest developments of the tablet industry, you can read more about the model you are interested in from the proposed tablet reviews, compare your favorite specs on technical characteristics, design and functionality.

logo Everything about Android


Uses: Android.

Everything about Android

Instructions, games, applications, news.

logo Infostart


To automate business requires relevant and reliable information. Members of our community create this information, we store and systematize, and experts give an objective assessment and recommendations. Our library contains the most complete information on accounting and control automation on the 1C: Enterprise platform.

iTunes Android

logo AppleInsider


About everything related to Apple.

Articles, reviews, news, experiments, analytics, tips, tricks, rumors, stories and ...

Video reviews, translations of presentations and interviews on YouTube.

One of the most popular IT podcasts.


logo Mobile-review




The site is dedicated to mobile devices and technologies.
The main focus is on mobile terminals, communication technologies, we also touch on issues related to pocket computers and DECT-phones, MP3 players, digital photography.

The resource is equally interesting for both professional audience and ordinary visitors.

Reviews of new phones long before their appearance on the market, a comparative analysis of new models, analytical materials on the mobile communications market in Russia and Europe.

logo 4Huawei


Uses: Android, Apple.



Huawei and Honor mobile device community

The site is dedicated to people who are interested in mobile devices manufactured by the Chinese company Huawei Device, which is a structural unit of the large telecommunications company Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (Kit. 华为).

Actual information, both on the activities of the company itself, and on its products.
News from the life of Huawei, news and reviews of new devices and software for these gadgets.

Detailed catalog of smartphones and mobile phones, tablets and Huawei modems, containing detailed information about each specific device.


Tips for choosing a device before purchasing, support and advice to more experienced users to upgrade and reflash your gadget.



Uses: Android.


Reviews of smartphones, games for Android and PC.

A portal dedicated to smartphones and other mobile gadgets. News from the world of mobile electronics and mobile entertainment, analytical reviews of new smartphones, comparing them with their counterparts in the market and assisting visitors in choosing gadgets to buy.

The goal is to provide reliable information about smartphones and other mobile devices, their analysis and comparison, help in choosing and purchasing, as well as analytic analysis of other interesting topics from related fields of knowledge.

logo AKKet


News, reviews, instructions that will be of interest not only to the owners of Apple products (Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad), but also to anyone interested in the hi-tech world.

logo Trashbox


High technology news, articles and reviews.

Catalog of user-added programs and games for popular platforms with anti-virus scanning and tracking updates.

logo Apple-iPhone


All about iPhone from A to Z.

The site is primarily about iPhone smartphones, Apple devices, technological innovations.

News about the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch and general news from Apple.
News in the field of high technology.


Tips on a variety of issues using the iPhone, iPad and Watch on our forum.
Hot first aid section, where they quickly help to solve user problems.
In the FAQ on the iPhone, iPad and iOS collected a lot of proven recommendations.
If your phone has a mechanical failure, then you will be given advice on how to fix it in the technical problems section.
In special sections of the forum you can sell the iPhone or buy. You can also advertise the purchase or sale of any other Apple products: iPad, Mac, iMac, iPod, MacBook, etc.

logo iGuides


The largest Russian-language media about gadgets, technologies and games.
2.5 million readers per month.

Prompt and interesting about the important and interesting:

  • News, articles, interviews,
  • reviews of devices and accessories, services and applications,
  • tips and lifehacks,
  • instructions
  • news from exhibitions and presentations,
The goal is to help navigate the variety of gadgets, applications, services, games.

iTunes Android

logo SetPhone




Portal on mobile phones: news, reviews of smartphones and applications, useful articles.

logo IXBT


Public about technologies, hardware, gadgets and computer games.
Information and analytical site with the most relevant news from the field of IT, detailed reviews of smartphones, tablets, personal computers, computer components, home appliances and devices for repair, garden and backyard, software and peripherals.
Issues of digital technologies and modern solutions based on them are covered daily.

logo Yablyk


Reviews of applications, accessories, software and news from the world of Apple.

For all lovers of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and those who are simply keen on modern technologies about the latest developments, products, reviews of applications and accessories, as well as detailed instructions and guides.


logo MXsmart



News about the latest gadgets. News structured by manufacturers.

  • news
  • ratings
  • lifehacks,
  • reviews,
  • applications,
  • interesting,
  • how to choose.

logo Wylsacom




Site about important events in the world of technology.

This is the largest YouTube channel about the technological lifestyle.

logo GeekHacker


Uses: Android, Apple.


Site about computers, smartphones and electronics.

Life hacking, author reviews and ratings with the most modern and popular devices. The subtleties of using modern electronics.

logo McGrp


Instructions for use, specifications, forums, equipment and electronics.

You can add instructions, including videos.


logo AndroidInsider


The site is dedicated to the world of Android. Every day, our readers get the best opportunity to get to know this amazing world, full of nuances and secrets.

Video reviews, translations of presentations and interviews on YouTube.

Articles, reviews, news, experiments, analytics, tips and tricks, rumors, stories and ...

logo iPhones


Uses: Apple.



All about Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and more.

Latest Apple news, iPhone reviews and useful tips.

logo Hi-Tech

reliable site




Operational news, reviews of gadgets, videos, broadcasts from world announcements and ...

We ask you to treat with understanding that we will remove the mate, insults, offtopic and advertising.

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