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Cityscanner -
address: 620075, ул. Пушкина, д. 9а, оф. 143
tel.: +7 (343) 371-52-15
Panoramas on the map.


Panoramas of Yekaterinburg and Perm.
More than 25 thousand 360-degree (circular) panoramic photographs were photographed - both in central and in more remote areas of Yekaterinburg.


  • using the map,
  • "arrows" on the map,
  • list and tags.
The distance between neighboring panoramas (when moving on the "arrow") is an average of 10 meters, and the accuracy of the search at the address - 30-50 meters.


The photos were taken in August 2008 with the help of professional equipment, as seen in the photo.
True, the panorama was collected automatically and it was hardly edited manually, because there are jambs: shifts, slopes. Obviously, here they preferred quantity to quality. And there are very gross errors. Obviously, someone without looking programmatically sculpted the panorama.

Husky Tunes -
Portal about the musical life of the new Yekaterinburg.


Portal about the musical life of the new Yekaterinburg.
Here you can find out about concerts, musicians, and musicians can find help for organizing concerts.
This is an informal community, a playground for representatives of local creative parties

MilitaryArms -
tel.: +7 (343) 201-44-30
Surveys of Tanks, Ammunition.


Overview of military equipment from different periods of time.

Here you will find information about old and modern cars of both Russian and foreign production.

Tanks, submarines, fighters - all this is described in the most accessible language, which will make the study of military equipment not only useful, but also enjoyable.

Our Ural -
tel.: +7 (343) 278-27-98
Interactive map of the Urals for tourists.


Interactive map of the Urals for tourists.

Znak -
address: 620026, ул. Мамина-Сибиряка, д. 126
tel.: +7 (343) 385-84-82
Information Agency.


Newspaper for the layman. Information in the style of the yellow press, headlines and pictures to entice you to read the article. The style of giving something reminds Instagramm.
The quality of the articles is higher than that of the yellow press.

Christian billboard Yekaterinburg -
tel.: +7 (906) 803-77-55
Evangelical churches Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region map.


Evangelical churches of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region on the map, schedule of services, seminars, conferences, event reviews, catalog of organizations.

Edem.rf - едем.рф
address: ул. Стрелочников
Joint trips with fellow travelers.


Save time and money by driving together with your fellow travellers and make it cheaper for drivers.

If you are the driver:

Suggest a trip.
Indicate the place of departure and arrival. Add your trip details.
Find passengers.
Contact your travel companions for more details about your trip.
Make a trip.
Reduce fuel costs with traveling companions.

If you are a passenger:

Find a trip.
Use the search function and filters.
See detailed information about your trip.
Book a place.
Contact the driver for more details about your trip.
Make your journey.
Go on a trip together with your fellow travelers.

Political linguistics -
address: 620017, пр. Космонавтов, д. 26, каб. 107
tel.: +7 (343) 336-14-52
The magazine aims to promote the exchange of the latest information in the field of political linguistics.


Scientific journal of the Ural State Pedagogical University. The journal is designed to facilitate the exchange of up-to-date information in the field of political linguistics, as well as in the field of language, culture and society. It includes three main sections - "Political Communication", "Language - Politics - Culture" and "Classics of Political Linguistics". It is intended for philologists, political scientists, sociologists and all those who are interested in the problems of political communication.

Mama66 -
tel.: +7 (343) 361-39-77
Conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the child on the site for moms.


Community of moms and wishing to become them!

On the site you will find a lot of useful and interesting articles about pregnancy and childbirth, about the future mother's health, pregnancy calendar and much more.

address: ул. Карла Либкнехта, д. 5, Свердловская обл
tel.: +7 (343) 382-00-06
The news site tries to publish only the most interesting news.


The news site tries to publish only the most interesting news.

The editors try to deliver news as quickly as possible so that there is news of the hour.

Ridero -
address: 620027, а/я 313
Creating a book in Ridero takes 5 minutes. The author downloads text and images and gets a finished book - paper and electronic.


