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One Two Trip -
Tickets to the tourist.

The site is decent, support ITAR-TASS, Businessperson, Bloomberg and Hopes&Fears.

With each purchase, bonuses 1% of the price.
Payment by bank cards Visa and MasterCard directly to the airline.
Purchase and statement Electronic air tickets.

The Stocks -
Aggregator of free photos from the entire network. All pictures are divided into categories - according to the sources from which they are taken. Inside the categories there are thematic subcategories.

Hype Machine -
Information about the songs.

Aggregator of the music blogosphere.
On the site you can learn and listen to the most popular music of the blogosphere by years and months from 2007.
And you can listen to something randomly.
Site in English, like music.

feedly -
A handy news aggregator.

A handy news aggregator.
Originally created as an RSS reader.
After the closure of Google Reader, successfully took its niche.

The service allows you to find news on topics of interest to us, forming news feeds.
Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Feedly, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT and Zapier, you can easily share your stories with friends.

With Feedly, you can organize your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and . in one place and share them.

Here you read blogs, news, and track keywords, brands, and companies.

Quick access to many different news and information sources makes it easy to keep up with important trends in your industry and build expertise on topics that interest you.

Feedly works on RSS and is an open system: you can add any RSS feed and read it wherever you go.
Just type that feed's address into the search bar or search by name.

News Search.

News and search on news sites from Yandex. Comments are unnecessary.
The media database is

Operational news from online media.

TJournal writes author's articles. In addition, robots explore the media and social networks. The most significant is posted on the site. TJournal tries to be more operative than others.

News Republic -
News Generator.

Clone of the Western Digg.
Visitors can add their own or other people's news and vote for what they like.
Thus, the more voted for the news, the The above is on the list.

This site allows you to have different views, even if we do not agree.
The voting system allows the most popular news to be at the top, but absurd, experimental, etc. Be downstairs.

Newseum News -
Front pages of leading world newspapers.

Front pages of leading world newspapers.

Front pages of leading world newspapers.
Hundreds of newspapers from 56 countries.
The site is American and all non-US media are limited, for example Finnish is not represented at all.
Our media are extremely poorly represented.

Click on the selected newspaper and get a choice - .PDF, web formats.

You can search by list or thumbnails.
You can choose by map, region.

NewsMap -
Popular news headlines.

The page resembles a tag cloud, only here is the news headlines. The more popular, the larger and higher.
If the news is interested, click and get to the site with this news.

NewsTab -
News Generator.

Generator of news and social mail, similar to Flipboard.
You can also register using your Facebook account, we also select news topics ...
The news is from other sources, so the result is the same as that of Flipboard.
So let's see what kind of service will appeal more.

Anews -
News Generator.

Platform for easy reading of media and blogs.
The goal is to get the most up-to-date and interesting information as easily and without unnecessary movements.

You can subscribe to your favorite news sources on the site or a smartphone and easily follow them.
You can read free RSS feeds that are updated in real time.

Sections: news, business, sports, entertainment and ...
Hundreds of sources: the largest Russian media, specialized publications, websites and Blogs. The list is regularly updated.

Dogpile -
Search queries from different search engines in one place.

Search queries from different search engines in one place.

Each search engine has its own method of searching and each will return different results. Dogpile looks at all of them, decides which are most relevant to your search, eliminates duplicates and reveals them to you. In the end, you get a list of results more complete than anywhere else on the Web.

The time-saving philosophy of metasearch is so important to us that it even inspired our name! In rugby, players come together and pile on top of one another. This is exactly what Dogpile’s metasearch technology does – it compiles all the best results in one easy-to-access place!

Flipboard -
News Generator.

Social magazine.
The service allows you to read news from the world's leading media. We select topics and read in the browser or phone.
In addition to the news, we can link Facebook, Twitter.
So it's not news, but mail.

Rambler News Service
The primary source of business news on Internet.

The source of business news on Internet.

EconomyBookings -
Car hire aggregator.

Car hire aggregator.

That is, they do not provide rental themselves, and are looking for discounts, the most convenient options for you, like for hotels.

The leading aggregator in the car rental.

trivago -
Compare hotels.

Search for hotel sites.
We enter the request for a geographical location and get how much the hotel costs in what hotel, the lowest price is offered.

Aggregator recipes from popular culinary sites. In fact, the site only search form.

Aggregator recipes from popular culinary sites. In fact, the site only search form. Enter the name of the recipe and get a list of recipes from all the leading culinary sites.

Sports news, schedule and results of matches, online broadcasts, photos and videos of sporting events.

Sports news aggregator.
The news is structured by the most popular sports in Russia.

The latest news from popular sports: schedule and match results, online broadcasts, photos and videos.
Information about athletes and sports teams.
Football and hockey.

The site is connected with Yandex.Aether (video and television), where you can watch video recordings or video reports of some matches.

Google News -
Sports news aggregator.

Sports news aggregator.

Searches media sites for news related to sports.
Very comfortably. Different media outlets publish different articles on the same events. You can choose where to read, you can compare.

You can bookmark the link and then read the latest news.

News aggregator and more.

Materials from leading media and Zen participants.

