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logo Virtonomics


The online game is a big business simulator. Virtonomics simulates the fascinating world of big business - production and trade, banks and stock exchanges, commodity and stock market.
In the game you can feel like a real 'shark business', experience the sensations that are inaccessible to most people in ordinary life!

Cooperation, competition and communication with live players.

Managing your own company, you have to compete not only with Computer, but also with live players.
'Virtonomics' already today unites players from different countries from all over the world!
Cooperation and competition, partnership and price wars, and most importantly - live communication with as enthusiastic people as you!

A unique system of business training.

'Virtonomics' is primarily an Internet game, Designed for entertainment.
Therefore, players who do not have deep economic knowledge and special training can take part in it.
However, the game allows you to comprehend many subtleties of business management, and from this side can be used as a unique training system!

The game is played on virtual funds, a certain amount of which each participant receives for free during registration.
These funds are used to build units, hire employees, pay expenses and investments.
By selling products to other players and the gaming population, the player earns money that he can use to develop his company.


Who’s Watching You

Who has the opportunity to read your correspondence and other information.

Facebook and other services have access to your information, as well as any insiders.
And who else? Who’s Watching You tell you.

How it works

  1. Select the type of information on the left
  2. select the tab
  3. We will see the logos of those services that have access to the type of information we have chosen.
Under the logo indicates the number of users of the service.

For example Nearly 20 companies have access to your location, including eBay and Netflix. 10 companies can read your messages: Instagram, Twitter and, for example, Tidal.
Some services are even able to ignore the function Do Not Track, which is built into some browsers and allows you to block surveillance.

logo The ideal price


The ideal price

The online store "Ideal price" sells fashion brands with substantial (sometimes up to 70%) discounts.

How is this achieved?

  • There are no retail spaces for which you have to pay a lot, especially in the city center.
  • There is not even a warehouse.
  • A limited number of items, a large batch is bought at the lowest possible wholesale prices.
  • The minimum advertising costs, because the well-known brand is traded.
  • The whole lot is guaranteed to be sold, which means there is no risk of unsold goods.

The scheme of the club is simple

  1. The contract with the supplier and the coordination of the assortment for the stock.
  2. Preparation of the action, photographed and described in detail the goods.
  3. Invitations are sent to members of the club, and during the campaign, orders from community members are collected for 3-5 days.
  4. The exact amount ordered by the members of the club buys from the supplier.
  5. The order is delivered to the buyer.


logo Sale





Here you will share

  • the secrets of shopping,
  • new sales,
  • the best promotions,
  • ...
Everything, so that your purchase is successful.

logo Webunal



Dispute resolution service, especially in social networks.

How we work

  1. We file a complaint against a specific Facebook or Twitter account.
  2. The opponent has a day to defend himself.
  3. Then we define a closed or open "process".
  4. Then the visitors read and vote for someone.
While there are processes in English and German.

logo ASKfm

Russian - English


Network for questions and answers.
But different from the usual ones, we ask our friends about them. You can ask anonymously, but you can refuse anonymous questions.
Millions of questions are asked each day in more than 40 languages.

How does it work?

We go into the application and get the questions our friends answered and the questions asked to us.

Here there is an instant addition of photos and hypho to the answer.

iTunes Android

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