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Drupal -
CMS for very large projects. The control panel is much more complicated, but also more functional, which is suitable for a corporate network.


This CMS is usually chosen by those who need a very big Internet project.
The control panel is much more complicated, but also more functional, which is suitable for a corporate network.
Many tools for managing a unified database of users.

Thousands of plug-ins that will add a system of blogs, forums. Drupal has its very good forum where you can help each other to learn and use CMS to the maximum.

But as for those, the choice is not great, so it will be necessary to try or contact others, here the forum will help.

Network Store Flanders Espernato League -
Site about cartoons and animation.

International Cynological Federation.

Association for International Nuclear Law.

Kukuklok -
Alarms online.


Perhaps the most visible and beautiful service.
We set the time. Yes it is rather a timer. Then choose the crow, that is, the sound.

Organization of Arab oil exporting countries.

Belgium -
Official portal.

Vesalius College -
Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Benelux -
Benelux is an economic union.

WebWatch -

WYMEditor -
Do not allow users to influence the presentation of content, but only provides the means for logical markup of the text.


  • Online demonstration
  • Browser support: Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape
  • Licensing: free (MIT, GPL)
WYMEditor implements the WYSIWYM paradigm (you see what you have in Mind)

WYSIWYG-editors provide the widest possibilities for formatting content. Is it always good? Of course, no. In large projects, the people responsible for filling the site should not care about the presentation of content and, moreover, should not be able to influence it. Their task is to create content, but the way it looks, it's completely different people. This is the basis of the ideology of the new WYMEditor editor, which implements the WYSIWYM paradigm (you see what you mean).

WYMEditor does not allow users to influence the presentation of content, but only provides the means for logical markup of the text.

This is a very new and raw product and a new concept. While it is unclear how much it is in demand among the broad masses, but, of course, sooner or later it will take its niche.


SpaceWeatherLive -
address: Cijnsstraat 9B B-9880
Ovation Auroral Prediction.


Forecast of the northern and juvenile lights for the coming days.
You can find out when and where it will be more intense.
But do not forget to see the usual weather forecast.
You can not see the northern lights with a cloudy sky.

The forecast is based on the conditions of the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) obtained by the DSCOVR spacecraft.
The map shows the intensity and location of the auroral oval for the time indicated in the right-hand corner of the map.
Under optimal conditions, from positions at a distance of approximately 1000 km (600 miles) north or south of the auroral oval, observation of the northern lights is possible. Please note that this model does not take into account the height of the sun in your area, as well as local weather conditions.

Power in the hemisphere

The OVATION model calculates the total global integrated energy radiation in Gigawatts for the next 30 minutes. For values below about 20 GW, there may be a small or non-visible aurora.
For values between 20 and 50, you may need to get close to the shine to see it.
For values above 50, the aurora should be observed with a lot of activity and movement across the sky.
Once a level reaches 100 or more, it is considered a very significant geomagnetic storm.


address: Ernest Van Dijckkaai 8, 2000
tel.: +32 471 86 87 20
International Maritime Committee.

Poppy -
tel.: +32 230 076 92
Antwerpen, Brussels

PopScreen -
Bookmarking service for movies.


Make bookmarks on your favorite videos.
We can add other people's videos to your favorites and on YouTube for example.
What's good about this service? - Here you can collect bookmarks from different videos, not only YouTube.
Here you can watch


University of Antwerp -

Belgium (Flemish) -
address: Groenenborgerlaan 149, 2020, Wilrijk


Luxembourg -
address: 123 Rue de Tubize, 1440
Société Biblique Francophone de Belgique.

Brussels -
European Alliance for Standards in Advertising.

address: Rond-point Robert Schuman 9, 1046
The goal of the project is to better forecast, address and respond to disinformation from Russia.


The goal of the project is to better forecast, address and respond to disinformation from Russia.

The ‘EU versus Disinformation’ campaign is run by the European External Action Service East Stratcom Task Force.

The team was set up after the EU Heads of State and Government stressed the need to challenge Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns in March 2015.