Endless news feed and interesting materials: politics, style, culture, sports, film, finance and ...
Articles and small posts, watch videos and photos.
Fresh materials are published every day, with only what is interesting to you in your feed.
A clever algorithm selects content based on your subscriptions, saved publications, comments, likes and dyslaikes.

Tune the ribbon to your liking

Choose what to read and watch: put likes to see more material on the subject, and dieslaiki to see less similar material.
To prevent the source from appearing in the ribbon, block it.

Read the ribbons of interest

From a general tape with all the articles you can easily switch to thematic: cinema, food, politics, celebrities.

Choose who to read

The channels are led by over 25,000 authors - bloggers and experts in various fields. There is content that can be found only in Zen: some authors publish posts and videos only here. Zen also hosts media materials: Medusa, RBC, Vedomosti, Kommersant, Forbes,, TJournal and others. Read the publications of those you trust.

Watch the video as you like

Watch the video in a separate video tape or in a shared tape with all the materials.
The video platform has more features, they will be available in new versions of the application. pulse
Your personal news feed.

Your personal news feed.

Pulse tries to choose from the sea of news information interesting for you.

As you use the tape, Pulse studies your preferences and tries to be more precise in personalization.

Pulse tries to predict what other topics may interest you and offers you.

Hotellook -
Compare hotels.

The service of comparing prices for hotels all over the world provided by leading reservation systems such as,,, Expedia ...
Over 250,000 hotels in 205 countries.

How does it work?

  • Enter the name of the city or hotel you want to visit.
  • We look at the list of prices for different online booking systems.
  • Compare prices and choose a hotel.
  • We get to the site providing the best price, where we book a hotel.
  • We pay only for the hotel without intermediaries.

Good news generator and customizable humor.

In my opinion, a well-tuned generator of news and humor (only news is not possible to watch, detente is needed).

TripAdvisor -
Reserve a table.

On the Russian version of this tourist portal you can find not only hotels, but also restaurants.

Here and photos, and rating, and reviews, and gradation in the kitchen (American, Steak House, European, Italian, Pizza ....)
You can pick up a restaurant for breakfast or lunch or dinner.
Then find it on the map and order it.

Digg Blog -
Pruvo -
Hotel reservation with a notification of discounts.

Booking a hotel with a notification of discounts.

Usually, aggregators scan the sites of hotels and give out the most favorable offers FOR THIS MOMENT.
We choose and book a hotel, and tomorrow the same numbers come with a big discount.
We do


RWW — ReadWriteWeb
News blog, reviews and analysis. ReadWriteWeb is among the top 100 best blogs around the world.

News blog, reviews and analysis. ReadWriteWeb is among the top 100 best blogs around the world.


Building the next generation of tech media companies focused on providing relevant information in a way that favors readers’ productivity instead of page views and time on site.

Leveraging this new and efficient type of content, ReadWrite aggregates professional communities dedicated to specific subjects of interest such as connected cars, smart homes, AR/VR, fintech and APIs.


Autoworld on
News Aggregator automotive topics.

Car News.
There are 2 sections here:

  • Main - news obtained from news sites.
  • Company News - news and press releases are provided by companies on conditions of advertising. does not edit the content of this section, does not filter it, and is not responsible for the content.
News are presented by date of publication, you can select news by calendar.


Yandex finds and provides in one place all the news relating to the automotive theme.

Autonomy from Internet.
Yandex finds and issues in one place all the news that relates to automotive subjects.

Fresh news quotes.

Internet newspaper of business news and industry analytics, relevant information about the development of economy and technologies in Tatarstan, Russia and the world.


TuneIn -
The Beatles' radio and podcasts - aggregator radio online.

The radio aggregator allows you to listen to the radio online.
Here you can find a lot of radio channels, you can find many radio channels fully dedicated to the Beatles.

Almost all radio channels are dedicated only to music or almost only music of the Beatles.
If you are interested in spoken radio, there will be a number of podcasts of the Beatles.

The site itself and the player is made very qualitatively, often better than the presented radio channels, especially all in one place.


The Onion -
American agency of satirical news.

American agency of satirical news.
Beginning with satirical articles on Internet, then it began to print and has a circulation of about half a million, the site appeared satirical of course, audio and video clips.
The agency comments on the events, even if they did not happen.
Parody of the usual newspapers.


Google Podcasts -
Internet podcasts on Google.

Internet podcasts on Google.

Google indexes the Internet and collects information about podcasts.

How to add podcast to Google

  • You need to have a website,
  • place on the RSS site with a list of podcasts,
  • to have at least the first release of mp3 or m4a.podcast


OVGuide -
Aggregator which allows users to find online video content.

The largest guide to online video.
The peculiarity is that in the search results the user receives whole sites, and not just videos.
There are more than a million such sites in his database.
The subject of the search, - Cinema, TV, Sports, Music, Business ....


MSN (Microsoft Network) -
This site contains mainly news type of gossip.

On this site are collected mainly news of gossip type.
This is not the yellow press (Microsoft still), but close. I would not trust everything.
Besides, this is not a news agency, but a news aggregator, looking for others, for not responding to re

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