Creating a book in Ridero takes 5 minutes. The author downloads text and images and gets a finished book - paper and electronic. You can free-copy your book, convert it to a convenient format for e-readers and put it on Ozon, Lilys, Amazon, Bookmate, Google Play ... for sale.

And of course you can publish a printed version and also sell through Ozon, Lilys, Amazon ... You determine the circulation yourself based on the budget and how much you value your work.

The copyright to the book remains with you.

In the process, you can order (paid):

  1. Personal Assistant - will prepare your book from the first to the last page,
  2. professional proofreader - errors and typos,
  3. cover designer,
  4. Illustrations in the book,
  5. voice acting, if you want to make an audiobook,
  6. editorial revision,
  7. video for promoting the book,
  8. ordering a book - it will be written for you in 12 weeks,
  9. legal adviser - questions Intellectual property,
  10. decrypt audio into text.

One day in the life of Ekaterinburg transport. -
Interactive Yandex.Maps

2048080 -
tel.: +7 (343) 204-80-80
The service allows you to find out the price of the right drug and see what pharmacies it is now selling.


In our time to get the necessary medicine is not difficult. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pharmacies give us this opportunity day and night. But there was another problem: the cost of medicines with each day grows and can vary greatly in different pharmacies. The service allows you to find out the price of the right drug and see what pharmacies it is now selling.

Drug search in pharmacies in Russian cities will save time and money when buying a medicine.

  1. Choose your city,
  2. enter the name of the drug,
  3. click find.
On the site you can find out about the availability, price and location of the pharmacy in which you sell the necessary medicine in the cities of the Yekaterinburg region, but on the widget: Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk, etc. The list will be replenished.

And if we forgot the exact name of the drug - it does not matter. It is necessary to enter only the first three letters, and you will see a tip with a list of medicines, among which yours will necessarily be.
Information is provided by the Centers for Pharmaceutical Information of Russian Cities, therefore it is reliable and most urgent.
The service will help you find medicines From flu, pressure, headache, or allergies at the lowest price and at the nearest pharmacy. Be well!

Sima-land -
address: ул. Черняховского, 86, корп. 8
tel.: +7 (800) 234-10-00
Online store - all at wholesale prices.


Online store - all at wholesale prices.

The store primarily products for children - toys, clothing and ...

And also there are many products for the whole family, at home ...

Eka mom -
Social network about pregnancy and childbirth (Yekaterinburg)

AirSoft-RUS -
address: 620014, Свердловская обл., ул. Хохрякова, 72-115
tel.: +7 (800) 555-42-52, 7 (812) 407-37-47
Shop airsoft equipment.


Shop airsoft equipment.

To get the goods, take your passport or other identity document.
The choice of the transport company remains for the store. If you want to choose the transport company yourself, then indicate this in the comments. In this case, payment for delivery is made by the client upon receipt of the goods.

If your city is not in the list of cities, then indicate the nearest major city to you, which is in the list, and in the delivery address, be sure to write the final destination.
Such an application will be processed manually and on time, and our manager will tell you the cost.

The cost of shipping orders weighing 30kg. calculated individually.

Ural Chamber of Real Estate -
address: ул. Бебеля, д. 124, Свердловская обл
tel.: +7 (343) 367-67-60

E1 -
address: 620014, ул. Шейнкмана, 10, 3-й этаж
tel.: +7 (800) 700-8-9-10, 7 (343) 379-49-10, 7 (343) 379-49-95, 7 (343) 34-555-34
Social network Urals - forum answers to all questions, chat about everyday topics.

Yekaterinburg -
address: 16 км от г. Екатеринбург
tel.: +7 (800) 100-03-33, 7 (343) 226-85-82

Reception of the President of the Russian Federation in the Ural Federal District, Yekaterinburg -
address: 620014, наб. Рабочей Молодёжи, д. 2
tel.: +7 (343) 378-90-62

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