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logo Authorization on sites through Yandex



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.

Authorization on sites through Yandex

Ready, easy to implement, free technology that can be connected to almost any site.

How to connect authorization through Yandex

  1. Register the application on the OAuth server.
  2. Implement the appropriate way to get the token in the application.
  3. Use the received token in requests to the Yandex API services.
  4. Add an input through Yandex to the interface of your resource.

logo Namechk



Search for a name for availability simultaneously everywhere: in the main domain zones, social networks and other popular accounts.
Then immediately register in the required and get a unique name.

logo Router Passwords Community Database


Router Passwords Community Database

The largest database of official passwords and logins of routers. Select the brand, click Find password and get a list of models with login and password, which is installed on the device initially.

logo In white



In white

In the title of a game of words. 'In white' means invitation.
There are quite a lot of projects where invites are required.
Usually you can get an invite from a registered participant.

And if you do not have any familiar members of the system, and get to how you want?

To do this, you created the InWhite project.

InWhite will facilitate your search for the desired and will allow you to get an invitation to a site that is closed from an external access All speak so much, as well as help you get rid of the surplus of your accumulated The agendas that so bothers you every day before your eyes in your profiles.

Register, find websites and request the desired invitations. If there are free invitations in the database, then you will certainly get one of them, if not, then you will get in the queue, and as soon as the next portion of the cherished fruit will appear in our warehouse and before you reach the queue - you will become the owner of the coveted and so long-cherished Invitations.

Name Combiner


We give 4 names and get all possible combinations of them. Rather, no more than 4, you can and less.
Then look at the list, you can see what you like.

logo KnowEm



Enter the desired Nick and see where he is already occupied. So it's easier to pick up one Nick for all social networks in which you want to participate.

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