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logo National Electronic Library


Russian - English

National Electronic Library

The federal state information system that provides the creation of a unified Russian electronic knowledge space. The NEB unites the public libraries of Russia at the federal, regional, municipal levels, libraries of scientific and educational institutions, as well as copyright holders. There are both digitized books And a directory to find a specific printed book in the nearest library.


  1. books transferred to the public domain;
  2. Lessonbooks and scientific literature that have not been republished for the past 10 years;
  3. books, rights to which are obtained under contracts with rights holders;
  4. and others legally translated into digital form.


  1. Make available all the editions and scientific works of the collections of Russian libraries, both historical and modern;
  2. form a single electronic knowledge space;
  3. make available works of classical and contemporary fiction, children's literature in Russian and in the languages ​​of the peoples of Russia.

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Archive of old magazines.
Selection by magazines, years and by pages. We look at the scanned pictures online.
It makes sense to use only if it's very necessary.
Previously they wrote less and on the case, now everyone is not lazy and everything is lazy. Maybe that's what we'll find?


Uses: YouTube.

Eurovision YouTube

Official account on YouTube.
It happened that the Eurovision contest held in Ukraine was not broadcast in Russia. But that's probably why it was even more curious to see.

We searched for various channels, I wanted to in Russian. But the Belarusian television channel showed a low resolution picture.
But Eurovision is a spectacular competition, it's not so much important as sound and picture (it's a spectacular show).

We liked YouTube the most. Real-time, excellent resolution, sound. Then you can look again.

logo Record TV programs and cartoons

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Uses: YouTube.

Record TV programs and cartoons

You can watch cartoons or the past television programs, unless of course they have been uploaded to YouTube.

logo Soviet filmstrips with voice acting



Uses: YouTube.

Soviet filmstrips with voice acting

About 500 filmstrips in YouTube videos with voice acting.
And the voice acting is not artisanal, but artistic.
I think it will be interesting to look at those who have never lived in the times of the film-films.

In Russian
logo YouTube broadcast


Owner: Google

Uses: YouTube.

YouTube broadcast

Streaming video streaming via YouTube.
Some TV channels use this stream. This is usually TV channels earning on advertising on air. For example. Muz TV, Russia 24, 112 Ukraine.
For paid TV channels there will be a separate service where it will be necessary to pay the subscription.

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