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Facebook Data Center

Power Saving

This data center was not just built in Lulea, a region that is only 60 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. The data center was decided to be built at the confluence of the Lule River in the Gulf of Bothnia.

All the matter, first, in the water, which is a lot here, and secondly, in the cool air, which is even greater.

The company uses in this data center only the energy received from the hydroelectric power station. Thanks to this fact, the company managed to reduce the number of spare generators by 70%.

In addition, since the air here is always cool, external air is used to cool the equipment, which is not cooled further. In addition, the excess heat generated by the operation of the equipment is used to heat the office part of the building.

The average annual temperature here is only 1 degree Celsius.

By the way, the coefficient of energy efficiency (PUE) for this data center is only 1.07, while the average for other data centers is 1.6-1.99

Open Compute

In addition to energy efficiency, this data center is distinguished from a number of similar ones and full compliance with the specifications of the OpenCompute project. In general, it should not be surprising, since the project itself was initiated by the company itself. OpenCompute is developing a set of open specifications for equipping data centers, aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the infrastructure at minimal cost.

The initiative has already been joined by manufacturers such as Dell, Intel and HP, not so long ago started producing the appropriate equipment.

So practically all the equipment in the new data center, including servers and racks, belongs to a new type of "open" hardware.

The future of the data center

As mentioned above, the company is now working to expand this data center, it is planned to build two more buildings, each with an area of ​​28 thousand square meters.

And here is the photo + video for acquaintance with the data center itself.

Office Facebook

Office Facebook

Office Facebook

Office Facebook

Office Facebook

Office Facebook

Office Facebook

Office Facebook

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