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The site was created for those who love history, but is not a professional historian.A world of fascinating whirlpool of historical events. The world of history, from the ancient, not knowing the writing of the tribes, until the XXI century.

Personality Test

Allow us to compare ourselves with the historical figure and find out who you are like.

Social Historical Ribbon

How an important event from the past would be covered if Twitter existed at that time.


Checks knowledge of history.


We follow the historic route of Napoleon, Genghis Khan ...


Historical fights with other users.

Newspaper Archive

Incredible base of old newspapers 1607-2017.
But there is much more than just scanned images of the pages of old newspapers.
Here you can search for publications of births, marriages, divorces, burials, murders, family stories ...You can search by name.

There are newspapers American, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian ...
From the former USSR, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik and Turkmen are represented.

Old newspapers



tel.: +7 (495) 725-45-35

For those who are interested in the history of USSR, the history of war, the pre-war period and not only; For those who prefer primary sources to research and digest; For those who are interested in the history of journalism and the media, finally, for those who are simply interested in all this: welcome to our site called "The old newspapers."

The site Old newspapers - this is not a monument to the era of USSR, not a tombstone and not an epitaph ... Rather it's a theater. The theater, in which the themes and scenes are constantly changing, directors and actors alternate, even the viewer changes, for then these newspapers were not perceived as they are now ...

logo HDShowOnline



Uses: YouTube.

tel.: +38 (050) 050-46-88


On this site you can see the archives of TV shows from Russia and Ukraine.
Particularly suitable if you do not know where to look for the official website of a particular TV program, and here everything is in one place.

The official website, is friends with rightholders.
Registration is not required, the site is free.

The videos are uploaded to YouTube. Choose the plot, after the movie is finished, the next one starts.

logo Evening Urgant



official site.

Evening Urgant

The official site of the Evening Urgant program.
First of all, you can see the releases in excellent quality, and most importantly - officially.

Of course there is some material here, but the site is straightforwardly said, not overloaded. The main thing is the program and interactive - groups in social networks.

Record TV programs and cartoons

Russian - English

Owner: Google,reliable site.

Uses: YouTube.

You can watch cartoons or the past television programs, unless of course they have been uploaded to YouTube.

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