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Business News

logo Vesti Finance

Vesti Finance

The project of the TV channel "Russia 24". The latest news from the world of finance, a detailed analysis of current events, exclusive interviews with top officials of the largest financial structures.

News, video, infographics - events of the new week: details, facts, opinions.
Markets: Russian market map, instrument comparison, stock market indices, stocks, bonds, currencies and metals.
Calendar of macroeconomic events.
Live TV channel Russia

logo Rambler/Finance

reliable site

Owner: Sber,

address: Russia


All the most relevant about finance: the exchange rate, forecast, news.

logo The Bell

The Bell

A business news publication.

Created by Elizaveta Osetinskaya, former editor-in-chief of RBC and former editor-in-chief of Vedomosti and the Russian version of Forbes.
At the time, she completed the Knight Journalism Fellowship program at Stanford University (USA).
The publication employs seven people, who used to work for RBC, Republic and Reuters.

Media about economics, finance, technology, business and education.
The goal - to be useful to active people:

  • entrepreneurs,
  • managers,
  • highly qualified specialists.
  • highly qualified specialists,
  • all those who value their time.
Exclusive news, analysis of major events in Russia and the world, the editorial board tries to answer the question: What's in it for me?

logo Banks Today

Banks Today

Independent financial portal: articles, news, services ...

Information on current issues: how to choose and apply for a loan, what contribution brings greater income, in which bank you can get a mortgage or car loan, why do we need credit brokers and how to earn a trader.

logo Glavbukh


I do not know why this site was called a magazine. But then this is an interactive magazine with advanced features.Here there is news, information, you can ask a question or read the answers to the questions asked.In my opinion, the site is quite full and well structured.

  1. Accountants rating,
  2. workshops,
  3. polls,
  4. tests.

logo Inc.Russia


Russian version of the legendary American magazine about entrepreneurship.

The site does not look like the usual sites of magazines. From the usual there is only news. The rest is rather non-standard.

Something like the Ikea store, where you just need to look at everything, because the authors find all the material interesting and important.

logo Audit-IT


Information support of Russian accountants, auditors, appraisers, financiers.
Communication and collective assistance in professional matters.

In the field of information technology, we are also engaged in the creation of software products: "Your Financial Analyst", "Reporting under IFRS + Transformation", "Master of Accounting Policy".

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