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Alternative to medicine


Blogger Svetlana has a medical and psychological education, and therefore writes about health.

The format of the blog allows not only to read, but also to seek advice.

Among the shortcomings - the material is not structured. The very same material is quite good and reasoned.





Zakhar Zhuravlev's blog. Home treatment.

Zakhar is Orthodox and shares the experience of using herbs and folk remedies in food.

Here information and how to collect and store herbs. How to make broths, what to do with a toothache that will help the heart ...

It must be borne in mind, this is the experience of one person and his opinion.
What he himself reports. Our responsibility in our choice of diet, etc.

In general, speaking of faith in God, I like the quote “Without the advice, enterprises will be upset, and with a lot of advisers they will take place” (Proverbs 15:22).

logo LadyElena



reliable site.



Positive women's website, classic blog.

The author really tries to write articles. They are decorated neatly and clearly.
And she does it. The site is very popular. One of the most visited in its subject according to the version of Yandex.

We read and leave comments, I hope, also positive. :)

logo Moddam




Purely fashionable site, as the name says.

Sites literate, detailed, for different ages.
The site is in demand, is one of the leading in its category.


  • Accessories,
  • Jewelry,
  • Hats,
  • Bags,
  • Scarves,
  • Business dress code,
  • blouses, shirts,
  • Trousers,
  • Costumes
  • Office dresses,
  • Skirts,
  • Sports and recreation,
  • Beach season,
  • Sports shoes,
  • Tracksuits,
  • Tops and T-shirts,
  • Knitwear,
  • Stockings and tights,
  • Children's fashion,
  • Children's dresses,
  • Warm clothes
  • Daily,
  • Jeans,
  • Home comfort,
  • Casual dresses,
  • The solemn occasion
  • Party,
  • Graduation party
  • Wedding,
  • Trends and collections,
  • Spring fashion,
  • Fashionable winter,
  • Fashionable autumn,
  • Fashionable summer,
  • Street style,
  • Jackets,
  • Furs
  • Coat
  • Boots,
  • Shoes.
On the website at the end of the pages, advertising is almost inconspicuously inscribed in the style of the site, but this is just an ad for the yellow press;

logo Smart



A blog for women who want to get more out of life.

At first, the site produces a somewhat black and white impression; somehow I caught the eye of an article with an oppressive title.

In fact, articles on quite different topics and very detailed.

How to refuse a person without offending him.
How to care for the eyelashes.
How to stop worrying about everything in the world.




All about dogs - news, articles, photos.

Site in the form of a blog, articles and feedback form.
Quite detailed descriptions of rocks, good illustrations, useful links.

Is there a video. But the photos in my opinion are too good, it seems that the dog is looking at you and you want a dog of any breed.

But you can not start a shepherd dog if you need a lap dog. Just read and approach responsibly, then the dog will please you and you will.

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