We must not forget that the West does not aim to provide the public with truthful information, but the right and in the correct form. I honestly got stories about Ukraine, but Russian living in Europe got their stories about the Olympics in Sochi. Each is good in own eyes and everyone is pulling a blanket over. Putin is doing a lot of things wrong. But he does nothing, no matter what the West does. He plays according to their rules of the game.

Audiocheck -
Checking headphones, speakers, etc.


One of the few websites that allow you to test your headphones, earphones and more. I have tested my earphones with this site and the results were great. But don’t forget to turn your volume at a low level.

Brussels University -

address: Rue du Marché, 30, B-1210
tel.: +32 (0)2 209 92 11
World Customs Union.


Free Survey Creator -
address: Oxopia NV, Slachthuisstraat 55, 9000
tel.: +32 486 50-55-10
Create a poll and get feedback from users for free.

Twoo -
address: Massive Media Match NV, Emile Braunplein 18, 9000
Social platform local dating.


Social dating platform.
There is support for the Russian language.

The site takes 6th place among dating sites.


Catholic University of Leuven -


University of Liège -
Université de Liège


Speaky -
address: Speaky S.A. BE0627836557 Place de l'université, 16 1348
A social network for learning languages and communicating with people from all over the world.


A social network for learning languages and communicating with people from all over the world.

You can communicate through text or voice - text chat, or via audio or video.
The site has a list of profiles and a messenger.

Supported Languages

  1. Afrikaans
  2. AkanTwi
  3. Albanian
  4. Amharic
  5. Arabic
  6. Armenian
  7. Azeri
  8. Basque
  9. Belarusian
  10. Bengali
  11. Berber
  12. Bosnian
  13. Bulgarian
  14. Burmese
  15. Catalan
  16. Cebuano
  17. Chinese
  18. Croatian
  19. Czech
  20. Danish
  21. Dutch
  22. Dzongkha
  23. English
  24. Esperanto
  25. Estonian
  26. Filipino
  27. Finnish
  28. French
  29. Galician
  30. Georgian
  31. German
  32. Greek
  33. Gujarati
  34. Haitian
  35. Hausa
  36. Hawaiian
  37. Hebrew
  38. Hindi
  39. Hmong
  40. Hungarian
  41. Icelandic
  42. Indonesian
  43. Irish
  44. Italian
  45. Japanese
  46. Javanese
  47. Kannada
  48. Kazakh
  49. Khmer
  50. Kinyarwanda
  51. Klingon
  52. Korean
  53. Kurdish
  54. Kyrgyz
  55. Lao
  56. Latin
  57. Latvian
  58. Lithuanian
  59. Luo
  60. Luxembourgish
  61. Macedonian
  62. Malagasy
  63. Malay
  64. Malayalam
  65. Maltese
  66. Maori
  67. Marathi
  68. Mongolian
  69. Nahuatl
  70. Nepali
  71. Norwegian
  72. Pashto
  73. Persian
  74. Polish
  75. Portuguese
  76. Punjabi
  77. Quechua
  78. Rohingya
  79. Romanian
  80. Russian
  81. Samoan
  82. Sanskrit
  83. Scottish
  84. Serbian
  85. Sindhi
  86. Sinhala
  87. Slovak
  88. Slovenian
  89. Somali
  90. Spanish
  91. Sudanese
  92. Swahili
  93. Swedish
  94. Tajik
  95. Tamil
  96. Tatar
  97. Telugu
  98. Thai
  99. Tibetan
  100. Turkish
  101. Turkmen
  102. Ukrainian
  103. Urdu
  104. Uyghur
  105. Uzbek
  106. Vietnamese
  107. Welsh
  108. Xhosa
  109. Yiddish
  110. Yoruba
  111. Yucatec-Maya
  112. Zhuang
  113. Zulu


Acapela Box -
address: Acapela Group, 33, Boulevard Dolez, 7000
tel.: +32 (0) 65 37 42 75
The slider to increase or decrease the speed of reading and reading voice.


Choose a language, including Russian and give the text. A slider can increase or decrease the reading speed and timbre of the reader.


MyNoise -
address: myNoise BVBA Beekstr. 129A, 1970
Sounds of nature.


A lot of sounds and noises with fine tuning of ranges.
I was very impressed.

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