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Wills on Facebook

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Uses: Facebook.

Log if i die

Facebook application 'If I Die'.
At registration, it asks the user the question 'What do you leave behind?' It is the answer to it that will be sent to all friends from your tape.

The ability to record a testament through the web camera, the farewell to the remaining ones, to say goodbye ... In short, you are entitled to the last word. Your friends will be able to see it only after the death.

How messages are activated

Three pre-selected friends should write on the user's wall that he died, and then the application will start sending "messages from the grave".

How it's done

  1. We go to the site and click The Apps.
  2. The application is installed in our Facebook account, clearly we need to give permission.
  3. "Leave mesage" - leave a message (will, last words) through a webcam, this can be a private or public statement.
  4. "My trusties" are my trusted. These are the three who must report death.

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