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VK limits

My Audio Recordings

  1. Audio recordings on the page (correct display) - 10,000 audio records.
  2. Max. audio records can be downloaded per page per day - 50 audio records.
  3. Max. The duration of the audio recording is 24 hours.
  4. Max. number of audio recordings in the album - 1 000 audio records.
  5. Max. My Audio Record count is 32,767 audio records.
  6. Max. The size of the audio is 200 MB.
  7. Min. The duration of the audio is 5 seconds.

My Videos

  1. Max. videos on the page - 5,000 videos.
  2. Max. comments to the video - 4,096 comments.
  3. Max. The size of the video is 2 GB.

My Groups

  1. Max. The length of the community name is 48 characters.
  2. Max. the number of albums in the group at which the "Browse photos" link appears - 20.
  3. Max. number of friends who can be invited to the group for a day - 40.
  4. Max. The number of places (markers on the map) in the community is 50.
  5. Max. the number of subscribers to delete a public account is 100 subscribers.
  6. Max. number of communities that you can join (subscribe) - 5,000 communities.
  7. The maximum length of the wiki page is 16,294 characters.
  8. The maximum number of administrators in the community is 155 at least (there are not enough resources for an accurate check yet).
  9. The maximum number of videos in a group is 10,000.
  10. The maximum number of links in the community is 100 links.

My Friends

  1. The number of friends and subscriptions you can hide is 30 friends.
  2. Max. friends along with sent requests - 10,000 friends.
  3. Max. requests to friends per day- - 50 applications.
  4. Max. number of friends to link from the logo to their page, not to the news - 5 friends (including submitted applications).
  5. Max. number of private friends lists - 24 lists.
  6. Min. the number of friends or communities to stop seeing possible friends in the ad unit - 100 friends.
  7. Min. number of friends or communities, so that the suggestions of interesting people and communities disappear - 25.
  8. Min. the number of friends to have the Birthdays button, leading to the Calendar - 10 friends.
  9. Min. Number of subscribers to display in "Interesting pages" - 1,000 subscribers.

My Bookmarks

  1. Max. The number of people on your bookmarks is 500 users.
  2. Only the last 1,000 photos are displayed in the Photos section.

My News

  1. The number of subscribers for link appearing Statistics in the "Responses" - 50 subscribers.
  2. Max. the number of people and communities that can be hidden in the "Edit" filter in the News - 1000.
  3. Shelf life in My News / News and Comments - 10 days.

My Messages

  1. Max. attachments in the LAN - 10 attachments.
  2. Max. the length of the message is 4,096 characters.
  3. Max. The length of the message to the gift is 250 characters.
  4. Max. number of people in the dialog - 30 people.
  5. Max. messages to "unfriends" per day - 20 messages.
  6. The "All but" restriction in "Who can write me private messages" comes into force in 7 days.

My Pictures

  1. You can upload no more then 200 photos at a time.
  2. Max. The "weight" of the uploaded photo is 5 Mb.
  3. Max. The length of the photo description is 255 characters.
  4. Max. The number of albums on the page at which the "Browse photos" link appears - 70.
  5. Max. comments to the photo - 2,048 entries.
  6. Max. There are 35 people on the photo.
  7. Max. The size of the main profile photo is 200×500 pixels.
  8. Max. the size of the main profile photo (it is loaded without compression) - 2560×2048 pixels.
  9. Max. The size of the photo after compression is 1280×1024 pixels.
  10. Max. The sum of the length and width of the photo is 10,000 pixels.
  11. Max. photos in the album "Photos from the wall" - 32,767.
  12. Max. photos in one album - 500 photos.
  13. Min. The size of the main profile photo is 200×200 pixels.
  14. The limit of the proportion of the main profile photo (it will not be installed from the computer, but it will be installed from the album with the inability to mark a thumbnail, - error 4 in both cases) - 2:1.
  15. The proportions of the sides of the photo are 1:20.
  16. The size of the group avatar (resolution 72 pixels/inch) is 200×500 pixels.

My Page

  1. The length of the password is 6-32 characters.
  2. The number of minutes that the user will hang "online" after the exit - 15 minutes.
  3. Max. brothers and sisters, who can be added to the profile - 15 brothers and sisters.
  4. Max. children who can be added to the profile - 15 children.
  5. Max. The length of the status is 140 characters.
  6. Max. the number of "I like" per day is 500.
  7. Max. the number of characters in the "favorite quotes" is 3,864 with spaces.
  8. Max. of the specified places on the page - 30 items.
  9. Max. Number of jobs - 7 items.
  10. Min. the length of the short name is 5 characters.
  11. After registration, the ad starts to appear to the user after 3 months.

Messages in tech. support

  1. Min. the interval between questions is 1 hour.
  2. The frequency of messages from blocked and trolls - 1 question, 3 comments - per week.
  3. The frequency of messages from normal users - 3 comments per hour, 10 comments per day, 9 questions per week.
  4. The frequency of messages from normal users: For questions: 1 per hour, 1 per day, 3 per week. For comments: 2 per hour, 7 per day.


  1. The number of hours during which you can edit a record on the wall - 4.
  2. Max. answer options in the 10 poll for personal pages, 20 for communities.
  3. Max. attachments to the entry on the wall - 10 attachments.
  4. Max. The size of the note is 15,895 characters.
  5. You can attach a timer if you have 100 subscribers.
Source MG GO Company (VK group).
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