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Search tricks in Google

Search tricks in Yandex>

Search social media @ in front of a word to search social media. @twitter.

Search for a price $ in front of a number. camera $400.

Search hashtags # in front of a word. #throwbackthursday

Exclude words from your search - in front of a word you want to leave out. jaguar speed -car

Search for an exact match "" tallest building.

Search for wildcards or unknown words * in your word or phrase where you want to leave a placeholder. largest * in the world.

Search within a range of numbers .. between two numbers. camera $50..$100.

Combine searches OR between each search query. marathon OR race.

Search for a specific site site: in front of a site or domain. or

Search for related sites related: in front of a web address you already know.

Get details about a site info: in front of the site address.

See Google’s cached version of a site cache: in front of the site address.

logo Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search

The answer to the main question of life, the universe and all that. Google knows the answer even to this question.

Cached pages - if the page is out of date, you can see the old copy with the required information.

Advanced Search - fine-tuning.

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