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logo Extract - Yandex Data Factory



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.

Extract - Yandex Data Factory

InterClean search for businesses that learn by example and automatically tracks important information for your business.


Owner: Facebook,reliable site.

tel.: +7(800) 700-85-59


Social networks have become a problem in offices.
People spend a lot of time on non-working communication.
It became the norm on enterprise networks to block social networks.

Facebook came up with a different kind of network - inside the enterprise.
People still have more relationships with employees. And then all the same you will switch to the topic of work.
Here also communication became useful. In addition, they continue to communicate after work. So her working time is taken away, but on the contrary personal time is given to working issues.

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Unlimited hosting


Hosting claims that no-limit is absolutely everything. By the way, the first 10 days are free, so you can try. 100 rubles a month for 1 site. 190 rubles. Per month unlimited sites.

logo Yandex.Health



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.


Online recording in paid clinics in Moscow.
Paid not necessarily have to be in your area or your city. It is important that you have the right doctor. And how to navigate? Here you can do it faster.

The application will help
    1. Choose the specialist you need
    2. Find your symptoms and choose the right specialist: there is a built-in diagnostic system.
    3. Choose a clinic on the map.
    4. Make an appointment online without calls.
    5. Remember when and to what doctors you went to, there is a history of your visits.
    6. Recipes and doctor appointments can be photographed and added to visits.

    iTunes Android

  • iStock


    tel.: +7(495) 981-81-65

    The oldest microstock, there is a Russian version.
    High demands on images.
    First a test and 3 works, present a document proving the identity (passport or driver's license).
    The opportunity to become an exclusive author. Pay from 20 cents per photo.
    Payments from $100.
    Detailed recommendations on what and how to shoot.
    No requirements.
    From 50 cents per photo.
    Payments from $100.
    Examination - 5 photos, documents are not needed.
    From 50 cents per photo.
    Payments from $50.
    Not high requirements. No demands.
    From 33 cents per photo.
    Payments from $50.
    Our photobank.
    There are fewer print runs, but you can sell something special - Santa Claus, provincial panoramas and ...
    The contract is concluded.
    From 12 for a photo.
    Payments not more than 3000 rubles. At a time after taxes.



    reliable site.


    Unlimited Czech hosting.

    This hosting will be recommended to you:

    1. Low price
    2. 24/7 support by email and chat
    3. Good speed
    4. Refunds (I paid a card in euros, a week later I was returned exactly the same amount in euros, without any questions, I also won the course).
    5. I sent them a screenshot from which you can see what I have on Gino Paid for 2 more months, for which I was given twice as much - for free 120 days. So we do not wait for the end of our hosting, we pass when it is convenient for us.
    There are restrictions, of course. There are no restrictions on
    1. Disk space
    2. Number of files
    3. Number of sites
    4. Number of MySQL databases
    It is clear that you can not have as many sites here. The main limitation is how much the processor and the channel will pull. Therefore we solve like everywhere - one powerful site or many easy ones.

    Another 10 gigs per disk (disk).


    Interface in Czech and English. Most of the site is only in Czech. So I use a translator built into the browser.

    The support service speaks English at some level.

    The control panel they have their own, will have to get used to.


    You can pay in 12 ways, we will use them:

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