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Google Accounts

Google Accounts

  1. - Select account - If you have multiple accounts.
    There are usually several accounts if a person uses Google Apps.
logo Google Archivator

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Google,

address: USA

Google Archivator

Saving your account data in the archive.
You can download all your Google Account data.
They will be downloaded in HTML format as a website. You can browse through the browser.

What do we get?

  • address book and all emails,
  • all photos from Google Photos,
  • all the videos from Youtube,
  • all documents from Google Drive,
  • and other information.
Actually on the page you can choose the desired one or all, just tick the required checkboxes.

logo Create a Google Account

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Google,

address: USA

Create a Google Account

The leading Internet portal of the world.
In order to effectively use all its advantages, you still need to register.

If you already have mail on Yandex, let it be here, you will need it. See Making Copies
If you have a phone on Android, you will need an account.
If you use the Google Chrome browser (which we recommend), then you just need a Google account.

What we get

It's harder to say, but there is a regular need to enter the service under a Google account.

logo Data and personalization

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Google,

address: USA

Data and personalization

Set up tracking of your actions in your Google account.

Here you can set tracking parameters for your actions.

  • in search,
  • on Google Maps,
  • on YouTube.
Google is interested in your anonymized data. Your personality does not interest him.
Data is not transferred to third parties, it is used to make it more convenient for you to use Internet services on a computer and on a smartphone, so that you have to make a minimum amount of body movements.

If you ever want your behavior not to be fixed, go to your browser in INCOGNITO mode.

But if you are nevertheless concerned that a certain ill-wisher learns something that you would not want.
This page allows you to limit the storage of the history of your visits on the Internet.

logo Access to your Google Account

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Google,

address: USA

Access to your Google Account

On this page, a list of sites that have access to your account on Google mail.

Often you are invited to easily log on to some site to use an account on well-known portals so that you do not register again. This simplifies the matter and we readily agree with this.

It is usually suggested to log in using accounts on Google, Yandex, Facebook, VK, Twitter ...

And if it offers a known or official (state) site, then You can use it.

Or some service to get started suggests opening access to your mail to create a social circle for you. For example, you first register with Skype and you do not even have to call anyone. But most likely some of your friends already have a Skype account. You open access to your mail for Skype and find out which of your friends can be added to the address book on Skype. It's the same on some social networks.

But over time, we do not even remember where and why we registered in this way.

On this page, you can see this list and, if desired, disable access. Especially if there is no such need.

After these operations, it is recommended to change the password.

logo Google Account - Action tracking

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Google,

address: USA

Google Account - Action tracking

It's no secret that Google knows what you do through its account.
This helps Google to help us find what we need, to continue to watch the YouTube video from the place where we finished watching last time ...

Personally, it simplifies my life.
But there are people who literally panic.
So Google provided an opportunity to allow us to track our actions on some services or to ignore them.

Now we can customize it.

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